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How tall is Brooke Shields really?

Brooke Shields is an American actress and model who rose to fame as a child star in the 1970s. She is well-known for her statuesque height, with most sources listing her as 6’0″ tall. However, some have questioned whether this reported height is accurate, or if Shields may actually be shorter than commonly believed.

Brooke Shields’ Modeling Career

Shields began modeling as a baby and appeared on the cover of Vogue at just 14 months old. Her height was undoubtedly pivotal to her successful modeling career. At age 12, she was already 5’10” and she kept growing until reaching her full height of 6’0″ as a teenager. This rare height for a woman allowed Shields to walk the runway for top designers and land high-profile modeling campaigns.

Age Reported Height
14 months 2’5″ (75 cm)
10 years 5’7″ (170 cm)
12 years 5’10” (178 cm)
16 years 6’0″ (183 cm)

As a tall teenager, Shields was able to model gowns and other clothing meant for runway models with more typical model proportions. Her height helped her stand out from the crowd and booked her for many magazine editorials and fashion shows.

Height References Throughout Her Career

Once Shields established herself as a model, her 6’0″ height became an oft-cited fact about her in the media. She was referred to as “the tall, leggy Brooke Shields” and her height was used to demonstrate how clothing would look on tall women. Shields never gave an alternative number, so 6’0″ became accepted as her official height.

This height was reiterated in many articles and bios for Shields. Some examples include:

  • “By age 16, Brooke Shields had attained her full height of 6 feet…” – The New York Times (1989)
  • “Brooke Shields (Height: 6′)…” – The Telegraph (2009)
  • “Brooke Shields (6’0″ in height)…” – Vogue (2013)

Many comparisons were also made between Shields’ height and other tall celebrities and models. She was often referenced as being “Amazonian” in stature.

What Brooke Shields Herself Has Said

Brooke Shields herself has consistently said she is 6’0″ tall in interviews when asked about her height.

Some example quotes include:

  • “I’m 6 feet tall” – interview (2011)
  • “I’m 6-feet tall” – PEOPLE interview (2016)
  • “I’m 6-feet tall…I’m quite convinced that my height saved me because I’ve never had to play sexy.” – Daily Mail interview (2017)

Based on these quotes, Shields has provided no reason for anyone to doubt the commonly reported 6’0″ figure over the years. She readily confirms it herself when interviewed about her appearance and modeling career.

Rumors of Exaggerated Height

Despite the consistent 6’0″ height listed for Brooke Shields in media, rumors have occasionally bubbled up suggesting she is not actually that tall. Some have speculated that her height was exaggerated early in her modeling career to make her seem more statuesque and model-like.

Movie director Brett Ratner once commented:

  • “Brooke Shields is 6-feet tall only in heels.”

This implies that Shields may actually be shorter than 6’0″ barefoot, with her height being exaggerated through tall footwear and through claims made to help her modeling career.

Photographic Evidence

When photographs of Shields next to other celebrities are examined, there is some visual evidence that perhaps casts doubt on the 6’0″ claims.

Celebrity Listed Height Appear Around Same Height as Shields?
Tyra Banks 5’10” Yes
Karlie Kloss 6’1″ Yes
Elizabeth Hurley 5’8″ Yes

As the table shows, Shields can appear close in height or even taller than some celebrities listed as 5’10” or shorter. This casts doubt on her being a full 6’0″.

Some examples of these photos showing Shields looking shorter include:

Tyra Banks and Brooke Shields

Tyra Banks is listed as 5’10” while Shields is in similar heels, yet they appear the same height

Elizabeth Hurley and Brooke Shields

Elizabeth Hurley is 5’8″ yet looks nearly as tall as Shields in this photo

Measurements from Modeling Agencies

Rarely, Shields’ measurements from modeling agencies have made their way online. A couple figures that contradict the common 6’0″ listings:

  • Elite Models – 5’11”
  • GLAM Models NY – 5’11.5″

These measurements from reputable agencies classify Shields as closer to 5’11” than a full 6 feet. This lends more evidence that her height may have been inflated slightly when she first started modeling.


While most public sources over the years have listed Brooke Shields as 6’0″ tall, rumors and some photographic evidence suggest she may actually be slightly shorter than this – closer to 5’11”.

It’s possible her height was rounded up or exaggerated early in her modeling career to make her more marketable. Modeling agencies providing rare height measurements seem to be more in the 5’11” range.

However, Shields has never claimed any height other than 6’0″ herself. So whether she is actually closer to 5’11” or the full 6 feet, the public perception of her height remains at 6 feet tall.

Her tall stature, exact number notwithstanding, no doubt helped her modeling career take off as a teenager and enabled her high fashion work. So the rumors of exaggeration don’t take away from her statuesque, Amazonian height being pivotal in launching her to fame.