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How do you make Christmas green color?


Christmas is traditionally associated with the colors red, green and gold. While red and gold are fairly straightforward, achieving a true Christmas green can be more nuanced. The key is finding the right shade and tone of green to evoke the natural greens of Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands. This article will explore different techniques for making Christmas decor truly green.

Use Natural Greens

One of the best ways to capture an authentic Christmas green is to use natural materials from evergreen trees, bushes and plants. Here are some ideas:

  • Christmas trees – Select a fresh cut Douglas fir or noble fir for a rich green color.
  • Pine garlands and wreaths – Adorn mantles, railings, doors and candles with fragrant greens.
  • Holly branches – The glossy leaves and red berries provide holiday accents.
  • Poinsettias – The dark green leaves complement the bright holiday blooms.
  • Mistletoe – Hang sprigs of this traditional plant for green and white color.

Incorporating these natural materials throughout your decor provides an organic and traditional Christmas green.

Choose the Right Artificial Trees and Plants

Artificial trees and greenery have come a long way in looking life-like. When selecting artificial plants, look for the following qualities:

  • Silky foliage – Trees and plants with soft PE branch tips look more natural.
  • Varied textures and full shape – Choose trees and plants that are not flat and uniform.
  • Realistic hues – Avoid neon or yellow undertones. Opt for deeper emerald greens.

Check the color under different lighting to make sure it appears natural and consistent. Expertly designed artificial greens can capture the essence of Christmas.

Use Traditional Christmas Colors and Palettes

Some signature Christmas color combinations inherently create traditional Christmas greens. Decorating with these palettes almost guarantees a lush, festive look:

Color Palette Description
Red and Green This complementary pairing is the quintessential Christmas palette. The red pops against the green.
Red, Green and Gold The addition of gold trim and accents elevates the traditional red and green.
Green and White A fresh, elegant pairing reminiscent of snow-capped pines.
Green and Silver Silvery accents like tinsel and beads shimmer against rich green hues.

Decorating with any combination of these colors is a foolproof way to achieve festive, Christmasy greens.

Use Green Christmas Lights

Green Christmas lights are a simple way to infuse decor with vibrant Christmas green. Use them to:

  • Trim trees and wreaths
  • Edge rooflines, garages and porches
  • Wind around banisters and railings
  • Outline windows and door frames
  • Drape bushes and landscaping

For the biggest impact, use 100 green light strands and select vibrant pure greens over multicolor mixes.

Paint with Green Colors

Bring green hues to walls, doors, mantles and more with specially formulated Christmas paint colors. Some top shades for achieving Christmas green include:

  • Forest Green – Deep and jewel-toned
  • Hunter Green – Balanced medium green with yellow undertones
  • Peppermint Green – Vibrant green with cool blue undertones
  • Pistachio Green- A muted, grayish subtle green
  • Juniper Green – Gray-green reminiscent of the juniper berry

Look for paints that have a gloss, satin or eggshell finish for ornamental trim and a matte finish for walls. Paint small accents or entire rooms green to enhance your holiday decor.

Incorporate Green Decor Accents

Finish off your holiday decorating with green accents and decorative flourishes:

  • Plaid ribbons and bows in green tartan and forest patterns
  • Faux green berries mixed into garlands and centerpieces
  • Green glass ornaments in shades of emerald, mint and lime
  • Jute and burlap bows and accents with natural green hues
  • Green bean bags, pillows and poinsettia floral arrangements

Use these accents throughout mantle displays, table settings, wreaths and trimmings for pops of festive green.

Create Green Christmas Crafts

Bring out your creative side with do-it-yourself crafts colored in Christmas greens:

  • Make pomander balls from evergreen clippings rolled in cloves and cranberries
  • Fashion wreaths from foraged magnolia leaves, seeded eucalyptus and cedar trimmings
  • Decorate ornaments with green beading, glitter and paint
  • Knit stockings in forest green with white pompom trim
  • Assemble centerpieces with green hydrangea, ivy vines and mossy reindeer

Infuse your personalized DIY projects with green for a handmade holiday feel. The options are endless!

Use Green Holiday Foods

Incorporate festive green foods and treats into your Christmas celebrations:

  • Tree-shaped green gelatin salad
  • Green velvet or matcha cupcakes with peppermint frosting
  • Pistachio cookies rolled in green sprinkles
  • Hot spinach and artichoke dip served with crackers
  • Mint chocolate bark dusted with powdered sugar
  • Sparkling lime punch or kiwi mojitos

Edible greens complement your seasonal decor while also adding a fresh burst of color to your menus.

Go Green Outside

Don’t forget to decorate outdoors for an all-over green Christmas theme. Make your entire yard festive with:

  • Inflatable Grinch and wreath decorations
  • Projected Christmas light shows in green
  • Outlining rooflines with green laser lights
  • Festive green wreaths on front doors and gates
  • Green garlands around trees, bushes and mailbox posts

With lavish outdoor decorating, you can immerse your entire property in Christmas cheer.


Achieving gorgeous Christmas greens is all about using the right materials and colors. Natural greens from seasonal flora allow you to capture traditional vibes. Complement smart artificial decorations with classic red and green palettes. A few final green accents like food, crafts and lights complete the holiday atmosphere. With a little creativity, you can easily deck your halls in stunning Christmas greens. Wishing you a very merry green Christmas!