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How much do people charge for invisible locs?

Invisible locs have become an increasingly popular protective style for natural hair. Unlike traditional locs which are visible, invisible locs are designed to blend in seamlessly with your natural hair texture. This makes them a versatile option that can be worn for both casual and professional settings.

What are invisible locs?

Invisible locs, also sometimes called invisible box braids, are a protective hairstyle where synthetic hair extensions are braided very close to the scalp in a lattice pattern to look like mini cornrows. The hair extensions are matched to your natural hair color and texture so they blend in seamlessly.

Invisible locs can be done on all hair types and textures. They allow you to take a break from constantly manipulating your natural hair but still maintain a natural look. The locs also last for up to 8 weeks with proper maintenance.

Average pricing for invisible locs

Pricing for invisible locs can vary greatly depending on your location, the skill level of your stylist, and how long/how much hair you need installed. On average most stylists charge:

  • $150 – $300 for a full head install
  • $100 – $250 for a partial install (just the top or sides)

Here are some factors that affect invisible loc pricing:

Stylist’s experience level

More experienced stylists who specialize in invisible locs will be on the higher end of the pricing scale. Newer stylists may offer more affordable rates. Make sure to review examples of the stylist’s previous work before booking.

Salon vs independent stylist

Salons will usually charge more for protective styles than independent stylists who work out of their home or travel to clients. However salons may provide a more upscale experience.

Hair length/density

The longer and thicker your natural hair is, the more hair extensions will be required to complete the look. Stylists typically charge by the number of packs of hair needed.

Type of hair extensions

Synthetic hair is cheaper than human hair. Opting for a synthetic hair like kanekalon can save you money compared to human hair options.

Partial vs full install

A partial install focusing only on the crown and top of your head will take less time and hair than doing a full head of invisible locs.

Extra styling requests

Adding extras like length, highlights, or accessories will increase the cost of your install.

How long do invisible locs last?

With proper maintenance, invisible locs can last 6-8 weeks. Make sure to tie your hair up at night, follow your stylist’s washing recommendations, and avoid pulling too tightly on the locs.

Some factors that can shorten the lifespan of invisible locs include:

  • Not following the stylist’s maintenance instructions
  • Excessive sweating
  • Using too much product or over-washing
  • Playing with or pulling on the locs

Maintenance costs

While invisible locs require less styling than many other protective styles, they do need some occasional maintenance to look their best and last. Plan on adding:

  • $50 for a loc retightening mid-install
  • $15 – $30 for a wash and style
  • $10 – $15 for edge touch-ups as needed

Tips for saving money

Here are some tips to save money on your invisible loc install:

Go to a newer stylist

Newer stylists often charge less as they build their clientele. Check their work examples first and start with a shorter style to test it out.

Ask about discounts

Some stylists may offer first time client discounts or bundle pricing if you get multiple services done. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Provide your own hair

Ask if your stylist allows you to buy and provide the braiding hair yourself. This gives you control over the cost.

Extend your own style

Rather than paying for removal and a whole new install, you may be able to simply get an extension at a lower cost once the install starts growing out.

Book on slower days

Avoid booking on weekends or holidays when demand is highest. Weekday and off-peak times are great for deals.

Get a shorter style

Opt for a blunt bob or shoulder length look rather than extra long locs to reduce the amount of hair needed.

Is it worth it?

While invisible locs require a more significant upfront investment than some other styles, many feel it’s worth it for the convenience, protection, and beautiful results. If done correctly, invisible locs allow you to wake up with stylish, salon-quality hair every day for up to 2 months. No more fussing with daily styling!

When considering the cost, calculate how much you typically spend on individual wash and go’s, blowouts, or other styling over the 6-8 week period. The overall investment for invisible locs may be less in the long run.

As with any protective style, consult with experienced stylists and take care of your hair underneath to make invisible locs worth the spend.


Invisible locs offer a discreet but versatile protective style option. Pricing varies widely based on your specific hair needs and stylist choices. With average costs between $150-$300 for a full head install, invisible locs are on the pricier side but can ultimately save time and hassle. Do your research to find skilled stylists, maintenance properly, and employ cost-saving tips to maximize the value of your protective style investment.

Location Stylist Experience Average Price
Major City (LA, NYC, Atlanta) Highly Experienced $200 – $300
Mid-size City Moderately Experienced $175 – $250
Smaller Metro Newer Stylist $100 – $200