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How do you mix Interlux perfection?

Interlux perfection is a high-quality marine paint that requires proper mixing technique to achieve an optimal finish. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through the key steps and best practices for mixing Interlux perfection to get professional looking results.

What is Interlux Perfection?

Interlux perfection is a premium two-part polyurethane paint from Interlux Yacht Finishes designed for use on fiberglass, wood, and metal surfaces. It is extremely durable, abrasion resistant and provides maximum gloss retention when applied correctly. Here are some key features of Interlux perfection:

  • Two-component paint – Part A is the base and Part B is the activator
  • Provides a high-gloss, smooth finish
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Resistant to chemical and gasoline spills
  • Can be applied by spray, brush or roller

Interlux perfection is ideal for both professional and DIY boat owners looking to achieve a flawless, long-lasting finish. However, like all two part paints, proper mixing technique is critical.

Mixing Materials Needed

Before mixing up a batch of Interlux perfection, make sure you have the following materials ready:

  • Parts A & B – You’ll need the correct sized base and activator for the job
  • Mixing container – A clean bucket or paint tray that is rated for two part paints
  • Mixing stick – A wooden paint stick or paddle for stirring the mixture
  • Scale – For weighing out exact mixing ratios
  • Safety equipment – Respirator, gloves, goggles, etc.

Using precisely measured parts is crucial for proper curing and performance. Do not attempt to eyeball the mixing ratios.

Interlux Perfection Mixing Ratios

The Part A base must be mixed with the Part B activator in the exact mixing ratio specified on the technical data sheet. For Interlux perfection, the standard mixing ratio is:

2 parts base to 1 part activator by volume

This means if you are using 1 gallon of Part A base, you would add 1/2 gallon of Part B activator. Smaller quantities can be mixed using the same 2:1 ratio by volume.

Alternatively, the mixing ratio by weight is:

100 parts base to 50 parts activator

So if you have 500 grams of base, add 250 grams of activator. Use a digital scale for most accurate weighing.

Step-by-Step Mixing Instructions

Follow these step-by-step instructions to properly mix Interlux perfection paint:

  1. Gather your mixing container, stir stick, scale, safety gear and Parts A & B.
  2. Make sure your work area is well ventilated and free of dust.
  3. Using a scale, weigh out the correct proportions of Part A and Part B according to the specified mixing ratio (2:1 by volume or 100:50 by weight).
  4. Pour the required amount of Part A into the mixing container first.
  5. Then add the correct amount of Part B on top of the base.
  6. Mix the paint thoroughly using smooth, even strokes. Scrape the sides and bottom to ensure it is completely blended.
  7. Continue mixing for at least 5 minutes. This helps fully incorporate the components.
  8. Pour the mixture through a paint strainer to catch any unmixed material or debris.
  9. Your Interlux perfection mix is now ready to apply by brush, roller or spray gun.
  10. Always follow the specified pot life and recoat windows listed on the technical sheet.

Here are some key tips to remember:

– Do not vary from the specified mixing ratio or the paint may not cure properly
– Incomplete mixing can lead to uncured spots and uneven sheen
– Mix for the full recommended time to activate the components
– Work quickly once mixed, as pot life is limited

Using Additives

Certain additives can be incorporated into the Interlux perfection mixture to enhance performance:

  • Interlux Brushing Liquid 333 – Improves flow and leveling when applying by brush
  • Interlux 216 Special Thinner – Used to thin the mixture when spraying
  • Interlux Intergrip Non-Skid Additive – Adds texture for non-skid areas

Always follow manufacturer’s directions for additive amounts. Mix additives into Part A first before adding Part B. Over-thinning can affect film thickness and curing.

Applying the Mixed Paint

Once mixed, Interlux perfection has a usable pot life of around 8 hours at 70°F. Work in smaller batches if temperatures exceed 85°F. Here are some tips for application:

  • Brush – Use high-quality varnish bristle brush and apply using thick, even strokes
  • Roller – Use a high-quality microfiber mini roller sleeve for best finish
  • Spray – Thin up to 10% with 216 Special Thinner and apply even coats
  • Maintain a wet edge and overlap passes to avoid lap marks
  • Apply 2-3 coats for optimal film thickness and gloss

Allow sufficient drying time between coats based on humidity levels. Lightly sand between coats to ensure proper adhesion.

Cleanup & Storage

Promptly clean up spills and drips with 216 Special Thinner. Follow all safety guidelines when storing leftover paint:

  • Store components in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight
  • Keep containers tightly sealed to avoid evaporation
  • Do not mix unused Part A and B together – store separately
  • Remix before use if paint has been stored for over 48 hours

Properly stored, Interlux perfection components will last around 3 years from manufacture date.

Safety Precautions

Interlux perfection contains VOCs and toxic isocyanates that require special safety measures:

  • Always wear PPE – gloves, respirator mask, goggles
  • Work in a well-ventilated area and use fans
  • Avoid contact with skin as isocyanates can cause irritation
  • Keep away from ignition sources – VOCs are flammable
  • Dispose of all materials safely per local regulations

Carefully follow all label directions and safety warnings. Have proper ventilation equipment ready.


Mixing Interlux perfection requires careful measurement, thorough blending and strict adherence to the technical guidelines. With the right mix ratio, preparation and application technique, you can achieve a flawless, lasting finish with this high-performance marine paint. Allowing for proper cure times and following all safety advice is also critical when using this professional two-part polyurethane.

With some practice and these key tips in mind, both experienced paint technicians and DIYers can learn how to mix Interlux perfection like a pro. Careful attention to detail and strict mixing procedures will be rewarded with a beautifully glossy and durable finish that protects your boat for seasons to come.