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How does orange and blue look together?

Orange and blue are considered complementary colors on the color wheel, which means they are directly opposite each other. When placed side-by-side, these vibrant shades create a strong visual contrast that draws the eye. While very different, orange and blue can work beautifully together in countless design situations if balanced properly. Let’s take a closer look at this dynamic color duo.

The Meaning Behind Orange and Blue

Before exploring how to use orange and blue together, it helps to understand what these colors represent. Orange is often associated with warmth, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and adventure. It’s bold, playful, and embodies the spirit of excitement. Blue, on the other hand, represents calm, stability, intelligence, professionalism, and trust. It has a cool, tranquil essence. When combined, orange and blue produce a vibrant, lively aesthetic with a trustworthy foundation.

Complementary Color Theory

In color theory, orange and blue are considered complementary colors, meaning they are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. This opposing positioning creates strong visual contrast when the two shades are paired. Complementary colors like orange and blue make each other stand out and pop.

However, too much contrast between complements can be jarring. The key is to strike the right balance by using one color as the dominant shade and the other as the accent. This creates a dynamic but harmonious look.

Ways to Combine Orange and Blue

There are several effective ways to combine the visual power of orange and blue.

Orange Main Color, Blue Accent

Since orange is the warmer, brighter color, it often works best as the dominant shade, with blue used to accent. For example, an orange background with blue buttons or icons creates a bold, energetic vibe with professional trustworthiness. An orange product photo with blue text is eye-catching yet polished.

Blue Main Color, Orange Accent

Alternatively, blue can take the lead as the primary color when you want a cooler, more relaxed aesthetic. In this case, orange accents add energetic pops of color. For instance, a blue website layout with orange call-to-action buttons combines professionalism with a sense of friendly enthusiasm.

Equal Combination

If you want to leverage the full contrast of orange and blue, combining them in close to equal proportions can create a bold, vibrant look. This approach draws maximum visual attention. However, take care not to go overboard into garish territory. Keep plenty of white space between the two colors.

Analogous Supporting Colors

Adding supporting colors into an orange and blue color scheme creates a richer aesthetic. Good color choices include analogous shades next to orange and blue on the color wheel. For orange, this could be yellows, yellow-oranges, and reds. For blue, options include greens, teals, purples, and violets.

Neutral Supporting Colors

Black, white, grays, and browns are safe neutral shades that offer contrast and balance when combined with orange and blue. They prevent the brighter colors from becoming overwhelming. Neutrals like tan, beige, and cream also complement both orange and blue well.

Examples of Orange and Blue Color Combinations

Here are some examples of how orange and blue can work together in different design contexts:

Design Context Color Combination
Website Design Blue header and footer with orange buttons
Print Advertisement Orange product photo on blue background
Packaging Mainly blue packaging with orange accents
Mobile App Blue app interface with orange icons
Flyer Equal blue and orange sections
Brochure Blue text on orange paper

Interior Design with Orange and Blue

The combination of orange and blue translates beautifully in interior design as well. The bold, lively aesthetic works well in casual, contemporary rooms. Here are some tips for effectively using orange and blue together in home decor and design:

  • Paint one wall orange and use blue as an accent wall or on trim/moldings
  • Upholster furniture in orange and use blue pillows
  • Choose an orange area rug and blue drapes
  • Select blue furnishings and orange decor accents like vases and trays
  • Blend the colors throughout the space for a vibrant, energetic look
  • Add orange and blue art, pillows, and accessories
  • Anchor the combo with neutral walls, furniture, and decor

A dash of orange paired with cool, tranquil blue creates a welcoming interior environment.

Fashion and Orange + Blue

The color pairing also translates wonderfully in fashion. Orange and blue combinations add bold personality to any outfit. Here are some tips for rocking orange and blue fashion:

  • Pair an orange top with blue jeans or trousers
  • Wear an orange dress and blue jacket
  • Style blue chinos with an orange belt
  • Combine an orange bag with blue shoes
  • Layer an orange shirt under a blue blazer
  • Wear blue prints mixed with orange prints
  • Add orange jewelry to a blue outfit
  • Tie an orange scarf with a blue coat

Vibrant orange accents add energy to cool blue fashion pieces for a fun look.

How Lighting Affects Orange and Blue

Lighting plays an important role in how orange and blue combinations are perceived. Here’s an overview:

  • Natural Daylight – Sunlight emphasizes vibrancy of both colors
  • Warm Incandescent Light – Boosts warmth of orange, subdues blue hues
  • Cool Fluorescent Light – Enhances crispness of blue, dulls orange
  • LED Light – Brings out both colors neutrally

Test colors under different lighting conditions to make sure the scheme has the intended effect.


When combined skillfully, the vibrant energy of orange and tranquil quality of blue create a bold, visually exciting color palette. This complementary duo works beautifully together across all types of design situations, from digital interfaces to home decor to fashion when you follow basic color theory principles. Balancing the colors and adding supporting shades prevents the combination from becoming too visually jarring. With proper lighting, an orange and blue color scheme delivers a lively, trustworthy aesthetic.