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How do you pair a green dress?


Green is a versatile color that can be styled in many different ways depending on the shade and style of the dress. When pairing a green dress, it’s important to consider the color tone, texture, and formality of the dress to create a cohesive and fashionable look. Here are some quick tips for pairing different types of green dresses:

  • Bright green dresses look great with neutral colors like tan, black, white, or silver.
  • Olive green dresses pair nicely with other earth tones like brown, tan, taupe, etc.
  • Dark forest green dresses can be paired with black, brown, navy, or metallics.
  • Lighter mint or sage green dresses complement pinks, purples, corals, and other bright colors.
  • For a casual look, pair a green dress with jean or leather jackets, casual shoes like flats or sneakers.
  • Dress up a green dress with metallic shoes, jewelry and accessories for evening.

The key is choosing colors, textures and accessories that complete the look without competing with the green dress. Read on for more detailed tips on pairing green dresses for different occasions and dress codes.

Casual Daytime Green Dresses

Casual green dresses are perfect for daytime activities like running errands, coffee dates, and walks in the park. Here are some tips for creating a casual daytime look with a green dress:

  • Bright green sundresses look great with a jean or leather jacket and flat sandals or sneakers.
  • Pair an olive green shirtdress with brown ankle boots and a crossbody bag for a casual chic vibe.
  • A flirty skater dress in kelly green looks cute with white sneakers and a denim jacket.
  • Mint and sage green looks great with nude or pink heels and a cropped cardigan.
  • Accessorize with a straw bag and sunglasses for a relaxed, boho look.

When choosing colors to pair with a casual green dress, go for neutrals and earth tones like denim, tan, brown, white, or black. Metallic accessories like gold jewelry and handbags also pop nicely against green.

Green Dress Casual Look Examples

Green Dress Style Pairings
Bright green sundress Jean jacket, tan sandals
Olive shirtdress Brown boots, crossbody bag
Kelly green skater dress White sneakers, denim jacket
Mint shift dress Nude heels, pink cardigan

As you can see, choosing neutral colors and casual fabrics like denim help tone down the brightness of a green dress for daytime. Don’t be afraid to add pops of color with bags, shoes or jewelry.

Green Cocktail Dresses

For cocktail parties and semi-formal evening events, a green dress makes a gorgeous choice. Darker, jewel-toned green dresses pair beautifully with formal extras. Here are tips for accessorizing green cocktail dresses:

  • Deep jade green and emerald work well with metallics like gold, rose gold and silver.
  • Pair a forest or hunter green dress with nude or black heels and metallic evening bag.
  • Green halter dresses look great with black leather jackets and strappy heels.
  • Go glam with a satin sage green dress and gold dangly earrings and cuff bracelet.
  • Lovely lace details in olive green work well with black or nude accessories.

When it comes to cocktail attire, don’t be afraid to pull in bolder metallic, sparkling and leather accessories to contrast the richness of a green dress. Statement necklaces, cuff bracelets and clutch purses help take a green cocktail dress to the next level.

Green Cocktail Dress Examples

Green Dress Color Styling Suggestions
Emerald green Gold heels, diamond earrings, silver clutch
Hunter green Black pumps, metallic evening bag
Jade green Nude heels, gold bracelet, rose gold purse
Sage green Strappy sandals, gold chandelier earrings

Notice how formal metallic shoes, bags, jewelry and other accessories elevate a green cocktail dress to be appropriate for evening events. Don’t be shy with your metallic pairings!

Formal Green Evening Gowns

For black tie, galas, and weddings, a green evening gown oozes elegance. Deep emerald, forest and jade green hues are perfect for formal events. Here are tips for accessorizing green formal gowns:

  • Pair emerald green with diamond or crystal statement earrings and necklace.
  • Forest and jade gowns look striking with ruby or sapphire jewels and metallic shoes.
  • A satin sage green gown looks romantic with pearl earrings and bracelet.
  • Try pairing olive green with gold bangles, clutch and heels for a Grecian goddess vibe.
  • Velvet green dresses suit diamond chandelier earrings, fur stoles and silver shoes.

When it comes to formal gowns, don’t hold back on the dramatic jewelry and accessories. This is the perfect chance to wear family heirlooms, vintage designer pieces and stunning gems that make a statement.

Green Formal Gown Examples

Green Gown Color Formal Accessories
Emerald green Diamond teardrop earrings, silver clutch
Forest green Ruby chandelier earrings, black heels
Sage green Pearl necklace and bracelet
Olive green Gold cuff, fur stole, gold heels

When attending formal events in a green evening gown, don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops with lavish jewelry like diamonds, rubies and sapphires paired with metallic shoes and opulent accessories.

Office-Appropriate Green Dresses

Green is a great color to incorporate into your office wardrobe. Certain shades and dress styles work wonderfully for the office. Here are tips for wearing green dresses professionally:

  • Deep emerald and forest green sheath dresses look elegant paired with black or nude heels.
  • Try a sleeveless olive green shift dress with a black blazer and flats for an executive look.
  • Knee-length sage and mint dresses look professional with a cropped cardigan and tan pumps.
  • Look polished in a cap-sleeved jade dress, nude hose, and patent black leather flats.
  • Wear a pale green sundress with a structured white blazer for a professional twist.

The cut and structure of an office-friendly green dress is just as important as the color. Focus on knee-length hemlines and sheath silhouettes along with tailored blazers and traditional workwear accessories.

Green Office Dress Examples

Green Dress Type Office-Appropriate Pairings
Emerald sheath Black pumps, pearl studs
Olive shift Black blazer, tan flats
Mint a-line Nude hose, cropped cardigan
Jade fit & flare Patent black flats, green scarf

Choosing the right accessories like blazers, cardigans, hose and traditional shoes help make green dresses office-appropriate. Stay away from loud prints or overly bright shades for the most polished look.


Green is a stunning color for dresses that flatters most skin tones. With so many shades of green to choose from, it’s easy to find a perfect green dress for any occasion. The key is properly accessorizing your green dress in a way that enhances the color and creates a cohesive, stylish look. So whether you’re looking for a casual daytime outfit, elegant evening gown, or polished office dress, green is a versatile color that pairs beautifully with neutrals, earth tones, metallics and even bold jewel tones. With these tips in hand, you can confidently choose a green dress knowing how to accessorize it perfectly for any occasion.