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How long does banana boat summer color take to dry?


Banana Boat Summer Color Self Tanning Lotion is a popular self tanner that promises to provide a natural looking, streak-free tan. One of the most common questions people have when using any self tanner is how long it takes to dry or develop. Knowing the drying time allows you to plan when to apply it to avoid potential issues like transfer to clothes or sheets. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how long it takes Banana Boat Summer Color to dry, tips for optimal application, and what ingredients help accelerate the drying process.

How Long Does Banana Boat Summer Color Take to Dry?

Most users report that Banana Boat Summer Color takes between 60-90 minutes to completely dry or set on the skin. Here is a rough timeline:

  • 30 minutes – Product will begin to dry and start developing color
  • 60 minutes – Color has darkened and product feels mostly dried
  • 90 minutes – Fully set and dried, safe to dress, sit on furniture, etc.

However, drying time can vary based on several factors:

Amount Applied

Using more self tanner means it will take longer to fully set. Apply a thin, even layer following product directions to optimize drying time.

Skin Type

The natural moisture levels in your skin can impact how quickly self tanner absorbs. Drier skin types may find the product dries more quickly compared to naturally oily skin.


Higher humidity or colder temperatures could potentially slow down the drying process. Applying self tanner in an air conditioned room may help it dry faster compared to hot, humid conditions.


Areas on the body with less airflow (between toes, behind knees, etc.) will take longer to dry down fully. Focus on well-ventilated areas first during application.

Activity Level

Sweating or physical activity after application can disrupt the drying process. Try to stay relatively inactive during the first 60-90 minutes.

Tips for Optimal Drying Time

Here are some tips to help the Banana Boat Summer Color self tanner dry in the minimum stated time:

  • Exfoliate skin before applying – removes dead skin cells for better absorption
  • Use a tanning mitt for even application – prevents uneven buildup
  • Shake bottle before use to mix the formula
  • Apply a thin layer and blend thoroughly
  • Allow skin to dry fully before dressing – prevents transfer
  • Stay dry and inactive for 60-90 min after applying
  • Hydrate skin after application to lock in moisture
  • Use a daily moisturizer to extend results

Following the product instructions carefully and allowing adequate drying time is key for optimal self tanning results with this product.

Key Ingredients That Help Speed Up Drying

Banana Boat Summer Color contains several key ingredients that enable the formula to dry down quickly on the skin:

DHA (Dihydroxyacetone)

The active tanning ingredient DHA reacts with amino acids on the skin’s surface to produce color. Optimal amounts of DHA in this formula help it set and dry faster.


Similar to DHA, this organic keto-sugar interacts with proteins in the skin to speed up color development. It also provides a more natural-looking tan compared to DHA alone.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera provides hydration but also contains glycoproteins and polysaccharides that help self tanner absorb quickly into the skin.


The added summer fruit fragrance gives the self tanner a lighter feel and masks any chemical odor during the drying process.


This silicone-based polymer coats the skin and accelerates water loss to help the product dry down faster after application.

Tocopheryl Acetate

A form of vitamin E, this antioxidant ingredient stabilizes the self tanning formula while moisturizing the skin.

Does Banana Boat Offer Other Quick-Drying Formulas?

Yes, Banana Boat also has a few other self tanners designed to dry faster than the average formula:

Banana Boat Fast Tan Bronzing Spray

This lightweight spray dries in just 60 seconds. The 360° spray nozzle makes it easy to get full coverage.

Banana Boat Summer Color Daily Drying Spray Tan

A quick-dry spray that provides an instant bronzed glow and develops into a deeper tan over 24 hours.

Banana Boat Protect & Hydrate Sunless Tanning Serum

This clear tanning serum dries down in under a minute. Can be layered daily for deeper color.

So in summary, Banana Boat Summer Color takes about 60-90 minutes to fully set and dry on the skin. Following the product directions and allowing enough drying time will help ensure your self tan comes out perfectly streak-free. And for an even faster drying experience, try one of Banana Boat’s quick-dry self tanning sprays or serums.


Knowing how long Banana Boat Summer Color self tanner takes to dry enables you to plan your application and activities accordingly. Most users find it takes between 60-90 minutes to fully set, although factors like skin type and climate can impact drying time. Allowing the product to dry completely before sweating, showering or dressing is key to achieving an optimal, streak-free tan. Following the tips provided can help ensure the self tanner dries in the shortest time frame.