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How do you wear peekaboo hair?

What is peekaboo hair?

Peekaboo hair is a hairstyle where sections of hair are strategically placed to create a peekaboo effect. The hair is sectioned and colored or styled in a way that allows the hidden hair underneath to peek through. This creates a fun, playful look with unexpected pops of color or texture. The peekaboo sections can vary in size and placement, allowing for a lot of creativity and customization. Some common ways to achieve a peekaboo hair look include:

  • Coloring the hair underneath a different color than the top layer
  • Braiding sections to reveal hair underneath
  • Leaving face-framing pieces out of an updo
  • Creating inverted braids or dutch braids to show the interior hair
  • Using clips or accessories to section off areas of hair

The peekaboo sections create dimension, movement, and visual interest in the hairstyle. When done well, peekaboo hair can look very stylish, modern and eye-catching.

What hair types and lengths work best?

Peekaboo hair can work on most hair types and lengths, but here are some tips for which hair may showcase it best:

  • Curly or wavy hair: The texture helps the peekaboo sections stand out more. The curls give great definition between the inner and outer layers.
  • Medium to long hair: Peekaboo sections are more prominent and noticeable in longer hair. Short hair may not have enough length to achieve the layered effect.
  • Thick hair: There is more hair to work within creating dramatic peekaboo effects. Thin hair may look too flat and not full.
  • Straight hair: The contrast of smooth straight hair next to peekaboo curls or waves is very striking.
  • Bleachable hair: Coloring the inner layers a dramatically different shade than the outers layers looks amazing.

So in summary, medium to long curly or wavy hair may be ideal, but peekaboo style can be customized to work on most hair types with some adjustments. The key is having enough hair length and volume to create definition between the peeking and main layers.

How to prep your hair

Proper prep is key to achieve a flawless peekaboo hairstyle. Here are some tips:

  • Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Hair should be detangled and free of knots or tangles.
  • Apply desired products like leave-in conditioner, heat protectant or volumizing mousse.
  • Separate hair into the sections you want to be peekaboo pieces. Use clips to keep them apart.
  • The peekaboo sections can then be colored if desired. Use foil to prevent bleed onto other sections.
  • Blow dry hair smooth using a round brush. Straighten as needed depending on desired finish.
  • Curl or wave the peekaboo sections as desired. Backcomb or tease for extra volume.

Proper sectioning is vital to keep the peekaboo pieces separated and defined. Take your time with prep to ensure hair looks gorgeous from every angle.

How to create peekaboo braids

Braids are a beautiful way to achieve a peekaboo effect. Here’s how to do peekaboo braids:

  1. Separate the section of hair you want for the peekaboo braid. Clip up the rest of the hair.
  2. Start braiding the section close to the root, keeping it tight to the head.
  3. Continue braiding down the length of hair, leaving the ends out for a fishtail effect.
  4. Secure the braid with a small elastic when you reach the end.
  5. Carefully pancake the braid by gently pulling on the sides to create width.
  6. Release the rest of the hair and style as desired, allowing the braid to peek through the top layer.
  7. You can also incorporate two braids, one on each side of the head as peekaboo accents.

For an extra peekaboo effect, consider braiding with hair extensions or kanekalon hair in a different color than your natural hair. The contrast will make the braids stand out beautifully.

How to do peekaboo highlights

Peekaboo highlights involve coloring the mid-length to ends a lighter shade than the roots. Here are application tips:

  • Use foils to separate the strands you want highlighted
  • Apply lightener quickly to the ends first, then work upwards closer to roots
  • Process until hair lifts to desired level, checking foils periodically
  • Rinse thoroughly, then tone to desired shade like platinum or beige blonde
  • Avoid applying lightener on the roots to keep regrowth hidden
  • The darker roots will peek through when hair is pulled up into ponytails or updos

For even more contrast, add babylights around the face to make the cheekbone area a lighter blonde than the ends. This amps up the peekaboo effect. Maintain the look with toner and purple shampoo to keep highlights bright and icy.

How to do peekaboo curls

For peekaboo curls:

  1. Separate the top section and clip up the underneath layers
  2. Take 1 inch sections of the top layer and wrap around a curling iron
  3. Only curl the mids to ends, leaving the roots smooth
  4. Alternate curl direction to create volume and bend
  5. Leave curls intact as hair cools
  6. Gently comb through very ends with fingers to separate curls
  7. Spray with firm hold hairspray
  8. Release under layers and style with volume at roots

The contrast of curly ends and smooth roots is very eye-catching. For extra hold, pin curl the curls while cooling then gently brush out when taking pins out. You can also use a clamp-free curling wand to minimize lines. Finger curling each section gives the most natural peekaboo curl effect.

How to maintain peekaboo hair

  • Use dry shampoo at roots between washes to absorb oil and prolong style
  • Refresh curls with a curling iron or curling wands as needed
  • Use purple shampoo weekly to counteract blonde highlight brassiness
  • Trim ends regularly to remove splits on lightened sections
  • Use a deep conditioning hair mask to keep lengths hydrated
  • Protect hair at night with a silk bonnet or scarf
  • Avoid heat styling every day to limit damage over time

The peekaboo sections require a bit more maintenance since they see more heat styling. Take care not to overwork the hair and rely on dry shampoo and conditioning masks to keep the hairstyle fresh. Get trims every 6-8 weeks to prevent damage on lightened ends. With some TLC, the peekaboo effect can last 4-6 weeks.

Best haircare products for peekaboo hair

Here are some recommended products for maintaining peekaboo hair:


Purple shampoo Removes brassiness from blonde
Moisturizing shampoo Infuses moisture into hair
Volumizing shampoo Adds lift at the roots


Deep conditioner Weekly treatment for damaged hair
Leave-in conditioner Detangles and hydrates
Split end treatment Reduces appearance of split ends

Styling Products

Sea salt spray Enhances waves and curls
Texturizing spray Adds grit and hold to strands
Dry shampoo Absorbs oil at roots between washes
Hairspray Provides hold to style

Focus on hydration and damage repair to keep peekaboo hair healthy. Prep hair with treatments and products before heat styling. The right formulas will help maintain the style and prevent excessive dryness or breakage.

How to transition peekaboo hair out

When it’s time for a new look, here are tips to transition peekaboo hair:

  • Gradually trim lengths over time to blend highlighted pieces
  • Use temporary root concealer spray to blend in grown out roots
  • Try braiding, updos and messy styles to hide roots and grow out
  • Cut hair shorter into a blunt look as highlights grow out
  • Use Olaplex or bonding treatments to strengthen hair before color removal
  • Consult a colorist to help remove color safely if needed

The grow out period can take some strategic styling to keep hair looking its best. Avoid using permanent box dye as filling in the highlights with darker color could actually damage hair more. Be patient and focus on overall hair health. In a few months, the peekaboo look can transition out seamlessly.


Peekaboo hair offers a fun, modern look that shows off color, texture and creative styling in an unexpected way. The contrast between the hidden interior layers and exposed lengths looks striking and unique. When done properly, peekaboo hair makes a bold fashion statement and shows off advanced coloring and styling skills. With proper maintenance and smart transitional styling, you can rock peekaboo hair for seasons to come!