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How do you copy and paste paint in Bloxburg?


Copying and pasting paint in Bloxburg allows you to quickly replicate paint colors and textures throughout your build. This can save a lot of time compared to selecting and applying paint to each surface individually. There are a couple different methods for copying paint in Bloxburg, depending on if you want to duplicate the exact paint type and color or just the general color scheme.

Prerequisites for Copying Paint

Before you can copy and paste paint in Bloxburg, there are a couple key things you need:

  • The Advanced Painting gamepass – This allows you to access the paint bucket tool required for copying and pasting paint.
  • A painted surface – You need an existing painted wall, floor, or other surface to copy the paint from.
  • Paint bucket tool – The paint bucket is used to copy paint colors and textures.
  • Surface to paste paint – You’ll need a new surface ready to paste the copied paint onto.

As long as you have those elements ready, you can start copying and pasting paint.

Copying and Pasting Paint Colors

Here are the steps to copy and paste a paint color in Bloxburg:

  1. Select the paint bucket tool from the build menu.
  2. Click on the surface that has the paint color you want to copy. The paint bucket will fill with that color.
  3. Go to the surface you want to paste the color onto and click with the filled paint bucket. This will apply that same paint color.
  4. Repeat clicking the paint bucket on new surfaces to keep pasting the copied color.

This copies and pastes only the paint color, but does not duplicate textures or special finishes. The color will be applied using the default flat paint texture.

Copying and Pasting Paint Textures

To copy and paste the exact paint texture or special finish, follow these steps:

  1. Select the paint bucket tool.
  2. Enable the “Copy Texture” option in the paint bucket menu.
  3. Click on the surface that has the texture you want to copy.
  4. Click on the new surface to paste that same paint texture.
  5. Disable “Copy Texture” to go back to copying just colors.

The key is enabling that “Copy Texture” option before clicking the surface to copy. This will replicate textures like brushed metal, glossy paint, and more.

Copy and Paste Paint Between Plots

You can even copy and paste paint between different plots and game sessions using the paint palette:

  1. Open the paint palette and select the “Copy” option.
  2. Click on the paint color or texture you want to copy from a surface.
  3. Join the new plot and open the paint palette.
  4. Click the “Paste” option to apply that copied paint.

This allows you to maintain paint schemes across multiple plots and visits to Bloxburg. The copied paint will stay in your palette until you overwrite it or leave the game.

Tips for Copying Paint

Here are some handy tips when copying and pasting paint in Bloxburg:

  • Use the lighter paint bucket to copy floors and darker bucket for walls.
  • Click corners or edges of surfaces to avoid accidentally applying paint.
  • Copy similar surface types like wall paint to walls or flooring to floors.
  • Use the color dropper to sample colors from the environment too.
  • Label the copied paints in your palette to keep track of them.

Creative Uses for Copying Paint

Beyond basic house painting, there are some creative ways to leverage copying and pasting paint:

  • Quickly paint intricate wallpatterns.
  • Duplicate complicated paint jobs on vehicles.
  • Reuse your custom palette across multiple plots.
  • Paint large sections by copying entire wall or floor paint.
  • Create custom templates for quick painting.

So get creative with mixing, matching, and duplicating paints!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about copying and pasting paint in Bloxburg:

Can you copy textured paints?

Yes, you can copy textured paints like brushed metals, glossy, granite, and more by enabling the “Copy Texture” option first.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Copying and pasting paint works the same way on mobile devices, though the controls are adjusted for touch screens.

Do floors, walls, and objects share paint types?

No, floors, walls, and objects like vehicles have different available paint types and must be copied separately.

Can I copy paint from one game session to another?

Yes, the paint palette allows you to copy and paste paint across game sessions by saving copied paint to the palette.

Is there a limit to how much paint you can copy and store?

No, you can store an unlimited amount of copied paint colors and textures in your palette while playing.


In summary, knowing how to quickly copy and paste paint unlocks new creative possibilities and saves huge amounts of time in Bloxburg. Use the paint bucket tool to duplicate colors, enable copy texture to clone finishes, and take advantage of the paint palette to reuse paints across plots. With practice, you’ll be able to deck out full houses in your favorite saved paint schemes. So try out these paint copying methods and watch your building productivity soar!