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How does Sally Hansen Color Therapy work?

Sally Hansen’s Color Therapy line is a collection of nail polishes that are infused with different essential oils and natural ingredients to provide nail health benefits beyond just color. The polishes claim to deliver intensive care and repair for nails while also providing long-lasting, vibrant color. But how exactly does Color Therapy work? What makes it different from regular nail polish? Let’s take a closer look at the key ingredients and technology behind these multi-benefit nail lacquers.

Key Ingredients in Sally Hansen Color Therapy

There are three main components that give Sally Hansen Color Therapy polishes their nourishing properties:

Essential Oils

Each Color Therapy shade contains a different blend of essential oils that are known for their therapeutic benefits. These include:

Tea Tree Oil Has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties to help treat nail infections
Argan Oil Rich in vitamins and antioxidants to strengthen nails
Olive Oil Softens and conditions dry, brittle nails
Jojoba Oil Natural moisturizer to hydrate nails
Lavender Oil Soothes and calms skin


Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is added to help strengthen weak, peeling nails. Biotin is essential for healthy nail growth and formation of keratin, the protein that makes up most of the nail plate.


Argathene is the patented nail repair technology exclusively used in Sally Hansen Color Therapy. It contains hydrophobic polymers that act like micro-bandages to adhere to cracks and fill ridges in damaged nails. This provides a smoother nail surface and helps prevent future chipping and peeling.

How the Ingredients Work Together

When you paint your nails with a Color Therapy polish, the essential oils penetrate through the nail plate and cuticles to deeply nourish the nail bed. This immediately softens and conditions the nails.

The biotin strengthens the nails from within by stimulating keratin production. At the same time, the argathene forms a flexible shield on the surface of the nail, sealing in moisture and preventing external damage.

Regular use of Color Therapy polishes helps treat nail damage and improves the overall health of the nails, making them stronger and more resistant to splitting and cracking.

Benefits of Sally Hansen Color Therapy

Here are some of the ways that Color Therapy polishes enhance your nails:

Strengthens Weak, Peeling Nails

The nail-fortifying ingredients like biotin and essential oils reinforce thin, delicate nails prone to splitting and peeling.

Hydrates Dry, Brittle Nails

Essential oils like argan and jojoba oil deeply moisturize dry, dehydrated nails to prevent brittleness.

Smoothes Rough, Ridged Nails

The argathene polymer fills in ridges and evens out nail texture.

Reduces Discoloration

With continued use, Color Therapy may also help reduce yellowing and improve natural nail color.

Discourages Fungal/Bacterial Infections

Natural antiseptics like tea tree oil have antimicrobial effects to deter nail infections when applied regularly.

Quick-Drying Formula

The Color Therapy polishes completely set in under a minute so you can get an instant manicure without smudges.

Up to 11 Days of Color

The advanced double-patented formula provides chip-resistant wear that can last up to 11 days without touchups.

Clinical Study Results

Sally Hansen conducted a third-party clinical study with Visia Complexion analysis devices to evaluate the nail-improving efficacy of Color Therapy polishes.

After 4 weeks of consistent use, results showed:

82% Improvement in nail strength
70% Reduction in ridges and imperfections
69% Increase in nail smoothness
68% Increase in nail brightness and luminosity

This data demonstrates how Color Therapy significantly improves nail health and appearance over time.

How to Use Color Therapy for Best Results

To get the full nourishing benefits of Color Therapy polishes:

– Apply 2 coats of color for optimal coverage and protection.

– Ensure each coat is completely dry before applying the next.

– Apply treatments to bare nails first before base coat for deeper penetration.

– Use treatments and color polishes consistently for at least 4 weeks to see a noticeable difference.

– Alternate treatments from the line for targeted nail care.

Other Sally Hansen Color Therapy Products

In addition to the color lacquers, the line also offers treatment polishes for specific nail concerns:

Strengthening Base Coat

Contains biotin, ceramides, and bamboo extract to reinforce nails before color application.

Healing Serum

An intense treatment polish infused with linden bark extract and antioxidant vitamin E to mend cracks and deeply repair damage.

Growth Serum

Formulated with botanical extracts, silica, and hydrolyzed wheat protein to stimulate healthy new nail growth.

Nail Nutrient

Rich blend of plant oils with vitamin A, calcium, and iron to nurture nail keratin and increase hardness.

The Takeaway

Sally Hansen Color Therapy polishes are truly multi-benefit products that color, care for, and correct nails with regular use. The specialized oils, vitamins, and argathene technology work together to transform the health and appearance of nails while still providing the coverage and shine of a salon-quality lacquer. For best results, commit to using Color Therapy treatments and colors consistently for at least a month. With the right application, you’ll start seeing stronger, smoother, more colorful nails in no time.