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How do you paint easter nails?

Easter is a fun time to get creative with nail art! Painting your nails with cute Easter designs is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. From bunnies and eggs to pastels and florals, there are endless options for Easter nail designs. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to paint Easter nails along with some easy design ideas.

Supplies Needed

Before you start painting, you’ll need to gather some basic nail supplies:

  • Base coat
  • Nail polish in Easter colors like pastels, neons, glitter, white, black, yellow, etc.
  • Top coat
  • Dotting tools or a small paintbrush for details
  • Nail art tape (optional)
  • Nail art rhinestones or sequins (optional)
  • Striping brush (optional)

Prepare Your Nails

Start by preparing your nails for polish:

  1. Trim and shape your nails into your desired length and shape.
  2. File the edges smooth.
  3. Push back and trim your cuticles if needed.
  4. Apply a base coat to help the polish adhere.
  5. Let your nails dry before moving onto polish.

Simple Easter Nail Designs

These classic Easter nail ideas are easy for beginners to recreate:

Pastel Polka Dots

Paint your nails a soft pastel color like mint, lavender, or baby blue. Once dry, use a dotting tool or bobby pin to dot on contrasting pastel polka dots. Add an extra dot or two on your ring finger for emphasis.

Easter Egg Nails

Paint each nail a different Easter color. Do alternating colors on each hand or rainbow colors. Use nail art tape to section off a triangle shape at the base and paint that white like an Easter egg.

Bunny Nails

Paint your nails white or light pink. Once dry, use a small brush to paint on a black bunny face and ears on one or two nails. Outline with a dotting tool for clean lines.

Carrot Nails

Paint your nails green or do an ombre green to orange look. Paint on a carrot shape with orange polish and add green leaves and stems with striping tape.

Spring Floral

Paint nude or white nails. Use a small brush and multiple colors to paint on Easter flowers like daisies, lilies, and hydrangeas.

More Elaborate Easter Nail Designs

Step up your Easter nails game with these fun and slightly harder designs:

Colorful Eggs

Base Color Details
Yellow Paint on purple, pink, and blue squiggly lines and dots with a striping brush
Green Add pink and purple triangles and dots with a dotting tool
Lavender Use a brush to paint on yellow and pink flowers

Bunny Butt Nails

Paint your nails white first. Then use pink and black polish to paint on a cute little bunny tail and butt on one nail. Finish with a pink bow.

Speckled Eggs

Paint eggs on each nail with nail art tape. Fill in the eggs with white polish. While wet, use a toothpick to flick various colors onto the eggs for a speckled effect.

Marbled Eggs

Paint your eggs base color, then drop other colors into the wet polish and swirl with a toothpick. Let dry fully before peeling off the tape.

Glitter Dip Eggs

Paint egg shapes with nail art tape. Apply a coat of clear glue to fill it in and dip the nail into a bowl of glitter while wet. Tap off excess glitter before drying.

Easter Nail Design Tips

Follow these tips to help your Easter nails turn out flawless:

  • Use painter’s tape or washi tape to help create clean lines and egg shapes.
  • Let each layer of polish dry fully before moving onto the next step.
  • Work over a paper towel in case of spills and glitter fallout.
  • Invest in a good base coat and top coat to smooth out your polish.
  • Don’t overwhelm your nails with too many designs. Sometimes simple is best.
  • Add nail art sequins, rhinestones, or mini pearls as a fun finishing touch.
  • Finish your manicure with cuticle oil for hydrated, healthy nails and cuticles.

Cute Easter Nail Ideas

Need more inspiration for your Easter nails? Here are some of the cutest and trendiest Easter nail design ideas:

Jelly Eggs

Use sheer pastel polishes to create a jelly, translucent egg effect. Outline with white for an extra pop.

Matte Eggs and Bunnies

Paint on your eggs and bunnies as usual, then finish with a matte top coat for a soft, velvety look.

Gold Leaf Eggs

Paint white eggs, then apply gold leaf foil over the egg using glue. The foil will stick to the glue to give a gilded effect.

Dripping Egg Nails

Paint your nails a pastel yellow or lavender. Use a detail brush to paint on white nail polish drips coming down the nail.

Negative Space Bunnies

Paint your nails white or nude with a pastel pink for the negative space bunny design. Fill in the bunny with glitter polish.


Easter nail designs are such a fun way to celebrate spring and the Easter holiday! With so many cute and easy ideas, anyone can create stylish Easter nails. Just pick your favorite designs, grab some pretty pastel polishes, and get ready for the compliments to start pouring in. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different looks on each nail. The more eggs and bunnies the merrier when it comes to Easter nails! Finish off your Easter look with your perfect manicure.

Happy Easter and happy nail painting!