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How do you plan a color party?

Color parties are a fun and creative way to gather friends and family for a unique celebration. The key feature is that guests dress up in outfits and accessories of a specific color or color scheme. The decor, activities, food and drinks also match the color theme.

Planning a successful color party takes some thought and preparation. Factors like choosing a color, sending invitations, preparing decorations, food and entertainment need to be considered. With attention to details and enthusiasm for the color theme, you can host a memorable bash. Use these tips to plan your perfect color party:

Select Your Color Theme

The first step in planning any color party is choosing the color or colors. Consider the following when picking your shade(s):

– Season – Some colors match certain times of year, like pastels in spring or jewel tones in winter.

– Event purpose – Red and pink for a Valentine’s Day party, green for St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

– Age group – Vibrant colors appeal more to kids, while neutrals work for adults.

– Personal preferences – Pick your own favorite color or one that suits your decor.

Popular options include all one color like blue or purple parties; metallic like gold or silver; black & white events; or color combos like pink & green. Get creative and choose a fun color that fits your celebration.

Send Colorful Invitations

Once you’ve picked your color, the invitations set the tone. Design or purchase printed invites featuring the color theme. State the chosen color and encourage guests to dress in that shade. Online invites can also include color icons, backgrounds or images. Specify if you want brights, pastels or jewel tones to refine the look. Give guests ample time to shop for outfits and accessories.

Including an example color palette image is helpful. Be sure invites include the event details like date, time, location, activities, food being served and any other useful info. Get guests excited for the color celebration from the start.

Decorate in the Chosen Color

An effective color party immerses guests in shades of the selected color from start to finish. Use decorations in that color, both purchased party supplies or DIY options. Tablecloths, napkins, plates, cups, banners and balloons are great ways to decorate. For more creative flair:

– Drape string lights or streamers from the ceiling in coordinating colors

– Use colored glassware like blue cups or pink drink dispensers

– Display vases with flowers of the chosen shade

– Cover tables with solid colored plastic tablecloths

– Use themed scene setters (like under the sea blue or lavender fields) as backdrop wall decor

Make a vibrant table display by stacking books covered in colored paper. The goal is to transform the party space into an explosion of your signature shade.

Prepare Color Coordinated Food and Drinks

You can also extend the color theme to the edible offerings. Some ideas for coordinating food and beverages include:

Color Theme Food and Drink Ideas
Red Cherry soda, strawberries, red velvet cake, tomato soup shots, fruit punch
Orange Cheddar cheese cubes, carrot sticks, orange juice, mango salsa, cantaloupe balls
Yellow Lemonade, banana bread, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, pineapple
Green Green salad, pesto bruschetta, guacamole, mint chocolate chip shakes, lime drinks
Blue Blueberry pie, blue raspberry lemonade, berry yogurt parfaits, blue corn chips, blue Jell-O shots
Purple Grape soda, blackberry treats, lilac ice cream floats, blueberry waffles, lavender lemonade

Get creative with dyed foods like blue mashed potatoes or green pasta. Serve snacks, appetizers and drinks in disposable serviceware matching the color scheme. Coordinated bites and beverages make the theme come to life.

Plan Colorful Games and Activities

In addition to decor and cuisine, game and activities can also match the color party motif. Some ideas include:

– Pin the tail on the donkey, using a paper donkey in the party’s color.

– Musical chairs with chairs adorned with colored ribbons.

– Scavenger hunt for hidden objects matching the theme color.

– Face painting a small design in coordinating colors.

– Photo booth with themed props like silly glasses, hats or masks.

– Bean bag toss game painted the party color.

– Coloring or painting station with pages or canvases in the shade of the day.

– Temporary tattoo station with options in the color family.

– Dance party with uplighting to illuminate the space.

Prizes or favors can also be purchased to match the color, like bubbles, playdough, stickers or glow sticks. Get everyone involved in enjoying the same shade.

Create a Hashtag

A branded hashtag makes it easy for guests to share photos from your color party. Simply choose a unique phrase that incorporates your party color and create a hashtag like #LavenderFieldsOfFun or #PinkpolkadotParty. Add it to your invites, decor and displays at the event. Supply party snap pictures props so guests can pose and share event moments tagged with your custom hashtag.

Send Thank Yous

Don’t forget to show appreciation to your color party guests after the event. Send thank you notes reiterating how much you enjoyed the colorful celebration. Choose stationery or digital notes featuring the signature party hue. Add a photo booth snapshot or small themed favor like a bottle of colored bubbles. Thank attendees for helping make your color bash so bright and fun.


Planning a creative color party takes some effort but yields a fun and memorable event. Select a fun color theme and decorate accordingly right down to the food, drinks and activities. Send colorfully coordinated invitations and use a custom hashtag for easy photo sharing. Show gratitude to your guests with a thank you featuring the signature shade. With attention to all the details in the chosen color, you can throw a distinctive celebration full of bright, vibrant fun.