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How do you get yellow paint?

How do you get yellow paint?

Yellow paint can be obtained in a variety of ways. The most common methods are buying pre-made yellow paint from a hardware store, mixing paint colors to create yellow, or making yellow paint from scratch using pigments. The best option depends on your specific needs and project requirements.

Buying Pre-Made Yellow Paint

The easiest way to get yellow paint is to simply purchase it pre-made from a hardware store, home improvement center, or paint shop. Most major paint brands like Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Valspar offer premixed yellow paint colors in a variety of hues like lemon yellow, sunflower yellow, golden yellow and more.

When buying premade yellow paint, look for the following features:

  • Shade of yellow – Determine if you want a bright, vibrant yellow or a softer, muted yellow.
  • Finish – Choose between options like flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss or high gloss.
  • Quality – Stick with top quality brands for long-lasting, durable yellow paint.
  • Quantity – Estimate how much paint you’ll need for the project to avoid buying too little or too much.

Some popular pre-mixed yellow paint colors include:

  • Sunflower – A bright, warm golden yellow.
  • Buttercup – A medium-light yellow with golden undertones.
  • Lemon Chiffon – A soft, pale pastel yellow.
  • Goldfinch – A vibrant golden yellow, like the bird.
  • Sunbeam – A cheery, luminous yellow.

Be sure to check the specific paint brand’s website or swatch samples to view accurate shades. Hardware stores can also mix up custom yellow shades if you have a specific color in mind.

Mixing Paint to Create Yellow

In addition to buying yellow paint as-is, you can mix together paint colors to create a custom yellow hue. This is useful if you want a precise shade that can’t be found pre-mixed. To make yellow paint by mixing colors, you’ll need:

  • White paint
  • A primary or secondary paint color like red, blue, orange, green, purple, etc.
  • A mixing container like a paint tray or disposable cup
  • A stick or paddle to stir the paint

Here are some common paint mixes that yield yellow:

Color Mix Resulting Yellow Shade
White + Yellow Makes a lighter, softer yellow
White + Orange Makes a muted golden yellow
White + Red Makes a pale peach or pinkish yellow
Yellow + Green Makes a lime yellow green
Yellow + Blue Makes a bright spring green

Start by adding small amounts of the secondary color to the white base, testing the mix until you achieve your desired yellow tone. Mixing requires some trial and error, so keep sample swatches and adjust the color ratios as needed. Store any leftover mixed paint for touch-ups.

Making Yellow Paint from Pigments

For full customization or to recreate historic paint colors, you can make yellow paint totally from scratch using pigments. This involves sourcing dry pigment powder and binding it to a liquid base. Common yellow pigments include:

  • Cadmium yellow
  • Chrome yellow
  • Hansa yellow
  • Naples yellow
  • Yellow ochre

Pigments can be purchased from art supply stores, online retailers, or specialty suppliers. Be sure to choose paint-grade, non-toxic pigments.

To prepare yellow paint pigment:

  1. Measure out the desired ratio of pigment powder to binder. Start with 1 part powder to 4 parts binder.
  2. Mix the pigment and binder well until the powder fully dissolves.
  3. Test the color saturation and adjust the pigment ratio if needed.
  4. Store the fresh paint in an airtight container.

Suitable binders to mix with yellow pigment include:

  • Linseed oil
  • Walnut oil
  • Stand oil
  • Acrylic dispersion medium
  • Gum arabic solution

Mixing yellow paint from scratch takes practice but allows for endless fine-tuning. Protective gear like gloves, goggles and a mask is recommended when handling dry pigments.


Obtaining yellow paint for your particular needs is simple with some planning. Buying pre-mixed paint is fastest, mixing existing colors provides flexibility, and hand-making paint from pigment grants full customization. Match the paint procurement method to your project’s color specifications, budget and timeline. With a wide world of yellow hues to explore, you’re sure to find the perfect shade.