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How do you get custom colors on Discord?

Discord allows users to customize their profile with unique colors not available in the default options. Here are the ways to get custom colors on Discord:

Using a Role Color

The easiest way to get a custom color is to have a role with that color assigned to you in a Discord server. Server admins can create roles with any hex color code. Here’s how it works:

  1. Join a Discord server where custom roles have been set up.
  2. Ask the admin to assign you a role with the desired color.
  3. The role color will then show next to your name across that server.

Some public Discord servers have special roles for donors or members that come with custom colors. Getting assigned one of those roles in a community server can let you stand out.

Using Nitro Subscription

Discord Nitro subscriptions allow you to set a custom profile banner color. This will change the background color for your profile popout and user page.

Here’s how to use a custom banner color with Nitro:

  1. Get a Nitro Classic or Nitro subscription.
  2. Go to User Settings > Nitro.
  3. Click “Edit Banner Color.”
  4. Pick any color using the color picker.
  5. Click “Save Changes.”

Your new banner color will now show up across Discord. Note that the banner colors are limited to solid colors and gradients are not possible.

Using BetterDiscord

BetterDiscord is a third-party plugin that lets you extensively theme and customize your Discord client. It unlocks additional color options for your profile.

To set a custom color with BetterDiscord:

  1. Download and install BetterDiscord.
  2. Go to User Settings > BetterDiscord > Themes.
  3. Open the theme file and look for the name color code.
  4. Change the hex code to your desired color.
  5. Save the file.

This will override the default name color across Discord. Keep in mind that using third-party mods like BetterDiscord violates Discord’s terms of service.

Using CSS Editing

For advanced customization, you can directly edit Discord’s CSS code to change colors. This involves using developer tools like inspect element.

Here is how to edit Discord’s CSS:

  1. Open Discord in a browser.
  2. Right click your profile name and select Inspect.
  3. In the CSS panel, look for the color code.
  4. Override the existing color with your preferred hex code.
  5. The color change will now show up, but only temporarily.

This method lets you preview any color, but is very temporary. The color will revert when you reload Discord or sign out.

Using a Bot

Some Discord bots have commands that allow changing your profile color. Examples include Carlbot, ATL Bot, and MoreCord.

To use a bot to change colors:

  1. Add the bot to your server.
  2. Look up the bot’s color command in its help guide.
  3. Use the command and pass your desired hex code.
  4. The bot will assign you a role with that color.

The role stays on your profile as long as the bot is in your server. This method is easier than manually creating color roles.


In summary, the main ways to customize your Discord color are:

  • Get a colored role in a server
  • Use Nitro’s banner color picker
  • Edit the theme file with BetterDiscord
  • Directly override CSS colors
  • Use a bot’s color command

The easiest options are getting a special role or upgrading to Nitro. CSS editing and bots require more effort but offer the most flexibility. Custom colors allow you to stand out and personalize your profile on Discord servers.

Method Pros Cons
Colored Role
  • Easy to set up
  • Works across one server
  • Limited to roles made by server admin
  • Only applies to one server
Nitro Banner
  • Applies globally
  • Unlimited color choices
  • Requires a paid Nitro subscription
  • Only works for banner section
  • Works globally
  • Lets you customize many elements
  • Against Discord’s terms of service
  • Complex setup process
CSS Editing
  • Preview any color
  • Very flexible
  • Only temporary effect
  • Requires developer tools
  • Simple commands
  • Works across servers
  • Limited to bot’s role colors
  • Bot must stay in server

In conclusion, Discord offers many ways to customize your profile colors for free and with Nitro subscriptions. The best method depends on whether you want a temporary solution or permanent profile-wide colors. With the right tools and server roles, you can stand out with your own colors on Discord.