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How do you tone your hair with ion color brilliance?

What is Toning Hair?

Toning hair is the process of removing unwanted brassy or warm undertones from hair that has been lightened or highlighted. It helps to neutralize and enhance the hair color. Toning works by depositing a thin glaze of color that counteracts the unwanted tones. For example, using a violet-based toner on yellow tones will cancel out the yellow and make the hair look more ashy and neutral.

When to Tone Hair

Here are some common reasons to tone hair:

  • After lightening or highlighting – Lightening hair removes warmth and creates brassiness that needs to be toned down.
  • To reduce brassiness – Brassy orange/red tones can occur naturally, especially for blondes. Toning helps neutralize this.
  • To correct color – If the hair color turns out too warm or cool, toning can help correct it.
  • To refresh color – Toning helps eliminate fading and brassiness between color appointments.
  • To go darker gradually – Toning with a darker shade is gentler than redyeing when going darker.
  • For more shine and vibrancy – Toning deposits color to make the hair reflect more light.

Benefits of Ion Color Brilliance Toners

Ion Color Brilliance offers a wide range of toners in different shades. Here are some key benefits of using Ion Color Brilliance toners:

  • Long-lasting results – Ion toners contain pigments that penetrate the hair for longer-lasting color.
  • Use on any base shade – Can be used on natural, colored, lightened or highlighted hair.
  • Ammonia-free – Does not contain harsh ammonia so safer for hair.
  • Mixable shades – Multiple toners can be mixed to create custom shades.
  • Versatile finishes – Available in permanent liquid creme and demi-permanent liquid gel formulas.
  • Easy to apply – Goes on evenly and smoothly onto towel dried hair.
  • Shine enhancing – Improves shine and reflects more light.
  • Non-drip formula – Thicker consistency makes application neat and minimizes drips.

How Hair Level Affects Toning Results

The underlying lightness level of your hair will affect the toning results. Here is how:

Hair Level Toning Result
Level 1-3 (Darkest brown to light brown) Minimal effect – hair is too dark for toner to deposit enough pigment to neutralize brassiness.
Level 4-5 (Medium blonde) Subtle brightening effect – will cancel minimal brassiness and won’t lighten further.
Level 6-7 (Lighter blonde) Noticeable removal of brassiness for cooler, neutralized blondes.
Level 8-10 (Very light blonde) Significant cancellation of yellow/orange brassiness for icy cool toned results.

Choosing the Right Ion Color Brilliance Toner

Picking the correct toner shade is important for neutralizing unwanted tones properly.

If hair has yellow/gold tones, use a:

  • Violet toner to neutralize yellow and create cooler ash tones
  • Blue toner to remove brassiness and brighten

If hair has orange tones, use a:

  • Blue-violet toner to target the orangey area specifically
  • Blue toner to counteract warmth

If hair is too ashy/icy, use:

  • Silver toner to enhance icy tones
  • Beige toner to warm up overly cool hair

Always strand test the toner first to check the results before applying all over.

How to Apply Ion Color Brilliance Toner

Follow these steps to apply Ion Color Brilliance toner evenly for best results:

  1. Shampoo and towel dry the hair – Toner adheres better to clean hair.
  2. Put on gloves – The toner can stain the skin if it gets on hands.
  3. Prepare the toner – Shake well before use. Mix shades if needed.
  4. Section the hair – Work in sections for easy application.
  5. Apply toner evenly – Saturate all the hair strands thoroughly from roots to ends.
  6. Process – Leave on for 5-15 minutes depending on desired intensity.
  7. Rinse thoroughly – Rinse until water runs clear to prevent staining.
  8. Condition – Use a good quality conditioner after rinsing.
  9. Style as usual – Can air dry, blow-dry or style hair after toning.

Apply any remaining toner mixture to the mid-lengths and ends of hair for added toning if needed.

How Long Does Ion Toner Last?

How long the toner lasts depends on several factors:

  • Hair porosity – More porous hair will absorb more toner leading to longer lasting results.
  • Frequency of washing – Frequent washing will cause the toner to fade faster.
  • Exposure to sun – Sunlight can cause the toner to fade quicker.
  • Use of heat styling – Excessive hot tools lead to faster fading of toner.
  • Percentage of grey hair – Toner washes out faster on grey or white hair.
  • Quality of aftercare – Proper use of sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner makes toner last longer.

Generally, the toner should last 4-6 weeks with proper hair care and minimal washing. Touch up the roots as they grow out. Use a toning hair mask weekly to prevent brassiness and refresh the color.

Best Ion Demi-Permanent Toners

Here are some of the best and most popular Ion Color Brilliance demi-permanent toners:

Toner Best For
Ion Color Brilliance Brights Silver Toner Ultra cool, icy blonde and platinum tones on pale hair.
Ion Color Brilliance Titanium Toner Removing yellow tones for a medium ash blonde.
Ion Color Brilliance Quartz Toner Eliminating brassiness for a dark ash blonde.
Ion Color Brilliance Sapphire Toner Neutralizing orange and red tones in darker blonde hair.
Ion Color Brilliance Amethyst Toner Cooling warmth and fixing color mishaps on light brown hair.

Best Permanent Liquid Creme Toners

These are top rated permanent toners from the Ion Color Brilliance range:

Toner Best For
Ion Color Brilliance Pale Plum Toner Ashy, smoky results for lightened brunettes.
Ion Color Brilliance Sand Toner Warming and brightening blonde hair.
Ion Color Brilliance Intense Clear Mixer Boosting the intensity of other liquid creme toners.
Ion Color Brilliance Violet Gray Mixer Mixing with permanent haircolor to add ash or coolness.
Ion Color Brilliance Cool Brown Toner Ashy dark brunette tones on natural brown hair.

Maintenance Tips Between Salon Visits

To help maintain your toner and keep brassiness at bay between salon appointments:

  • Use sulfate free shampoo and cold water when washing hair
  • Use a toning hair mask weekly
  • Use blue or purple shampoo as needed
  • Limit washing to 2-3 times per week
  • Rinse hair with cold water after washing
  • Let hair air dry instead of heat styling when possible
  • Avoid chlorinated pools and salt water
  • Apply toner root touch up spray as needed

Toner Precautions

To safely use Ion hair toner:

  • Always do a patch and strand test first
  • Carefully follow the instructions for proper mixing and timing
  • Use gloves during application
  • Do not leave the product on too long to avoid overly dark results
  • Rinse thoroughly after processing
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing

See a doctor right away if the product gets in eyes. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.

In Conclusion

Toning hair with Ion Color Brilliance is an excellent and easy way to neutralize unwanted brassy tones at home. It deposits long lasting color pigments for beautifully cool or ashy results. Just be sure to select the correct toner for your starting level and color correction needs. Follow the application steps properly and maintain it between salon visits. With the right toning technique, you can keep your color looking vibrant and fresh.