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How to choose roof color for tan brick house?

What roof colors go with tan brick?

When choosing a roof color for a tan brick house, you’ll want to select a hue that complements the warm, earthy tones of the brickwork. Some popular roof color options for tan brick homes include:

  • Black – A classic look, black roofing makes a bold statement against tan bricks. Black shingles or slate tiles have a sophisticated, timeless appeal.
  • Brown – Matching shades of brown is a seamless way to tie together a tan brick exterior and roof. Go for reddish-brown or chocolate hues that pick up on the subtle variations in the brick.
  • Terracotta – For a coordinated, monochromatic look, terracotta roofing is a perfect pairing with tan brick walls. The colors are harmonious and blend beautifully together.
  • Gray – From light gray to charcoal, gray roofing adds nice contrast to tan brick without clashing. It has the same neutral, natural look but offsets the brick just enough.
  • White – Crisp, bright white roofing really makes tan brick “pop”. It creates striking definition from the brick and gives off a clean, beachy appearance.

In general, roof colors in the brown, red, gray, and black color families will match well with tan brick. Stay away from very light or very bright hues that look mismatched. For a classic, upscale look, opt for black.

How do you choose a roof color?

When selecting a roof color for your home, there are a few important factors to consider:

  • Home style – A roof color that suits a colonial or craftsman style home may not work as well for a modern, contemporary house. Choose a hue that aligns with the architectural style of your home.
  • Other exterior colors – Look at the other finishes on your home’s exterior like siding, stonework or trim colors. The roof color should blend in with or complement the overall color scheme.
  • Landscaping – Consider the surroundings of your house like trees and foliage. A roof color that enhances the yard and landscape is ideal.
  • Climate – In hot climates, lighter roof colors can help reflect heat. Darker hues absorb more sunlight so they’re better suited to cooler regions.
  • HOA regulations – If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, make sure to check if there are any restrictions on roof colors.

It’s smart to view roof color samples on shingles at different times of day. Natural lighting changes how colors appear. Drive around your area looking at other home’s roofs to get ideas. And don’t be afraid to go for a unique or bold roof color – it can really make your house stand out!

What colors should you avoid with tan brick house?

When working with a tan or brownish brick exterior, it’s best to avoid roof colors like:

  • Bright whites – Crisp, clean whites can sometimes appear harsh alongside tan brick. A warm white or very light gray is a better match.
  • Oranges or yellows – Earthy oranges or yellows will end up clashing with tan brick rather than complementing it.
  • Greens – Forest green, minty greens and other cool-toned greens look misplaced with the warmth of tan brick.
  • Blues – With some exceptions, most shades of blue don’t pair very well with tan brick walls.
  • Purples – From pastel lilacs to bold eggplants, purple hues often contrast unflatteringly with tan brick.

Stick with neutral, natural roof color families like browns, grays, blacks and shades of red when working with tan brick. Stay away from primary, bright colors that look mismatched or create too much contrast.

What are the most popular roof colors?

Here are some of today’s most popular roofing color choices:

Roof Color Popularity
Black Classic, versatile, works with any style home
Gray Trendy neutral that pairs well with different exteriors
Terracotta Warm, earthy hue for Tuscan, Mediterranean styles
Brown Seamless match for brick, stone and wood exteriors
White Crisp, bright look especially with dark siding

While dark grays and black are trending for modern homes, traditional brown and terracotta roofs remain popular. White is also widely used to create contrast against darker exterior finishes.

What factors determine roof color?

The main factors that should determine your choice of roof color include:

  • Architectural style of your home – colonial, craftsman, etc.
  • Color scheme of exterior materials like siding, brick, stone
  • Surrounding landscape and foliage in your yard
  • The visual size of your home; dark roofs minimize large homes
  • Climate and sun exposure where you live
  • HOA regulations in your neighborhood, if applicable

You’ll want your roof color to complement the overall look and exterior colors of your house. The size of your home, climate, and any HOA rules should also guide your decision when selecting from popular roof color options.

What roof color is best for resale tan brick house?

When choosing a roof color for a tan brick house you may want to resell later on, consider these safe, attractive options that appeal to buyers:

  • Black – A black roof is a classic, elegant look that suits any architectural style.
  • Gray – Cool, modern grays complement diverse home designs and color schemes.
  • Brown – Matching brown roof blends seamlessly with tan brick exteriors.
  • Terracotta – Warm terracotta roofs enhance Mediterranean style tan brick homes.

Avoid bold, polarizing colors that future buyers may dislike. Stick with versatile, neutral roof hues that will have broad appeal. Black is a prime choice that looks upscale and works with diverse buyers’ preferences.

For a tan brick house you want to resell soon, a black, gray, brown or terracotta roof color is likely to have the widest appeal among potential home buyers.


Finding the right roof color to match a tan or brownish brick exterior does take some consideration. You’ll want to complement the brickwork without clashing. Popular choices like black, shades of brown, terracotta, and gray create attractive, harmonious combinations with tan brick walls. Stay away from bright whites, reds, oranges and primary hues that contrast too starkly.

Think about home style, landscaping, climate and resale value when making your roof color decision. With some smart planning, you can pick a roof hue that finishes off your tan brick house beautifully. The end result will be stylish exterior coherence that makes a great curbside impression!