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How much does a tri color beech tree cost?

Decorating your yard or garden with beautiful trees can greatly enhance your outdoor space. One popular choice is the tri color beech tree, which features attractive variegated foliage in purple, pink, and green. But before purchasing a tri color beech, it’s important to understand how much this tree typically costs.

The tri color beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Roseomarginata’) is a cultivar of the common European beech tree. It’s a medium-sized deciduous tree that grows to about 40-60 feet tall and wide. The bark is smooth and silver-gray. The most striking feature of the tri color beech is its colorful leaves that emerge deep purple-red in spring, mature to pinkish edges with green centers in summer, and turn bronze-orange in fall.

This ornamental tree provides multi-season interest with its colorful foliage. It also produces small nuts that attract wildlife. The tri color beech thrives in full sun to partial shade and prefers moist, well-drained soil. It’s hardy in USDA zones 4-7.

When shopping for a tri color beech tree, you’ll find it available in a few different forms:

  • Bare root tree – Field grown and sold without soil or container
  • Container tree – Grown and sold in a container
  • Balled and burlapped (B&B) tree – Field grown and dug up with its soil and roots wrapped in burlap

The form you choose will impact the tree’s price. Let’s take a look at the average cost for each type of tri color beech tree.

Bare Root Tri Color Beech Trees

Bare root tri color beech trees are usually the most affordable option. They are grown in fields and are sold without any soil or container. The roots are exposed when you purchase them. Many nurseries sell bare root trees when they are dormant in late winter or early spring.

A bare root tri color beech tree that is 2-3 feet tall typically costs $60 – $150. Larger bare root specimens around 4-5 feet tall range from $150 – $250. Bare root trees in the 6-7 foot range cost $200 – $350.

Here are some examples of bare root tri color beech tree prices from online nurseries:

Tree Size Price Range
2 ft – 3 ft $60 – $150
4 ft – 5 ft $150 – $250
6 ft – 7 ft $200 – $350

The main advantage of bare root trees is that they are inexpensive. They also tend to establish well as their roots are not disturbed when planting. The drawback is that they must be planted when dormant in spring before leaves emerge. Proper care and handling is required.

Containerized Tri Color Beech Trees

You’ll often find tri color beech trees growing in containers at garden centers and nurseries. These containerized trees can be planted anytime during the growing season. The container size ranges from 3-7 gallons typically.

A small 2-3 foot tri color beech in a 3 gallon container may cost $90 – $150. For a 5-6 foot specimen expect to pay $250 – $400. Larger containerized trees 6-8 feet tall in 7 gallon pots can cost $400 – $600.

Some example prices for container tri color beech trees:

Tree Size Container Size Price Range
2 ft – 3 ft 3 gal $90 – $150
5 ft – 6 ft 5 gal $250 – $400
6 ft – 8 ft 7 gal $400 – $600

The advantage of container trees is that they can be planted anytime in the growing season and their roots are undisturbed. The soil ball supporting the roots makes establishment easy. But the potting soil and container do add cost compared to bare root trees.

Balled and Burlapped Tri Color Beech Trees

Many larger tri color beech trees are available balled and burlapped from nurseries. This means they are dug from the ground with the root ball intact, wrapped in burlap, and kept supported with a wire basket. B&B trees are typically field grown for 5+ years before being harvested.

You can expect to pay the following for balled and burlapped tri color beech trees:

  • 6-7 ft B&B tree – $500 – $700
  • 7-8 ft B&B tree – $700 – $900
  • 8-10 ft B&B tree – $900 – $1,500

A few example prices from nurseries:

Tree Size Price Range
6 ft – 7 ft B&B $500 – $700
7 ft – 8 ft B&B $700 – $900
8 ft – 10 ft B&B $900 – $1,500

B&B trees have an undisturbed root ball that makes transplanting less stressful on the tree. Large caliper B&B trees provide instant impact. The drawback is the higher cost for these mature trees. Professional planting services are often recommended for B&B trees but add more cost.

Other Factors Affecting Tri Color Beech Tree Prices

In addition to tree size and form, there are a few other factors that can impact the cost of a tri color beech:

  • Nursery location – Trees grown closer to where you live will typically be less expensive than those shipped long distances.
  • Tree caliper – The thickness or diameter of the trunk. Larger caliper trees cost more.
  • Time of year – Trees purchased out of season can be pricier.
  • Tree availability and demand – Rare or high demand trees may have higher price tags.
  • Shipping costs – If ordering online, shipping charges will apply.

When budgeting for your tri color beech tree, be sure to consider all additional costs such as shipping, tree removal (if needed), professional planting, soils amendments, mulch, and any other supplies. Any landscaping design work would also impact the overall project cost.

Tri Color Beech Tree Costs Per Size

To summarize, you can expect to pay the following averaged costs for tri color beech trees:

Tree Size Average Cost Range
2 – 3 ft bare root or container $60 – $150
4 – 6 ft bare root or container $150 – $400
6 – 8 ft B&B or large container $500 – $900
8 – 10 ft B&B $900 – $1,500

Keep in mind these are general estimates only. Exact pricing can vary by specific nursery. But this gives you an idea of typical tri color beech tree prices to help you plan and budget.

Buying Tri Color Beech Trees Online vs Locally

When it comes to purchasing your tri color beech tree, you have two main options – buying online or sourcing the tree locally. Let’s compare the pros and cons of each approach:

Online Tree Nurseries


  • Wider selection of sizes and cultivars
  • Order anytime
  • Convenient buying process
  • May find more competitive pricing
  • Trees shipped to your door


  • Shipping costs
  • Cannot personally select specific tree
  • Added challenges with returns if needed
  • Potential stress or damage during shipping
  • Must handle unloading and planting

Local Nurseries


  • Personally select the specific tree
  • Avoid shipping stress and damage
  • Easier returns if needed
  • Provide business to local economy
  • Can get advice from experts


  • Limited selection and availability
  • Must purchase during business hours
  • Higher pricing
  • Must arrange transport from nursery

Ultimately, there are good arguments for purchasing tri color beech trees either online or from a local nursery. Consider all the pros and cons for your specific situation to decide which option may work best for you.

How to Save Money on Tri Color Beech Trees

Tri color beech trees can represent a significant investment, especially for larger specimens. Here are some tips that can help you save money if you’re budget conscious:

  • Purchase the smallest size tree that meets your needs. Smaller trees cost less and establish well.
  • Buy bare root or containerized – avoid pricier B&B trees if possible.
  • Shop late winter/early spring for bare root tree availability and any discounted inventory.
  • Buy from bulk/wholesale nurseries or big box stores vs boutique retailers.
  • Look for coupons, seasonal sales, or volume discounts from suppliers.
  • Join local tree groups or clubs to find cuttings for free/low cost.
  • Be flexible on tree variety – similar cultivars may have better pricing.
  • Do planting and ongoing care yourself vs hiring out labor.

With some smart shopping techniques, flexibility, and DIY work, you can reduce the costs of adding a beautiful tri color beech tree to your landscape.


The tri color beech is a wonderful choice to add multi-season interest and beauty to landscapes. While a significant investment, a properly planted and cared for specimen can provide decades of enjoyment. Typical costs range from $60 for a bare root sapling to $1,500 or more for a large B&B tree. Carefully determine the right size tree for your needs and budget. Shop wisely, considering costs both for the tree itself and any professional planting services you may require. With some planning and effort, you’ll soon be able to admire a gorgeous tri color beech as the focal point of your outdoor space for years to come.