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How do you wear pink and purple together?

How do you wear pink and purple together?

Wearing pink and purple together can seem tricky at first, but it’s easy once you know a few tips. Pink and purple are gorgeous colors that complement each other beautifully when styled properly. With the right shades and textures, you can create fun, feminine looks that’ll turn heads.

How to Choose the Right Shades of Pink and Purple

The first step is choosing the right shades of pink and purple that go well together. You’ll want to make sure the tones are similar in saturation and brightness. For example, pair a medium fuchsia pink with a medium lilac purple. Or try a softer blush pink with a pale lavender. Stay away from pairing super bright purples with pale pastel pinks, as this can look mismatched.

You also want to avoid pairing a warm pink with a cool toned purple. Warm pinks have yellow undertones, while cool purples have blue undertones. Mixing undertones can make your outfit look muddy and dated.

Some perfect pink and purple pairings include:

  • Dusty pink and mauve purple
  • Hot pink and royal purple
  • Blush pink and lavender
  • Fuchsia and plum
  • Cotton candy pink and lilac purple

Use Different Textures and Fabrics

When styling an outfit with pink and purple, using different textures and fabrics can help make the colors really pop. Try pairing a flowy chiffon pink blouse with sleek purple trousers. Or wear a fuzzy purple sweater with crisp pink jeans.

You can also play with patterns by mixing pink and purple prints together, like a floral pink skirt with a striped purple sweater. Just make sure the patterns aren’t too busy or competing for attention.

Different fabrics like satin, lace, velvet, linen, etc. in pink and purple can also create visual interest.

Strategically Style Pink and Purple Clothing

How you style the pink and purple clothing matters too. In general, it’s best to pick one color to be the dominant shade in an outfit, then use the other color as an accent. For example, wearing a purple dress and adding a pink jacket or accessories.

You can also strategically mix different pink and purple garments. Try pairing a purple top with pink pants or skirt. Or wear a pink blazer over a purple dress. This helps the colors look cohesive.

Another idea is choosing one bold pink or purple statement piece, like a dress or jumper, then styling with smaller pieces in the other shade like a handbag or shoes.

Add Neutrals

Don’t be afraid to add neutrals into a pink and purple outfit. In fact, this can be key for balancing out the bright hues. Try a crisp white blouse with purple trousers and pink heels. Or wear a neutral tan trench coat over a dress with pink and purple accents.

Black is another neutral that pairs beautifully with pink and purple. Wearing a black pencil skirt or trousers enables you to style vibrant pink and purple tops without looking over the top.

Nude shoes are a great way to elongate the legs while letting the pink and purple clothing shine.

Accessories Tie the Look Together

Accessories are the perfect way to incorporate both pink and purple into an outfit. Statement jewelry, bags, hats, scarves and shoes in these hues help tie everything together. Look for accessories that blend both colors, like a crossbody bag with pink and purple panels.

You can also wear neutral accessories like metallic shoes or a cognac handbag to break up all the pink and purple.

Makeup Matters

Your makeup is another way to perfectly pull off pink and purple. Use a pink lipstick with purple eyeshadow or vice versa. You can also sweep a soft pink blush across the cheeks to match a pink ensemble.

Try using one bright makeup color, like purple eyeliner, with muted pink and purple clothing. Or do bold purple shadow with a soft pink pout.

Blending the two colors in your makeup look also creates a pretty effect. Dust light purple shadow across the lids, then blend into fuchsia pink at the creases. Finish with purple mascara.

Example Outfit Combinations

Here are some chic outfit examples that bring pink and purple together seamlessly:

Casual Daytime Look

  • Pale lavender sweater
  • Blush pink jeans
  • Tan crossbody bag
  • White sneakers

Office Look

  • Purple dress shirt
  • Pink trousers
  • Black blazer
  • Nude pumps
  • Silver jewelry

Formal Event

  • Fuchsia pink evening gown
  • Sparkling amethyst jewelry
  • Silver heels
  • Purple clutch

Casual Dinner Date

  • Plum sweater
  • Tan trousers
  • Pink statement necklace
  • Nude booties

Concerns When Wearing Pink and Purple

While pink and purple are stunning together, there are a few pitfalls to avoid:

Looking Like a Little Girl

Since pink and purple are associated with femininity, wearing them together can sometimes come across as juvenile. Avoid anything too cutesy, ruffled or covered in bows.

Instead, aim for chic, polished pieces in fun pink and purple shades. Throwing in some black or other neutrals can also offset the girlish vibe.

Seeming Dated

The 80’s were notorious for garish color pairings like electric pink and purple. While the hues are back in style now, you still want to aim for modern color combinations.

Use muted, dusty and nude tones of pink and purple for a contemporary vibe. Metallic purples and blush pinks also look fresh and new.

Pink and Purple Clashing

As mentioned before, picking the wrong shades of pink and purple can make them look mismatched. Appearing too “loud” or unsophisticated.

Stick to complementing tones and vary textures and fabrics. Add some neutrals to give the eyes a break and tie the look together.


Pairing pink and purple may seem tricky, but when done right it creates a fun, lively look. Choose similar shades of pink and purple so they complement rather than clash. Vary textures and mix in neutrals like white, tan or black to perfectly balance the colors.

Use one color more dominantly in an outfit, then add pops of the other shade with accessories, shoes or makeup. This way pink and purple enhance, rather than overwhelm, your style.

What are your favorite ways to wear pink and purple? Let us know in the comments below!