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How do you color code text in Discord?

Discord has become one of the most popular communication platforms, especially among gamers and online communities. One of the features that makes Discord Stand out is the ability to customize and color code text. This allows users to make their messages stand out, denote importance, categorize information, and add visual flair.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through everything you need to know about color coding text in Discord. We will cover how to use both built-in color formatting with markdown syntax as well as custom CSS code for advanced formatting options. Whether you are a new Discord user or an experienced member looking to step up your text game, this guide has all the tips and tricks you need to start color coding your Discord messages like a pro!

Using Built-In Markdown for Basic Color Coding

The easiest way to color code text in Discord is to use the built-in markdown syntax. This is great for basic formatting and color changes without needing to write custom CSS. Here are the main color formatting options:

Markdown Syntax Result
`**Bold Text**` Bold Text
`*Italicized Text*` Italicized Text
`__Underlined Text__` Underlined Text
`~~Strikethrough Text~~` Strikethrough Text
`__**Bold & Italic**__` Bold & Italic

To change the color, you put the hex code or color name in square brackets before the text:

Markdown Syntax Result
`[#FF0000]Red Text` Red Text
`[#00FF00]Green Text` Green Text
`[#0000FF]Blue Text` Blue Text
`[yellow]Yellow Text` Yellow Text

You can combine the color and style markdown together:

Markdown Syntax Result
`[#FF0000]*Red Italic*` Red Italic
`[#00FF00]__Green Bold__` Green Bold

This built-in markdown gives you basic but easy color formatting. For more advanced options, you need to use custom CSS code.

Advanced Color Coding with Custom CSS

To unleash the full potential of color coding your Discord text, you can use custom CSS styles. This allows you to do things like:

– Use any hex color code for unlimited color options
– Add color gradients
– Include transparency effects
– Apply multiple styles and colors together

To use custom CSS, you wrap your text in backticks “` “` like code blocks. Here is the syntax:

`Your Text`

Some examples:

CSS Code Result
`Purple Text` Purple Text
`Teal Text` Teal Text
`Rainbow Text` Rainbow Text

You can combine multiple styles together like bold, italics, underlines, etc:

`Pink Bold`
Pink Bold

The key things to include are:

– ``: This wraps the styled text
– `style=”:”` This applies the CSS styles
– `color: ` Specifies the text color
– Other style options like `font-weight:`, `font-style:`, etc

Here are some other advanced style options:

CSS Code Result
`Bold Green` Bold Green
`White text` White text
`Underlined text` Underlined text
`Italic text` Italic text

You can really go wild with layering on multiple color and style effects. Just remember to always wrap the text in ` ` and use `style=””` to apply the CSS code.

Using Color Roles for Consistent Colors

Now that you know how to color code text, how do you decide which colors to actually use? Discord has a handy feature called color roles that lets you create consistent reusable colors.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to Server Settings > Roles and create a new role

2. Click the color picker to choose a specific color

3. Name the role something like “TextGreen”

4. Whenever you want to use that color, mention the role like `@TextGreen`

For example:

`@TextGreen This will always be green`

The text will show up as the color you selected for that role. This is a great way to:

– Create a palette of reusable colors
– Keep colors consistent in your server
– Avoid having to remember hex codes
– Change colors in bulk by modifying the role

You can also allow people to pick their own color role so they can customize the color used when mentioning them. Overall, color roles are a handy Discord feature to enhance your color coding abilities.


Color coding your text is a great way to make your Discord messages stand out and look visually striking. With the built-in markdown you can quickly change colors and styles. For advanced effects, custom CSS gives you tons of options and flexibility. And color roles help keep your palette organized.

So get creative and start jazzing up your Discord chats! Vibrant, color-customized text can give your community a fun and lively feel. Just follow the syntax examples we covered and soon you’ll be a master at color coding Discord text.