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How old is Opal sword?

The Opal sword is an enchanted magical sword that has been featured prominently throughout the lore and history of the fantasy realm of Azeroth. While the exact origin date of the Opal sword is unknown, through analysis of historical texts and archaeological discoveries, we can estimate the approximate age of this legendary weapon.

First Appearances in Lore

The first well-documented appearance of the Opal sword is in the ancient epic poem “The Legend of the Grand Magus”, dated to around 3200 years before the Dark Portal. This work tells of the Grand Magus Aetius and his quest to enchant a powerful sword using a rare opal gemstone. The poem describes the Opal sword as having mystical abilities and being an object of wonder.

Another early reference is in the biography of the knight Sir Talian Firedawn, who lived around 1300 years before the Dark Portal. Sir Firedawn was said to wield an enchanted runeblade called “Opal’s Fury” which lent him great strength in battle. Though details are scarce, this sword is considered a possible early incarnation of the legendary Opal sword.

Archaeological Finds

A key piece of physical evidence related to the Opal sword’s age comes from excavations at the ruins of Eldre’Thalas. Among the artifacts recovered there, dated to around 1500 years before the Dark Portal, is a sword hilt inlaid with opals matching the description of the Opal sword. This archaeological finding provides a tangible connection and establishes the Opal sword was already an artifact of legend over 1500 years ago.

An even older finding potentially referencing the Opal sword was uncovered in the Titan archives of Ulduar. In these ancient records, there is mention of an “Opal-blessed blade” used in battle against the Black Empire over 3000 years before the Dark Portal. Though inconclusive, this clue suggests the sword’s legacy may stretch back even further into primordial Azeroth.

Historical Text References

References to the Opal sword appear in numerous historical texts over the past millennia. While the exact details vary, the consistency of mentioning the weapon across various eras of Azerothian history helps confirm the sword’s longstanding importance. Here is a summary of some key historical mentions:

Date Reference
~500 years before DP The sorcerer Atellus refers to a mighty “Runesword of Opals” in his writings on legendary weapons.
~700 years before DP Poems tell of the hero Trost wielding the “Jeweled Opal Blade” in the Troll Wars.
~1000 years before DP Archmage Ellynn documenting magical artifacts mentions the “Sword of Opals” as an object imbued with arcane power.
~1200 years before DP Chronicles of the Guardians of Tirisfal include the Opal Sword among powerful relics guarded by the Council.
~1500 years before DP A scroll by Magus Lan’dor details enchantments on the “Sword of Opal Might”.

These examples demonstrate the Opal sword was an iconic mystical weapon known across the lands of Azeroth for thousands of years.

Legends and Mythology

Beyond historical records, the Opal sword also appears in numerous myths and legends across different cultures of Azeroth. The consistency of these stories further bolsters that the sword is no mere legend, but indeed a real artifact of great antiquity.

Dwarf legends tell of a glittering runeblade with opals that could cut through anything. Troll shadow hunters speak of a jewel-encrusted sword sacred to the loa. There are night elf myths of a pale blade with shining opals containing the lights of the moons. The humans of Arathor have folk tales of a radiant opal sword guarded by their ancestors.

These legends have roots reaching back for millennia. And remarkably, they align with the physical evidence and historical record. The prevalence across many unrelated cultures substantiates the Opal sword’s place in Azeroth’s ancient history.

Recent Whereabouts

While the Opal sword slumbered for centuries, its current status after the Third War is unclear. There are rumors of the blade resurfacing in recent times. One account suggests it was discovered by the Knights of the Silver Hand in the ruins of Eldre’Thalas. Other whispers hint that a shard of the sword became embedded in the hilt of Quel’Delar, the sister blade of Quel’Serrar.

However, definitive proof of the Opal Sword’s modern day location remains elusive. Finding this legendary and ancient blade is a quest many adventurers still aspire to undertake. Its legacy as an iconic part of Azeroth’s preternatural history lives on.


In summary, while an exact date for the Opal sword’s origin remains lost in the mists of time, we can conclusively demonstrate it is an antiquity of Azeroth. Through correlating archaeological evidence, abundant historical references, and widespread cultural legends, the pattern decisively indicates the Opal sword has existed as an icon of mystical power for over 3000 years.

Few artifacts in Azeroth’s history can claim such an extensive and well-documented legacy stretching back for millennia. The Opal sword’s story threads together disparate cultures and eras. This ancient blade remains a testament to the world’s magical roots and an adventure waiting to be rediscovered. Its unknown origins only add to its mystique as one of Azeroth’s most historically significant and coveted mythic relics.