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How do you get a college student discount?

As a college student, you may be eligible for many discounts that can save you money on everything from technology and clothing to entertainment and travel. Taking advantage of student discounts is a great way to stretch your limited student budget further. Here’s an overview of how to find and get student discounts from retailers, restaurants, services, and more.

Retail and Technology Discounts

Many major retail chains offer discounts for college students, typically 10-20% off. Some popular stores that offer student discounts include:

  • Apple – get educational pricing on MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and more.
  • Microsoft – save up to 10% on Surface devices and bundles.
  • Amazon – get Amazon Prime Student at half price for 6 months, then $6.49/month.
  • Best Buy – varies, but has offered student deals like 20% off MacBooks.
  • Adobe – over 60% off Creative Cloud apps.

To get tech and retail student discounts, look for a student section on the retailer’s website. You’ll need to verify your student status, usually by providing an .edu email address or student ID.

Clothing and Accessories Discounts

Apparel companies also offer student discounts both online and in-store. For example:

  • J.Crew – 15% off in-store with student ID.
  • Madewell – 15% off in-store with student ID.
  • Levi’s – 15% off in-store and online with verification.
  • Banana Republic – 15% off with student ID.
  • Asos – 10% off with Unidays verification.

To get the clothing and accessories student discounts, go to the retailer’s website and look for the student discount section or click on the Unidays link. At physical stores, show your student ID at checkout.

Restaurant Discounts

Many restaurants offer special deals for students when you show your student ID. Common student discounts include:

  • 10% off entire purchase
  • Free drink with purchase
  • Discounted appetizers or desserts

Some restaurants with student discounts include:

Restaurant Student Discount
Buffalo Wild Wings 20% off with student ID
Chipotle Free drink with ID
McDonald’s Free drink, discounted sandwiches
Nando’s 20% off card with student ID

Check with your favorite local restaurants to see if they offer student discounts at certain times or days of the week.

Travel Discounts

Taking a trip or going home for the holidays? Students can save money on travel costs with discounts like:

  • Student airfare discounts with STA Travel.
  • Discounted Eurail passes.
  • Student Advantage Card for 15% off Greyhound bus fare.
  • Amtrak student discounts of 15-25% with student ID.

Make sure to compare multiple providers as student travel discounts can vary. Check airline websites directly for promos too.

Entertainment Discounts

Students can save on fun activities like seeing movies, concerts, sporting events, and more. Entertainment discounts include:

  • Movie tickets – discounted with student ID at AMC, Regal, Cinemark.
  • Music festivals – discounted tickets for events like Coachella.
  • Theme parks – discounted park tickets to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags.
  • Museums and galleries – student admission rates.
  • Theatre performances – discounted same-day tickets with ID in NYC, London.

See if your local entertainment venues have posted student discounts before you purchase. You may need to bring your student ID to receive the discounted rate.

Other Student Discounts and Deals

In addition to big retailers, restaurants, travel, and entertainment, many other services offer student discounts and deals including:

  • Software – discounted Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more.
  • Newspapers – discounted subscriptions to Wall Street Journal, Washington Post.
  • Cell phone plans – student and teacher discounts from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile.
  • Gyms – campus gyms or discounted memberships off-campus.
  • Amazon Prime – 6 month free trial with Prime Student.

Don’t forget to also check on-campus for student discounts and freebies like movie screenings, concerts, events, software, and more included with your tuition or fees.

How to Find Student Discounts

Here are some tips for finding current student discounts and promo codes:

  • Check retailer websites for a student section.
  • Ask service providers if they offer student rates.
  • Search “[company name] student discount”.
  • Check sites like Student Beans and Unidays that aggregate student deals.
  • Look for student discount signs in stores and restaurants.
  • Ask other students for leads on good deals.
  • Search Groupon and other deal sites for student coupons.
  • Follow your favorite brands on social media for student promo announcements.

How to Get Student Discounts

Once you’ve found some student discounts, here are tips for accessing them:

  • Have your student ID card ready to show – this is the most common form of verification.
  • Sign up for Unidays or Student Beans to get verified for discounts.
  • Use your .edu email address when prompted to verify student status.
  • Look for student promo codes to enter at checkout online.
  • Be ready to show proof of enrollment if asked.
  • Join student rewards programs like Student Advantage for access to deals.
  • Download student discount apps like UNiDAYS to have discounts in one place.

Maximize Savings

To get the most out of student discounts:

  • Combine student deals with coupons, sales, loyalty programs, and other offers when possible for maximum savings.
  • Only buy items you need – don’t be tempted into unnecessary purchases just because there’s a discount.
  • Compare student discounts between retailers and services. The deals can vary, so choose the best discount.
  • Take advantage of free trials of discounted services before committing.
  • Focus your spending on experiences over things to get value from your deals.


With a little research, college students can find generous discounts on tech, clothing, entertainment, travel, food, and more. Look for student sections on websites, ask about student rates, and have your student ID ready. Combining student deals with coupons, sales, and other offers can maximize your savings even more. Discounts provide a great opportunity to save money during your college years and beyond.