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How many Bic lighter colors are there?

How many Bic lighter colors are there?

Bic lighters come in a variety of colors and designs to suit different tastes and purposes. The exact number of Bic lighter colors available depends on the specific product line and where the lighters are purchased. In this article, we will explore the different Bic lighter series and the many color options within each line.

Original Bic Disposable Lighter

The classic Original Bic disposable lighter is available in several standard colors:

White Black Orange Blue Red Green Purple Pink

These colors cover the basic lighter spectrum and provide options for basic everyday use. White is the most common and widely available color. The other standard colors add more personality while still remaining versatile.

In addition to the plain colors, some collections feature stylized designs:

Polka dots Paisley Plaid Leopard print Camouflage Tie dye American flag

These patterns and prints diversify the look and feel. They inject more flair while retaining Bic’s classic lighter functionality.

Bic also releases special limited edition colors and designs periodically. These can include seasonal themes for holidays, celebrity partnerships, event promotions, and more. Limited runs make these special colors harder to find and valuable for collectors.

Bic EZ Reach Lighter

The Bic EZ Reach lighter has an extended wand and is designed for lighting candles and other awkward spots. It comes in a similar range of standard colors:

White Black Orange Blue Red Green Purple Pink

Again the basic palette provides variety without going too flashy. The EZ Reach lighter serves a functional purpose, so more muted tones align with its role.

A few prints are also available for the EZ Reach:

Leopard Polka dots

These patterns add some extra aesthetic charm. Overall though, the color selection sticks to primary shades that maximize usefulness.

Bic Mini Lighter

True to its name, the Bic Mini lighter has a smaller compact design. It comes in these color choices:

White Black Orange Blue Red Green Purple Pink

The Mini echo’s the Original with the same range of basic colors. This versatility ensures the Mini blends well into any setting.

The Mini does have some additional metallic finishes:

Silver Gold Rose gold

These shiny metallic versions elevate the smaller Mini with a touch of sophistication. The lighters gleam softly and feel smooth in the hand.

Bic Flex Lighter

The Flex lighter has a flexible neck for adjusting the flame angle. Its colors include:

White Black Orange Purple

The Flex simplifies the color range to popular core options. This focuses on flexibility and function over flair.

Bic Pocket Lighter

The Pocket lighter lives up to its name with a thin pen-like design. You can choose from these shades:

Black Blue Orange Red Silver

The slimmer Pocket lighter features darker, more subdued tones. This enhances the sophisticated pocket-ready form factor.

Bic Clic Stic Lighter

Featuring a rotational igniter wheel, the Clic Stic comes in these colors:

White Black Blue Red Green

The Clic Stic focuses on bold primary shades in its palette. The striking colors match its iconic wheel design.

Bic Multi-purpose Lighter

As its name suggests, the Multi-purpose lighter handles many functions. You can select from:

Orange Lime green Purple Dark blue

The Multi-purpose lighter features bright, energetic colors. This mirrors its own versatility and vibrancy.

Bic Atlantis Lighter

The Atlantis is designed for wet conditions and comes in:

Orange Blue Yellow Green Red

The Atlantis lighter utilizes bright, vibrant shades that stand out. This helps with visibility for outdoor and emergency use.

Bic Décor Lighter

Adding flair to any décor, the Décor lighter includes:

Black White Silver Leopard print Wood grain

The Décor line features sleek finishes that integrate elegantly into sophisticated living spaces. The wood grain and animal prints provide organic texture.

Bic Image Lighter

The Image lighter showcases photos and designs under a clear view panel. Standard color options are:

White Black Blue Silver Gold

TheseNeutral metallic and white shades frame images without overwhelming or competing. The clear lens remains the focus.

Bic Solstice Lighter

Catching eyes with a unique flint wheel, the Solstice comes in:

Black White Grey

The Solstice lighter sticks to basic monochromatic colors that accentuate the distinctive wheel design. The flint housing becomes the star.

Bic Grip Roller Lighter

The Grip Roller includes a textured wheel and has these color options:

Black White Blue Grey Orange

The textured grip influences a more basic, tactile color range here. Bold and bright hues take a back seat to facilitate handling.

Bic Round Stic Lighter

Featuring a rotating powerhead, the Round Stic offers:

Black White Grey

The Round Stic keeps to simple monochromatic colors. This puts all focus on the unique rotating mechanism.

Bic Silhouette Lighter

A slim and modern version, the Silhouette comes in these upscale shades:

Silver Black White Grey Red

Sleek metallics and neutrals fit the streamlined silhouette design. Less is more in this elegant approach.

Bic ReNew Lighter

Made from recycled materials, the ReNew includes:

Black White Green Blue Grey

The ReNew uses basic eco-friendly tones and minimalist style. This keeps the focus on sustainability.


Bic lighters come in a spectrum of colors across different product lines. The most common shades are white, black, blue, red, orange, green, and purple. These primary colors offer familiarity and versatility. Bolder brights like lime green cater to specific designs. Metallic finishes add sleek touches. And patterns provide flair and personality.

The myriad colors and styles across Bic’s lighter collections reflect diverse preferences. No matter your taste or purpose, Bic aims to ignite the perfect match. With standard palettes and unique offerings, you are sure to find the ideal lighter hue. So next time you need to light up, flick on a Bic lighter with confidence, color, and style.