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How do you style yellow and green?

How do you style yellow and green?

Yellow and green are vibrant, cheerful colors that complement each other beautifully. When styled together, these colors can create a look that is fresh, energetic and exciting. However, combining yellow and green in the wrong way can make an outfit look dated or tacky. The key is finding the right balance and tones to pull off this color combination in a stylish, modern way.

Choosing the Right Shades

Not all shades of yellow and green work well together. Stick to yellows that are more golden, mustard or citron rather than neon bright. For greens, muted celadon, olive and sage tones tend to pair best with golden yellows. Steer clear of lime green, which can look garish next to yellow.

Here are some popular yellow and green color combinations:

Mustard yellow Hunter green
Golden yellow Moss green
Maize yellow Army green
Amber yellow Jade green
Sunflower yellow Sage green

When combining shades, make sure there is enough contrast between the yellow and green for them to stand out. If the colors are too similar in brightness, the outfit may look muddy.

Styling Yellow and Green in Casual Looks

For casual daytime outfits, yellow and green make an effortlessly chic color scheme. Try pairing a green pencil skirt with a solid yellow top for a put-together business casual aesthetic. Or rock an olive utility jacket over a vibrant yellow sundress for an easy weekend look.

Other ways to wear yellow and green casually include:

– Mustard yellow tee + army green joggers

– Golden yellow tank top + jade green shorts

– Chartreuse cardigan over sage button-down shirt

– Olive green maxi skirt with mustard yellow belt

– Sunflower yellow sundress with hunter green gladiator sandals

In warmer months, lightweight yellow and green fabrics like cotton, linen and chiffon are ideal. For colder temps, try thicker wool sweaters, corduroys or velvet in rich shades.

Dressing Up Yellow and Green

Yellow and green can also look sophisticated and elegant for evening when done right. The key is choosing more muted, deeper shades and luxe fabrics like satin and silk.

Consider the following ways to incorporate yellow and green for formal looks:

Emerald green gown Gold statement necklace
Olive green jumpsuit Citron yellow heels
Jade green cocktail dress Mustard yellow clutch
Chartreuse pleated skirt Amber yellow sequin top

An emerald green evening dress with nude heels and gold jewelry makes a mesmerizing yet refined formal outfit. Or turn heads in a satiny olive jumpsuit with strappy bright yellow stilettos.

The lighter green and yellow shades can appear more casual, so reserve those for daytime and go darker for night. Sleek silhouettes also help make yellow and green seem dressier.

Accessorizing Outfits with Yellow and Green

No outfit is complete without considered accessories to tie everything together. Clever use of yellow and green accessories pulls together an outfit nicely.

Handbags, shoes, belts and jewelry in yellow or green hues complement and accent an outfit effectively. Some ways to accessorize with these colors include:

Jade green pumps Gold bangle
Olive belt Mustard scarf
Citron tote Emerald earrings

When selecting accessories, match shades as closely as possible to the yellow and green garments. Contrasting shades can look mismatched. Consider finishing an emerald dress with jade heels and earrings for visual harmony.

You can also accessorize with neutrals like black, white or nude to provide balance. Avoid bright reds, oranges or blues, which may clash with the chosen yellow and green palette.

Mixing and Matching Yellow and Green Prints

Shared prints in yellow and green are a fun way to experiment with this color pairing. Florals, stripes, plaids and other motifs in these shades coordinate beautifully.

When mixing prints, there are a few guidelines to follow:

– Use 2-3 prints max so the look doesn’t get too busy

– Keep base pieces like bottoms or dresses solid to anchor the prints

– Opt for small-scale prints like ditsy florals to avoid clashing

– Repeat colors from one print in the other to tie them together

Some ways to mix yellow and green prints:

Solid sage skirt Mustard floral blouse
Lemon dotted dress Hunter plaid scarf
Olive striped shorts Dandelion floral tank

Choose prints in a similar color story of golden yellow, olive green and jade green for harmony. Start by pairing one print with solid pieces, then work up to mixing multiple prints as you get comfortable.

Incorporating Yellow and Green in Your Home

The bright cheer of yellow and green makes these colors perfect for bringing life into home decor. Use touches of these shades in moderation to add a lively pop.

Some tips for decorating with yellow and green:

– Paint an accent wall golden yellow and pair with green furniture or art

– Choose a jade green sofa and accent with yellow pillows and a vase filled with yellow sunflowers

– Pick a mustard rug as a vibrant foundation and layer on sage green blankets or curtains

– Opt for small doses like yellow and green accent chairs or throw pillows on a neutral couch

– Display groups of green plants and vases with yellow blooms as organic decor

In table settings, alternate yellow and green plates, napkins and glassware for fun pops of color. Paint a kitchen or bathroom sage green and accessorize with golden yellow towels, organizers and soap dispensers.

Use shades like maize yellow and celadon green to create an earthy, refreshing look. Deeper hunter greens and golds feel richer and more elegant.


Yellow and green are playful yet sophisticated colors that provide endless styling possibilities. By choosing complementary shades and textures, these bright hues can be incorporated into everyday casual wear, elegant evening ensembles and lively home decor. Keep the overall color palette cohesive by repeating shades throughout and accessorizing strategically. With the right balanced touch, yellow and green create a vibrant and joyful aesthetic.