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How many fusion mineral paint colors are there?

With the rising popularity of mineral paints like Fusion Mineral Paint, many homeowners and DIYers are curious just how many color options are available. Mineral paints provide a durable, low-VOC alternative to traditional paints, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor projects. The wide range of colors and finishes available from brands like Fusion make mineral paints versatile for all types of design styles.

Introducing Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint is a leading brand of high-quality, artisan-crafted mineral paints. The paint is made from natural ingredients like clay, chalk, and minerals mixed with water to create a durable, low-odor, zero VOC paint. Fusion Mineral Paint goes on smooth, adheres well to a variety of surfaces, and cures to a stain-resistant finish without the need for a top coat or wax. It can be used on walls, furniture, cabinets, metal, and more, both indoors and outside.

The brand was started in 2005 by artist and paint formulator Surinder Aujla in an effort to create a more eco-friendly, non-toxic paint option that boasted superior coverage and durability. Since then, Fusion Mineral Paint has become popular among DIYers and professional painters alike for its versatility, quality, and vast color selection.

Fusion Mineral Paint Color Selection

So just how many different Fusion Mineral Paint colors are available to choose from? Currently, Fusion offers an impressive selection of 130 standard mineral paint colors encompassing neutral hues, bright accents, deep tones, and more. Here is a breakdown of the different color categories:

  • 30 Neutral Base Colors – These include popular neutral shades like Snow, Latte, Dover Gray, Clay, and Graphite.
  • 30 Accent Base Colors – Vibrant hues like Sunflower, Persimmon, Marine, Iris, and Goldenrod.
  • 20 Deep Base Colors – Deep, saturated shades including Caribbean, Violet, Clementine, Sapphire, and Crimson.
  • 50 Creative Base Colors – An assortment of unique, imaginative colors like Oyster, Tarnished, Relic, Bluegrass, and Polished.

Within each color category, customers will find a wide spectrum of tones and shades to suit any design style or project. Fusion makes it easy to browse their color selections on their user-friendly website, where each color is displayed with photos of the painted swatches.

Custom Color Matching

In addition to their impressive selection of stock mineral paint colors, Fusion also offers a custom color matching service. If you have a particular custom color in mind that you can’t find in their standard collection, Fusion can recreate virtually any shade by hand-tinting their base paints. They offer custom matching for both mineral paint orders as well as milk paint orders.

To request a custom color match, you simply provide Fusion with a physical sample of the color you want replicated, such as a paint swatch or chip from your local hardware store. Their team of experts will analyze the color and skillfully hand-tint the Fusion mineral paint base to achieve an identical match. Custom colors can be ordered in any finish and sheen.

Fusion Mineral Paint Finishes and Sheens

In addition to the wide range of colors, Fusion also allows you to customize the finish and sheen of your mineral paint. They offer three finish types:

  • Matte – This flat, matte finish has no shine and mimics a chalky look.
  • Satin – A smooth finish with a subtle sheen.
  • Gloss – A shiny, reflective finish.

The finish can be tailored based on your project needs. For example, furniture pieces frequently look great with a satin finish, while exterior surfaces like shutters or gutters suit a glossy look. Matte finishes add an understated, timeworn charm to painted walls, murals, and more.

Total Possible Color Combinations

When you factor in Fusion’s impressive stock color selection, custom color matching abilities, and finish options, the potential color variations are nearly endless. But just how many possible combinations exist?

Here is a breakdown of the potential Fusion Mineral Paint color variations:

Paint Colors Finishes Potential Color Combinations
130 stock colors Matte, Satin, Gloss 130 x 3 = 390
Custom colors Matte, Satin, Gloss Unlimited
Total Over 390+ combinations

As the table illustrates, with 130 stock colors and 3 finish types, Fusion offers 390 unique color and finish variations right off the shelf. Add in unlimited custom color matching options, and the potential combinations are endless.

Fusion Mineral Paint Best Sellers

Now that we’ve explored the vast range of colors Fusion has to offer, let’s look at some of their top-selling mineral paint shades that customers love:

  • Snow – A crisp, bright white that delivers great coverage.
  • Designer White – A warm ivory white with subtle yellow undertones.
  • Graphite – A rich charcoal gray with brown undertones.
  • Dover Gray – A soft, peaceful gray with hints of blue.
  • Clay – A light brown beige earth tone.
  • Sweet Cream – A creamy off-white with a subtle golden tone.
  • Rosso – A vivid crimson red.
  • Chestnut – A muted, earthy red-brown.

These popular go-to shades look beautiful on walls, furniture, cabinets, and a multitude of other surfaces. Their versatility makes them suitable for both modern and cottage style designs.

Achieving Different Tones

The base Fusion paint colors can be tweaked to achieve lighter or darker variations of each shade. One way to lighten a color is by mixing in Fusion Mineral Paint Whisper, their liquid white tint. Adding just 10-30% Whisper will soften the hue and lighten the tone. For deepening colors, their liquid black Dark tint can be added instead.

Fusion also offers a glaze product specifically designed for antiquing mineral painted surfaces. The glaze comes in brown, black, and gray, and can be brushed over cured mineral paint to create an aged, dimensional finish.

Exterior Mineral Paint Colors

While Fusion Mineral Paint can be used both indoors and outside, they do offer a separate line of exterior mineral paint colors that are specially formulated for outdoor use. Fusion Exterior currently comes in 40 standard colors optimized for outdoor projects like siding, shutters, fences, and more. Popular shades include Nantucket Gray, Harbour Blue, Cypress, and Sunflower. The thicker formula provides maximum UV resistance when used outdoors.

Fusion Chalk Mineral Paint

In addition to their classic mineral paint line, Fusion also offers Fusion Chalk Mineral Paint. This ultra matte paint goes on like soft chalk for a unique artisanal finish. It dries to look like china paint or limed finish furniture. Fusion Chalk Paint is available in 30 base colors that can be intermixed to create custom shades.


With 130 standard colors that can be custom tinted to match any shade imaginable, plus multiple finish options, Fusion Mineral Paint provides endless creative possibilities. Their high quality formulations allow both DIYers and professional painters to tackle any project with confidence. So if you’ve been curious how vast their color selection is, the answer is – extremely vast! Fusion truly offers a stunning spectrum of custom mineral paint colors to suit any style.