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How do you customize Xbox buttons?


Customizing your Xbox controller buttons can help improve your gaming experience by allowing you to remap buttons to better suit your playstyle. With the Xbox Accessories app on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles, it’s easy to remap buttons, adjust trigger and stick sensitivity, and more. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps for customizing your Xbox buttons using the Xbox Accessories app.


Before customizing your Xbox buttons, you’ll need:

  • An Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console
  • An Xbox Wireless Controller
  • The Xbox Accessories app

The Xbox Accessories app comes pre-installed on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. For Xbox Wireless Controllers, make sure you have the latest firmware installed for full button remapping support.

Remapping Buttons

Here are the steps to remap your Xbox controller buttons using the Xbox Accessories app:

  1. Connect your Xbox Wireless Controller to your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console either wirelessly or with a USB cable.
  2. Launch the Xbox Accessories app from your Xbox dashboard.
  3. Select the profile for your connected Xbox Wireless Controller.
  4. Navigate to the “Customize” tab.
  5. Under “Button mapping,” you’ll see all the buttons laid out visually on your controller.
  6. Select a button you want to remap and choose the new button mapping from the dropdown list.
  7. Repeat this process to remap additional buttons as desired.
  8. When finished remapping buttons, select “Apply” to save your new custom button mapping.

You can remap most standard controller buttons including the front face buttons (A, B, X, Y), directional pad, bumpers, triggers, sticks, menu, and view buttons. Certain system buttons like the Xbox button cannot be remapped.

Adjusting Trigger and Stick Sensitivity

Along with button remapping, you can also fine-tune the sensitivity of your Xbox controller’s triggers and thumbsticks in the Xbox Accessories app:

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above to connect your controller and access the app.
  2. Navigate to the “Sensitivity” tab.
  3. For the triggers, you can adjust the following:
    • Trigger Deadzones – How far you must press a trigger before it registers input.
    • Trigger Minimum – The minimum input value when the trigger is lightly pressed.
    • Trigger Maximum – The maximum input value when the trigger is fully pressed.
  4. For the thumbsticks, you can adjust the following:
    • Axial Deadzone – How far you must move the stick horizontally or vertically before it registers input.
    • Radial Deadzone – How far you must move the stick diagonally before it registers input.
    • Maximum Output – Limits how far the stick will actually move when fully pushed in a direction.
    • Acceleration – How quickly input values ramp up from low to high.
    • Smooth Aiming – Adds a minor auto-correction to stick movements to keep better aim.
  5. Adjust any options and test the feel. Select “Apply” when satisfied with your sensitivity settings.

Adjusting these sensitivity options can help fine-tune precise aim or improve consistency for certain games and genres.

Saving Custom Controller Profiles

Once you’ve customized your button mapping and sensitivities, you can save these adjustments as unique controller profiles in the Xbox Accessories app:

  1. From the main Customize screen, select “Save As” and name your custom controller profile.
  2. To switch between saved profiles, select the “Profiles” tab and choose the desired profile.
  3. Make additional profiles for different games or users, tailored to their unique button preferences.

Saved profiles let you quickly switch between customized button layouts rather than having to manually remap buttons each time.

Other Xbox Accessories App Features

In addition to button remapping and sensitivity adjustment, the Xbox Accessories app also lets you:

  • Invert stick axis
  • Adjust stick and trigger deadzones
  • Tune vibration strength and triggers
  • Update controller firmware
  • View assigned button functions
  • Test buttons and sticks
  • Calibrate your Xbox Elite controller

Take time to explore all of the tuning and customization options available for your Xbox Wireless Controller and tailor the setup to your preferences.

Customizing Third-Party Controllers

Many third-party Xbox controllers from companies like Razer, PowerA, and more also allow button remapping. However, you’ll need to use each company’s respective software or apps rather than the Xbox Accessories app.

Refer to your controller’s instruction manual for details on customization software and remapping support. Options vary by controller model and brand.


The Xbox Accessories app provides an easy way to remap buttons, fine-tune sensitivity, and customize your Xbox Wireless Controller exactly how you like it. With the ability to save profiles, you can quickly switch between optimized button configurations for different games and genres.

Customizing your controller can help maximize performance, comfort and improve the overall gaming experience. Be sure to explore all of the adjustment options available to get your Xbox controller tailored to your personal preferences.

Controller Type Customization App Key Customization Options
Xbox Wireless Controller Xbox Accessories App Button remapping, trigger & stick sensitivity, vibration, profiles
Razer Wolverine Controller Razer Controller Setup for Xbox Button remapping, stick sensitivity, hair triggers, profiles
PowerA Fusion Pro Controller PowerA App Button remapping, stick sensitivity, vibration, profiles
8BitDo Pro 2 Controller 8BitDo Ultimate Software Button remapping, stick & trigger sensitivity, vibration, macros

This summarizes some of the customization apps and key options for both first-party and third-party Xbox controllers. The ability to remap buttons and fine-tune sensitivity is available across most modern controllers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about customizing Xbox controller buttons:

Can you remap Xbox Elite controller buttons?

Yes, the Xbox Elite controller series fully supports button remapping and sensitivity customization through the Xbox Accessories app.

Do Xbox Series X/S controllers allow button remapping?

Yes, the standard Xbox Series X/S wireless controllers can have their buttons remapped using the Xbox Accessories app.

Can you customize Xbox Adaptive Controller buttons?

Yes, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is highly customizable through the Xbox Accessories app to accommodate gamers with limited mobility.

Do PowerA controllers work with Xbox Accessories app?

No, most PowerA controllers use a separate PowerA app for customization and do not integrate with the Xbox Accessories app.

How do you fix stick drift on Xbox?

You can reduce stick drift by increasing your stick deadzones in the Xbox Accessories app sensitivity settings. Cleaning around the base of the stick can also help mitigate drift issues.


– The Xbox Accessories app allows customizable button mapping and sensitivity adjustment for Xbox Wireless Controllers.

– Remapped buttons, trigger settings, and thumbstick sensitivity can be saved in unique controller profiles.

– Many third-party controllers also offer button remapping but require using each company’s own software.

– Customizing your Xbox controller helps maximize comfort, improve performance, and tailor the feel to your personal gaming preferences.

So in summary, the Xbox Accessories app provides an easy way to remap buttons, fine-tune sensitivity, and save customized profiles to optimize your Xbox controller for different games and playstyles. With the steps in this guide, you can set up a controller tailored specifically to your needs.