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How much does it cost to expand a lair in flight rising?

How much does it cost to expand a lair in flight rising?

Flight Rising is a popular online game where players can breed, raise and battle fantasy dragons. One important aspect is expanding your dragon lair to house more dragons. This allows players to grow their collection and breed more rare dragons. However, lair expansions cost treasure, one of the main in-game currencies. The cost to expand your lair depends on the current size and desired expansion. Generally, the larger the expansion, the more it will cost. In this article, we will break down the costs for lair expansions in Flight Rising and discuss strategies to earn enough treasure to fund your lair growth.

Basic Lair Costs

All players start with a basic 2×2 lair, housing up to 4 adult dragons or 8 hatchlings. From there, you can expand in increments of 1 room. Here are the lair expansion costs for the first few upgrades:

Expansion New Size Dragon Capacity Treasure Cost
+1 room 3×2 6 adults / 12 hatchlings 2,000
+1 room 3×3 9 adults / 18 hatchlings 4,500
+1 room 4×3 12 adults / 24 hatchlings 8,000

As you can see, the costs scale up rapidly as your lair grows bigger. Going from 3×2 to 3×3 nearly doubles the cost. This trend continues as lairs expand. The important factors are the total number of rooms and maximum dragons. More of both equals higher treasure requirements.

Mid-Range Expansions

Once your lair hits around 5×4 or 6×5 rooms, expansion costs are in the tens of thousands of treasure. Here are some examples of mid-sized lair expansion costs:

Expansion New Size Dragon Capacity Treasure Cost
5×4 to 6×4 6×4 24 adults / 48 hatchlings 17,000
6×5 to 6×6 6×6 36 adults / 72 hatchlings 35,000
6×6 to 7×6 7×6 42 adults / 84 hatchlings 50,000

At this point, casual players may struggle to raise the funds for more expansions. Prices from 20,000 to 50,000 treasure will require focused farming activities. However, dedicated players can earn enough to continue growing.

End-Game Lair Costs

For advanced players with lairs of 8 rooms or more in each dimension, expansions cost six figures of treasure. The largest possible lair in Flight Rising is 11×11. Here are the costs for some of the biggest expansions:

Expansion New Size Dragon Capacity Treasure Cost
9×9 to 10×10 10×10 100 adults / 200 hatchlings 260,000
10×10 to 11×11 11×11 121 adults / 242 hatchlings 330,000

As you can see, the final upgrades to reach maximum lair size will require massive amounts of wealth. At this stage of the game, treasure generation becomes focused on optimized farming strategies and smart investments like the Auction House.

Caveats & Considerations

When looking at lair expansion costs, there are some caveats to keep in mind:

– Sales occasionally offer discounts on expansions. Waiting for a sale could save you 10-25% on costs.

– Different biomes have varied base costs. Some are cheaper overall.

– You receive small kickbacks when exaltations reach milestones. These can offset costs a bit.

– There are hard limits based on account age. Newer players cannot expand lairs as fast.

– Focus on upgrading breeding and nesting spaces first. More dragons will generate more income.

Overall, it’s best to have a long-term growth plan and slowly work towards your ideal lair size over time. Patience and perseverance are rewarded.

Earning Treasure for Expansions

So how do you actually earn the massive amounts of treasure needed for these lair expansions? Here are the primary methods:

– **Exaltations** – Exalting dragons you don’t need generates consistent income. Target 1-2 exaltations per day.

– **Coliseum** – Battling in the Coliseum with a solid team can generate thousands per day.

– **Gathering** – Foraging items in the various regions to sell on the Auction House.

– **Festivals** – Special month-long events have activities and rewards to boost income.

– **Jobs** – Assigning dragons to jobs like digging, hunting and fishing.

– **Marketplace** – Flipping items and Materials for profit using the Auction House.

– **Quests** – Completing daily and Contributor quests provide small boosts.

With smart investment of profits into expansion projects, nearly any player can achieve their desired lair size with enough dedication. The path to housing over 100 dragons will require immense effort and wealth for most. But for those driven by dragon hoarding ambition, it’s an epic yet rewarding journey.


While expanding your lair in Flight Rising requires significant treasure and planning, it is an exciting milestone for any player. Going from a cramped starter lair to having space for over one hundred dragons represents a tremendous amount of progress and commitment. The incremental costs may seem intimidating, but focusing on breeding income dragons and efficient farming strategies can get you there. With patience and dedication, every player can eventually achieve their ultimate dragon housing goals one expansion at a time. Just be prepared for each upgrade to take your treasure hoard to the next level.