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How do you keep color street nails fresh?

Having beautiful, fresh nails can make a world of difference in your look and confidence. While getting regular manicures at a salon is one way to keep your nails looking their best, it can get quite expensive over time. An increasingly popular alternative is using at-home nail strip systems like Color Street nail polish strips.

What are Color Street nail polish strips?

Color Street nail polish strips are thin, flexible nail polish appliques that adhere to your nails for an easy, DIY manicure. The strips come in a huge variety of colors and designs, making it simple to match your style. They go on just like stickers – no drying time required. And they can last up to 10 days with proper application and care.

Color Street strips have a few advantages over traditional nail polish:

  • Easy, mess-free application
  • No dry time
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Hundreds of unique designs and colors

While Color Street strips offer convenience and versatility, the key is keeping them looking fresh as long as possible. Here are some tips on preserving your Color Street manicure:

Proper application

The first step to lasting strips is ensuring proper application. Be sure to:

  • Buff and clean nails – Remove any oil and residue so strips adhere well.
  • Align carefully – Line up strips evenly along cuticles and sides.
  • Press and seal – Press each strip firmly for 30+ seconds to seal edges.
  • File gently – Lightly file to smooth rough edges.
  • Apply top coat – Seal in strips with 1-2 layers of top coat.

Taking the time to apply strips correctly makes a big difference. Rushed or uneven applications won’t last as long before lifting or peeling.


Keep nails and skin hydrated to avoid dryness at the edges causing lifting. Apply cuticle oil or lotion 1-2 times per day. Jojoba, vitamin E, and coconut oils work well. Massage into cuticles and nails daily.

Avoid picking and peeling

It’s tempting to peel strips as they start to lift from your nails. But picking or peeling them prematurely removes layers of remaining polish. This leaves nails more prone to staining and strips less likely to last until removal. Leave strips intact as long as possible.

Protect your manicure

Your daily activities can take a toll on strips if you aren’t careful. Here are some tips for protecting your manicure:

  • Wear rubber gloves – For wet work like washing dishes, cleaning, gardening etc. Water exposure weakens adhesion.
  • Avoid opening with nails – Open cans, bottles etc with a tool instead.
  • Apply cuticle oil – Before bed to condition nails and rehydrate edges.

Wrap tips

Wrapping strip tips with an additional piece of strip or polish helps secure edges so they don’t lift or peel. Brush liquid top coat on the underside of the strip and smooth onto tip. Cure under an LED light. Wrap tips when changing strips to make them last longer.

Fill in growth

As your natural nails grow out, fill the new gap with polish or strips to prevent lifting and peeling. Here are some options:

  • Paint new growth with matching polish.
  • Fill with nail foil glue and powder.
  • Apply sliver of strip just along new growth.
  • Seal with topcoat over fill area.

Avoid damaging nails

Your natural nails underneath impact the strips above. Keep nails strong and healthy to maximize strip wear:

  • Moisturize nails daily.
  • Take biotin supplements.
  • Avoid excessive filing.
  • Use strengthening base coats.

Know when to remove

At some point strips will lift, peel and lose adhesion. Remove them before they get too damaged or stained underneath. Plan removal every 5-7 days for freshest look. But always remove gently to avoid nail damage.

Remove properly

To remove strips, avoid pulling them off which can rip nails. Instead:

  • Soften with oil, lotion or remover foil.
  • Gently roll back from cuticle to tip.
  • Remove adhesive residue with foil remover pads.
  • Buff shine with buffing block.

Proper removal preserves the nail surface for your next application.

Let nails recover

Give nails a break between sets. Go 1-2 days with bare nails, using moisturizer and treatments. This prevents moisture imbalance and damage from constant strip wear. The health of your natural nails is key.

Troubleshooting tips

If strips start lifting or peeling prematurely, try these troubleshooting tips:

Issue Solution
Lifting near cuticles
  • Realign strip edges
  • Apply thinner top coat
  • Avoid oily products
Peeling at tips
  • Wrap tips
  • Avoid using hands
  • Shorten strip length
  • Gently smooth bubbles
  • Avoid too thick top coat
  • Don’t apply strips too quickly

Address any issues right away for best results. And prevent problems by following proper application and care techniques.


With the right prep, care and maintenance, Color Street strips can stay fresh and flawless for 7-10 days or even longer. Proper application sets the foundation. Protecting your manicure during wear prevents early lifting and peeling. And removing strips gently when needed allows for multiple long-lasting applications. Follow these tips to get the most wear out of your Color Street nail strips!