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How do you decorate with burgundy?

How do you decorate with burgundy?

Burgundy is a rich, deep red color that can add warmth and sophistication to any room. When used in home decor, burgundy evokes a sense of elegance and luxury. From wall colors to furniture upholstery, burgundy offers endless possibilities to transform the look and feel of a space. Here are some tips for effectively using this dramatic hue in your home decor.

Choosing Burgundy Paint Colors

Paint is one of the easiest ways to incorporate burgundy into a room’s color scheme. When selecting a burgundy paint color, keep in mind that it will likely read darker once applied to walls. Test potential colors on a poster board or paint swatch to get an accurate idea of how it will look. Here are some popular burgundy paint shades to consider:

– Oxblood – A dark reddish-brown that has a classic, elegant look.

– Wine – A true, deep burgundy that makes a bold statement.

– Merlot – Slightly lighter than wine, merlot has a touch of purple.

– Garnet – A warm, earthy burgundy that pairs well with browns.

– Cordovan – A rich red-brown that works in traditional spaces.

Burgundy Paint Color LRV
Oxblood 18
Wine 14
Merlot 16
Garnet 22
Cordovan 19

LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value, which measures how light or dark a color is. The lower the LRV, the darker the color. Burgundy paint colors typically have an LRV between 14-22.

When selecting a burgundy wall color, be strategic about where you use it. Dark paint colors like burgundy can make a room feel smaller, so use it only on one wall as an accent or in a naturally bright room. Lighter shades like merlot or garnet work better in dim spaces.

Incorporating Burgundy Furniture

Burgundy furniture is an easy way to add warmth and sophistication to a neutral room. When used in moderation, a burgundy couch, chair or accent table can anchor a space and provide a pop of color.

Burgundy works well on big statement pieces like sofas or oversized chairs. Use a rich wine-colored leather couch as the focal point of a living room or library. Or place two wingback chairs in garnet or oxblood burgundy by the fireplace to create an intimate seating area.

For a lighter touch, use burgundy on accent furniture like side tables, ottomans or dining chairs. A merlot finished console table behind a couch or a pair of cordovan upholstered chairs around a dining table can inject just enough color without overpowering a room.

When incorporating burgundy furniture, stick to one statement piece in a room. Pairing it with creams, browns, blues and greens helps keep the look balanced. Use textured rugs and pillows to tie everything together.

Accessorizing with Burgundy Decor

Burgundy accents are a budget-friendly way to experiment with this rich color. From pillows and throws to lamps, rugs and artwork, small burgundy touches can make a big impact.

Pillows and throws in oxblood, garnet or merlot hues add pops of color and visual interest to basic sofas or beds. Coordinating table lamps and area rugs in varying shades of burgundy can elegantly tie a room together.

Fresh flowers like tulips, carnations or dahlias provide organic splashes of burgundy on side tables, mantels or entryways. Framed artwork and wall hangings in deep wine colors also complement the tone.

For bedrooms, try a burgundy quilted headboard or luxurious satin bedding. Layer in pillow shams and blankets for extra warmth. In bathrooms, add burgundy towels or shower curtains for a subtle color infusion.

When decorating with burgundy accessories, vary the shades within the color family for depth and dimension. Mix merlots with oxbloods, garnets with wines, and balance matte with shiny finishes.

Creating Cohesion in Burgundy Decor

The key to effectively decorating with burgundy is blending it with coordinating accent colors. Burgundy pops against neutral backdrops and complements many different schemes. Here are some color combinations that work well:

– Cream: A creamy off-white backdrop allows burgundy decor to take center stage. It has a fresh yet elegant feel.

– Tan/Beige: Warm neutrals like beige and tan help burgundy feel grounded and earthy.

– Chocolate Brown: Pairing burgundy with rich chocolate browns creates a glamorous, upscale look.

– Navy Blue: The interplay between burgundy and navy blue is striking and sophisticated.

– Moss Green: Deep greens complement burgundy nicely, especially botanical greens like moss and sage.

– Gray: Cool-toned grays offset the warmth of burgundy for a modern vibe. Charcoal works particularly well.

– Metallics: Gold, rose gold, bronze and pewter metallic accents shine against a burgundy background.

Whatever color scheme you choose, keeping the overall look cohesive is key. Repeat shades of burgundy and accent colors throughout the space for flow. Use consistent wood tones, patterns and textures for harmony. Layer in lighting, greenery and art for the finishing touches.

Burgundy Decorating Ideas for Every Room

From traditional to modern spaces, a touch of burgundy can enliven any room’s design. Here are some inspiring ways to incorporate it into key areas of your home:

Living Room:

– Wine-colored accent wall behind sofa
– Oxblood leather club chairs
– Merlot lampshade and pillows
– Garnet Persian area rug

Dining Room:

– Cordovan upholstered dining chairs
– Wine or oxblood wallpaper on accent wall
– Burgundy glass vase centerpiece
– Garnet dining room chandelier


– Merlot or oxblood backsplash tiles
– Wine glass pendant lights over island
– Garnet window valances
– Oxblood ceramic canisters on countertops


– Oxblood velvet headboard
– Garnet and cream bedding
– Cordovan Persian rug at foot of bed
– Wine red curtains


– Merlot painted walls or cabinetry
– Oxblood bath mats
– Burgundy towels and shower curtain
– Garnet bath accessories

Home Office:

– Cordovan leather office chair
– Wine colored file cabinets
– Oxblood bookshelves
– Merlot desk lamp

Wherever you choose to use it, burgundy makes a stylish statement. Dive into this rich color and breathe new life into your home.


Burgundy is a timeless, versatile color that adds drama and sophistication to any space. With many shades to choose from, it can be incorporated in small touches or bold accents. Use burgundy paint, furniture and decor to infuse warmth and luxury into neutral rooms. Combine it thoughtfully with creams, browns, blues and greens. With endless possibilities for decorating with burgundy, embrace this jewel-toned hue to create interiors that feel elegant, inviting and uniquely your own.