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How many bundles do you need for a quick weave bob?

A quick weave bob is a popular protective hairstyle that can provide length and volume using hair extensions. Choosing the right amount of hair bundles is important to achieve the look you want. The number of bundles needed depends on several factors like your natural hair length and thickness, the bob length and fullness desired, and your budget.

What is a Quick Weave Bob?

A quick weave bob is a short bob length hairstyle created with a weave installation. It involves sewing, gluing, or clipping hair extensions into your natural hair to add length and thickness. This creates a faux bob look that is versatile and easy to install and remove.

Some key features of a quick weave bob include:

  • Bob length, often grazing the shoulders or jawline
  • Can be cut into different bob shapes like a blunt cut, layered, asymmetrical, etc.
  • Allows you to quickly change up your hairstyle
  • Provides protection for natural hair underneath
  • Looks natural when well-blended with your own hair

A quick weave bob is great for trying out new looks without the commitment of actually cutting your hair. It’s also less tension on your natural hair compared to sewing or glueing in a full head weave.

How Many Bundles Do You Need?

The number of bundles needed for a quick weave bob depends on several factors:

Your Natural Hair Length and Thickness

If your natural hair is longer, you will need less hair added. Shorter natural hair means you will need more bundles to create the bob length. Thicker natural hair covers the tracks and blends better, allowing you to use fewer bundles. Thinner hair may require more bundles to create fullness and blend seamlessly.

Desired Length and Fullness

The longer and fuller you want the bob, the more bundles you will need. A shoulder grazing bob with light density may only need 2 bundles. A fuller jaw-length bob would need 3-4 bundles. For an extremely full, blunt cut bob at the chin, you may need 5-6 bundles or more.

Hair Texture

Coarse, voluminous hair types like African American hair will require fewer bundles than thinner hair types like Caucasian hair. The curl pattern also impacts fullness. Tighter curls like 3c/4c hair can achieve more fullness with fewer bundles than looser curl patterns.

Bob Cut Style

The type of bob cut and layers will impact bundles needed. A blunt one-length bob requires maximum fullness and more bundles than a layered A-line bob. An asymmetrical bob may need fewer bundles on one side. Consider the final cut and style when estimating bundles.

Hair Bundle Size

Bundle size can range from 10-30grams or 1-3 ounces. The smaller the bundle size, the more you need to order. For a quick weave bob, 12-14 inch bundles in the 18-24 gram range are common. Make sure you account for the bundle weight.

Your Budget

Hair bundles can range from $50-300+ depending on type, quality, and length. Setting a budget will help determine the number of bundles you can afford. Prioritize quality over quantity when possible.

How Many Bundles for Common Bob Styles?

As a general guideline, here’s how many bundles are recommended for popular quick weave bob styles:

Bob Style Bundle Range
Jaw-length bob 2-3 bundles
Shoulder-length bob 3-4 bundles
Collarbone-length bob 4-5 bundles
Blunt bob 4-6 bundles
Asymmetrical bob 3-5 bundles
Layered bob 2-4 bundles

Keep in mind, these are general estimates only. Factors like your hair thickness and density preferences can change the ideal bundle amount for your look.

Tips for Choosing the Right Amount of Bundles

To determine the perfect bundle amount for your quick weave bob, keep these tips in mind:

Consult Your Stylist

Describe the look you want to your stylist. They can help recommend the ideal bundle amount based on your hair and the bob style. Stylists know how to achieve the right density and blend.

Match Your Hair Density

Aim to match the thickness and density of your own hair. Don’t go overboard buying too many bundles or it can look unnatural. Assess your hair’s density and fullness to estimate needs.

Buy Bundles All at Once

Purchase all the hair needed for your full style at once. Mixing old and new bundles of different quality can cause issues blending and consistency.

Start with Fewer Bundles

It’s easier to add bundles than remove them. Start with the minimum of what you think you need. You can purchase 1-2 more bundles later if needed.

Quality over Quantity

Invest in higher quality hair over buying lots of low-cost bundles. The hair will last longer, blend better, and create a more seamless natural look.

Consider Reusability

Think about how long you want to reuse your bundles. Buying more initially allows you to redo the style multiple times.

Check Reviews

Read online reviews of bundle brands and styles to guide your purchasing decision. Other buyers can provide insight into optimal bundle amounts.

Caring for Your Quick Weave Bob

Once installed, proper care is key to maximizing the lifespan of your bundles and quick weave bob style. Here are some top care tips:

  • Gently detangle using a wide-tooth comb or brush. Start at the ends working up.
  • Use moisturizing and strengthening products made for weaves and extensions.
  • Avoid too much tension or pulling at the roots which can loosen the install.
  • Wear a loose bonnet at night and use a satin pillowcase.
  • See your stylist promptly for any needed adjustments.
  • Remove the weave once hair starts matting to avoid damage.
  • Schedule regular salon maintenance every 6-8 weeks.

With proper care and maintenance, your quick weave bob can last 6-8 weeks or longer!


Choosing the right amount of bundles is crucial for achieving your perfect quick weave bob hairstyle. Consider factors like your natural hair, desired length and fullness, bundle size, budget, and stylist recommendations. On average, you’ll need 2-6 bundles depending on the bob length and thickness you want. Invest in quality hair from reputable brands. With proper installation and care, you’ll be rocking a fab, faux bob in no time!