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How do you make a long post on Facebook with colored background?

Making long posts on Facebook with colored backgrounds can help your content stand out in the news feed. While Facebook does not have built-in options for colored backgrounds, you can use some simple HTML/CSS code to add this effect to your posts.

Use HTML and CSS for Colored Backgrounds

The main way to add a colored background to Facebook posts is by using HTML and CSS code. When you post content on Facebook, you can include basic HTML markup, which allows you to add styling like colors, fonts, and more.

To add a colored background to a Facebook post, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Write out your post content as normal in the Facebook post editor.
  2. Select all of the text and click the icon to show the HTML source code.
  3. Wrap the text in a <span></span> tag.
  4. Add a style attribute with the CSS background-color property set to the desired color. For example: <span style="background-color: #0000ff;">

So your full post text would look like this:

<span style="background-color: #0000ff;">
  Post text here... 

You can use any valid HTML hex code or CSS color name for the background color.

Choose Appropriate Text Colors

When adding a colored background, make sure to choose an appropriate text color that makes your post easy to read.

Background Color Text Color
Light colors like yellow, pink Dark font like black, dark blue
Darker colors like purple, blue Light font like white, light yellow

Checking the contrast between your text color and background using a tool like WebAIM’s Color Contrast Checker can help make your posts legible.

Check Character Limits

When including HTML code in your Facebook posts, keep in mind that the code and markup will add to your overall character count.

For example, a post with just 200 characters of text would look like this with HTML added:

<span style="background-color: #0000ff;">
  Here is a sample post with some colored 
  background added using HTML and CSS!

This sample post uses 200 characters for the text but the total character count is 288 after adding the HTML. Make sure to account for this extra length when approaching Facebook’s character limits.

Use Longer Posts Strategically

Lengthy posts with backgrounds are eye-catching, but save them for when you have valuable content to share. Using colored backgrounds on trivial content may cause people to disengage.

Some effective strategies for super long Facebook posts include:

  • Educational guides or how-tos
  • Elaborating on an important announcement
  • Engaging stories or anecdotes related to your brand
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at your company, products, etc.

Aim to make your long posts genuinely useful or interesting to your audience. This will make the colored styling enhance your content rather than act as a gimmick.

Check Previews Before Posting

Be sure to check how your long, colored posts will actually look on Facebook once you’ve written and coded them. The preview option allows you to see your post as your followers will.

Check things like:

  • Background color shows up correctly
  • Text color has enough contrast
  • Any text or images aren’t obscured by the background
  • Post looks good on desktop and mobile

Adjust your HTML and content if needed until you have a colored post you’re happy with publishing.

Examples of Impactful Long Facebook Posts

Here are a few real-world examples of brands using lengthy, styled Facebook posts effectively:

Airbnb – Behind the Scenes Content

Airbnb published a 4,000+ word post with a pink background to showcasephotos and stories from employees around the world. The vivid visuals and insider info made for an engaging read.

Mailchimp – Educational Content

Mailchimp shared a 3,000+ word post with a yellow background to provide a detailed guide to improving email deliverability. The color drew attention to the useful advice.

Invision – Storytelling

Invision highlighted a 8,000+ word story against a blue backdrop about a design sprint that resulted in a new product. The immersive tale connected with readers.

Use Long Posts to Stand Out

Facebook’s algorithm tends to limit organic reach. But well-crafted, lengthy posts with colored stylizing can help counter that for more visibility. This tactic works best when paired with truly engaging content tailored to your followers.

Focus on value, entertainment or inspiration over length for the sake of length. Follow best practices for text and background colors, character limits and previews. With strategic tall posts and custom styling, you can get your Facebook content noticed.