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How do you use the Crayola Dome?

How do you use the Crayola Dome?

The Crayola Dome is a creative playset for kids that allows them to draw and color in a new immersive way. The dome shape allows kids to be fully surrounded by their artwork for a more engaging experience. Using the Crayola Dome helps develop creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills in children. This comprehensive guide will walk through everything you need to know about how to use the Crayola Dome for the best artistic experience.

Assemble the Dome

The first step is assembling the physical dome structure. The Crayola Dome comes with plastic poles that snap together to form the dome shape. Lay the poles out on the floor and carefully snap them together at the joints. Make sure each joint is securely clicked into place so the dome holds its shape. Once all the pole joints are connected, you’ll have a large dome frame assembled and ready for drawing.

For reference, the assembled Crayola Dome has the following specifications:

Height 4 feet
Width 5 feet
Weight 15 pounds

The plastic poles are lightweight but sturdy enough for kids to draw on once the paper is attached. The dome shape gives a nice canvas for creating artwork.

Add the Paper

Next, take the long roll of paper that comes with the Crayola Dome and start attaching it to the outside of the dome. There are tabs on the edges of the paper that allow you to securely adhere the paper around the dome poles. Go slowly and smoothly around the circumference of the dome, attaching the paper tabs as you go.

Make sure the paper lays flat and there are no bumps or wrinkles. Smooth out any creases as you affix the paper to create a neat drawing surface. Attach the paper around both the bottom and top halves of the dome to fully cover the whole structure. The paper has a white background which creates a bright canvas for coloring.

Once the paper is fully secured around the outside of the Crayola Dome, you’ll have a 360 degree drawing surface ready for creativity!

Draw and Color

Now it’s time for the fun part – drawing and coloring on the dome! Gather your coloring supplies – Crayola recommends using their washable markers and paints. Anything that will show up well on the paper and be easy to wipe off afterward.

Sit or stand around the outside of the dome so you can reach the whole paper surface. Then let your imagination run wild! Draw landscapes, underwater scenes, favorite characters, abstract designs – anything you can dream up. The unique dome shape gives a feeling of being immersed in your artwork.

Younger kids may want to start with simple doodles and shapes. Older kids can create elaborate scenes and color them in vivid detail. Try drawing one cohesive picture that covers the whole dome, or make separate smaller drawings all over. Every section of the paper is a new opportunity for creativity!

Make sure to color neatly so the dome artwork looks its best. Take your time and have fun watching your drawings come to life on the curved paper surface. The dome allows you to get up close from any angle to add color and textures.

Display and Share

When the masterpiece is complete, stand back and enjoy the fully colored Crayola Dome! The drawings will pop against the white background in an immersive 360 degree view.

Turn the dome to see it from all angles and get up close to appreciate details. Place it in an open area so others can walk around and get the full experience. The dome makes artwork feel more alive and engaging.

Invite family and friends to see the colorful creations. The dome is perfect for displaying art at kids’ parties, classrooms, bedrooms, playrooms – anywhere imagination should be encouraged. Rotate periodically to keep things fresh and draw new pictures.

The dome artwork can also be preserved by taking photographs from all sides. Capture the drawings at different angles and distances. This allows the artwork to be saved forever even after wiping the dome paper clean.

Remove Drawings

After the drawings have been displayed and enjoyed, they can easily be removed from the Crayola Dome. Since washable markers and paints are recommended, clean up is simple.

Use a damp paper towel or soft cloth to gently wipe the paper surface of the dome. All the colors will begin to lift off with little rubbing. Take care not to rip the paper. Wipe in smooth circular motions until the white background is fully restored.

If any stubborn spots remain, use a mild soap and water solution on the paper towel to clean more thoroughly. Wipe gently and keep the paper intact. Once totally clean, the Crayola Dome is ready for the next masterpiece!

Crayola Dome Benefits for Kids

Beyond just being fun, using the Crayola Dome offers many great benefits for kids’ development and creativity:

  • Encourages open-ended imagination and storytelling
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Teaches color and design concepts
  • Builds spatial thinking skills
  • Promotes self-expression and individuality
  • Sparks curiosity and exploration
  • Strengthens fine motor muscles and dexterity

The unique dome shape creates an immersive space for freeform play and artistic experimentation. Drawing on the curves activates more areas of the brain. The large surface allows collaborating on creative projects and sharing imaginative worlds. Kids are motivated to color and draw to their highest potential.

Use Dome Safely

While using the Crayola Dome, keep in mind basic safety:

  • Younger kids should always have adult supervision
  • Do not lean or push on the dome walls – it could collapse
  • Only draw and color gently on the paper, no sharp objects
  • Watch out for tripping hazards around the perimeter
  • Display dome in an area free of traffic or congestion
  • Do not hang or climb on the dome frame

As long as kids take care of the dome properly and use good judgment, it will provide hours and hours of safe, engaging creative play. Adult guidance helps ensure proper use.

Troubleshooting Issues

If any problems arise with the Crayola Dome, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Issue Solution
Dome frame falling apart Check that all joints are snapped together securely. Reattach any loose poles.
Paper won’t stay attached Make sure all the tabs are affixed tightly to the poles as you go around. Smooth out creases.
Ink won’t wipe off Use a bit of mild soap and water for any stubborn spots. Gently keep rubbing.
Paper gets ripped Avoid tugging too hard. Trace fingers around tear gently to limit any spreading.

With proper assembly and care, the Crayola Dome should provide an excellent artistic experience for kids to enjoy!


The Crayola Dome unleashes kids’ creativity in an exciting new format. Following the instructions to assemble, decorate, display, and care for the dome makes for maximized artistic playtime. Kids will love becoming fully immersed in coloring and drawing on the unique 360 degree paper surface. Let imagination run wild on the Crayola Dome!