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How much do you tip for hair color correction?

Deciding how much to tip for hair color correction services can be tricky. Unlike restaurants where there are more established tipping norms, tipping your hair colorist is a more personal decision without hard and fast rules. The amount you tip will depend on factors like where you live, the complexity of the service, your relationship with your colorist, and your own budget.

What’s a typical tip for hair color correction?

The standard tip for hair color services including corrections is 15-20% of the total cost. So if you paid $200 to get your hair color fixed, you would tip $30-40. Some sources recommend tipping up to 25% for more complex color corrections that take extra time and skill to complete.

Here are some typical tip amounts based on the cost of the service:

  • $100 hair color – $15-20 tip
  • $150 hair color – $22-30 tip
  • $200 hair color – $30-40 tip
  • $300 hair color – $45-60 tip

These amounts serve as a helpful benchmark, but your individual tip doesn’t need to match exactly. You should base it on what you feel comfortable with and what you think your colorist deserves.

Should you tip less for a bad hair color correction?

It can be awkward deciding how much to tip if you’re unhappy with the results of your color correction service. On one hand, you want to acknowledge your colorist’s time and effort. But on the other, you may not want to reward a job poorly done.

There’s no definitive answer, but here are some tips:

  • Tip 10-15% for an unsatisfactory job. This is lower than your normal tip but still a token of appreciation.
  • Explain the issues respectfully to your stylist. Don’t accuse, but focus on how you’d like it fixed.
  • Consider giving a second chance. Mistakes happen and color can be subjective. You may be happier after a redo.
  • If you won’t return, tip what feels right to you. Just don’t take out frustrations on support staff.

In the end, tip what reflects your experience. Just remember your colorist is human and did try to help. A small tip and kind feedback can go a long way.

Should you tip more for an excellent hair color correction?

On the flip side, you may want to tip more generously if your colorist does an exceptional job fixing your hair color. Here are some tips for showing your appreciation:

  • Tip 20-25% for great results. This exceeds the standard 15-20% for hair services.
  • Leave a positive review online mentioning your colorist by name.
  • Refer friends and family to your colorist if you were pleased.
  • Give a holiday or end of year bonus if it’s in your budget.
  • A handwritten thank you card can also be meaningful.

Keep in mind that most colorists don’t expect over-the-top tips or gifts. But a little extra and genuine gratitude can encourage great service and recognition for a job well done.

Should you tip for hair color corrections at salons vs independent stylists?

You should tip hair colorists whether they work at a salon or independently. However, there are some tipping differences to keep in mind:

  • Salons: Tip 15-20% of the total service cost. This gets split between colorist and support staff.
  • Independent stylists: Tip 20-25% directly to your colorist. They keep the full tip amount.

Some reasons for tipping more for independent colorists:

  • They don’t have additional income from salon commission or retail sales.
  • They pay their own overhead like rent, supplies, insurance.
  • You may have a longer personal relationship with them.

No matter where you get your hair colored, remember that tipping is voluntary. Tip what you can afford based on your appreciation for the service.

Should you tip for hair color corrections at high-end vs budget salons?

You don’t need to tip more at high-end salons versus budget salons. Base your tip on the service, not the salon’s reputation. Some things to consider:

  • High-end salons often charge higher prices. You’re already paying more for the precision and expertise.
  • Budget salons provide value and creativity too. Judge the individual colorist, not the salon.
  • Tip 15-20% at both high-end and budget salons if you’re satisfied.
  • Increase or decrease your tip based on your personal service experience.

The price level of a salon doesn’t always reflect the skill of a colorist. Pay attention to your stylist’s attentiveness, communication, and color correction results. Then tip accordingly.

Should you tip for hair color corrections from hairdresser students?

You should tip student hairdressers for color corrections, but you can adjust your tip amount based on their experience level:

  • Students in early training: 10-15% tip
  • Advanced students: 15-20% tip
  • Graduating students: 18-20% tip

Here are some reasons to tip student colorists less:

  • They’re still developing technical skills under supervision.
  • Color corrections may take longer as they learn.
  • Mistakes are more likely as they gain experience.

However, student colorists deserve appreciation for their hard work. Tip what seems fair for the results. And remember, experienced stylists had to start learning somewhere too!

Should you tip for hair color corrections from at-home box dyes?

You should definitely tip your colorist if they correct hair color from an at-home box dye job. In fact, tipping on the higher end is appreciated, like 20-25% of the service cost. Here’s why:

  • Box dye errors often require extensive work to fix.
  • The process involves careful color formulation and application.
  • Multiple steps over several appointments may be needed.
  • Your colorist has the skill to salvage difficult situations.

Keep in mind, your stylist won’t judge your DIY dye decision! They see these mishaps all the time. Be sure to come prepared with reference photos, listen to their advice, and show your gratitude in your tip for all their help.

Should you tip for hair color corrections from other stylists?

You should tip your new colorist if they correct someone else’s bad hair color job. In fact, they deserve extra appreciation! Here’s why:

  • Fixing another stylist’s mistakes requires experience and technical precision.
  • Formulating the right color to complement your complexion takes skill.
  • Your new colorist builds trust by doing their best in a difficult situation.

When tipping for color correction from a previous stylist:

  • Tip 20-25% to acknowledge the extra time and care needed.
  • Add a positive review online for your new colorist.
  • Refer friends and family members to support their business.

Keep in mind, reputable stylists won’t speak badly about colleagues. Focus your feedback on your own happiness with the updated color results.

Do you tip for a full refund after a terrible hair color correction?

If a hair color correction turns out terribly wrong, the stylist may offer you a full refund. Some tips on tipping in this situation:

  • You don’t need to tip if you receive a full refund, but may want to tip 5-10% as a gesture.
  • Explain why you’re unhappy with kindness and patience.
  • If the stylist is apologetic and willing to make it right, consider giving them a second chance.
  • Ask what they’ve learned and how they’ll approach it differently next time.
  • No need to penalize support staff – they didn’t cause the issue.

Every stylist has off days and makes mistakes. If it seems like an honest one-time slip up, tipping a small token amount can show some understanding while still addressing your dissatisfaction.

Do you tip hair colorists every visit including touch ups?

You should tip at every appointment with your hair colorist, including regular maintenance visits like roots touch ups. Here are some reasons why:

  • Touch ups still require your colorist’s time, expertise and attention to detail.
  • Consistent tipping shows appreciation for their loyal service.
  • Skipping tips on some visits can come across as confusing or unfair.
  • Regular tipping maintains a positive relationship with your colorist.

To determine touch up tip amounts:

  • Quick roots only touch up – tip 15-20% of service cost
  • All over color refresh visit – tip 18-20%
  • Partial highlight touch up – tip 18-22%

Treat your colorist well and they’ll be happy to see you for many visits to come!

Should you give a holiday tip to your regular hair colorist?

It’s thoughtful to give your regular hair colorist a holiday tip or end-of-year bonus as an extra thank you. Some tips on holiday tipping:

  • Give $20-50 if your normal tip is 15-20%
  • Up to $75-100 for very frequent clients getting pricier services
  • Hand your tip directly to your colorist in a greeting card
  • A small gift instead of cash is fine too – check salon gift policies
  • Holiday baked goods, coffee cards and spa gift cards are popular

Some reasons to tip your colorist during the holidays:

  • Shows appreciation for their services all year
  • Lets them know you value them
  • Can help make up for slower holiday season tips
  • Gives back to those who support small businesses

Holiday tipping is voluntary. Do what feels comfortable based on your relationship and budget.

Should you tip the same percentage for inexpensive vs expensive hair color corrections?

You don’t need to tip based on a percentage for hair color corrections. Consider these factors instead when deciding your tip amount:

  • Base it on the time and effort involved, not just the service cost.
  • An expensive color correction from a celebrity stylist likely took significant expertise.
  • Tip a bit more for complex color corrections than simple single process jobs.
  • Remember support staff who assist at high end salons too.

Here are some example tip amounts for different price services:

  • $150 color correction: $20-25 tip
  • $300 color correction: $40-50 tip
  • $500 color correction: $70-80 tip
  • $1000+ celebrity color correction: $150-200 tip

Set your tip based on your overall service satisfaction. Great results deserve great tips, regardless of starting prices.

Should you tip hair colorists in cash or include it on your card payment?

It’s perfectly fine to tip your hair colorist using either cash or adding the tip onto your card payment. Considerations for each:

  • Cash – Hand directly to your colorist. They get full amount without fees deducted.
  • Card – Allows contactless tipping. Income reported more accurately for taxes.
  • Either method – Lets you show gratitude for great service.

If tipping in cash, $1 bills or $5s make it easy to customize your tip amount. For card payments, write in the tip total or percentage on the receipt.

Choose what’s most convenient for you. Your hair colorist will appreciate your generosity no matter how you tip.

How to tactfully resolve tip confusion or disagreements with hair colorists

Tip confusion can happen occasionally when expectations don’t align between clients and hair colorists. Here are some polite ways to handle these situations:

  • Ask clarifying questions to understand the source of confusion.
  • Cite your typical tipping policy if questioned on your standard amount.
  • For major disagreements, focus on your budget and what you can reasonably afford.
  • If an uncomfortably large tip is demanded, politely decline to pay it.
  • Calmly reaffirm you meant no offense and wish to move forward with mutual understanding.

With tact and patience, tipping issues can often be resolved:

  • Accept the other’s viewpoint while explaining your own.
  • Compromise if needed – increase your tip or ask that demands be lowered.
  • Clarify the tip amount upfront for future appointments to avoid further confusion.

Stay positive to maintain a good relationship with your hair colorist. With open communication, you can both find an tipping solution you’re comfortable with.


Determining how much to tip your hair colorist depends on a variety of factors – the complexity of the service, your satisfaction with the results, your personal budget, and showing appreciation for great service. While sticking to the standard 15-20% tipping guideline is a good starting point, feel free to adjust your tip up or down based on each unique experience. With reasonable tips and clear communication, you can reward your colorist and continue enjoying a positive client-stylist relationship.

Hair Color Service Standard Tip Amount
Basic single process color 15-20% of service cost
Partial highlights 18-20% of cost
Full highlight/balayage 20-25% of cost
Color correction 20-25% of cost
Touch up visit 15-20% of cost