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How do you color a mandala for therapy?

How do you color a mandala for therapy?

Coloring mandalas has become a popular form of relaxation and stress relief. Mandalas are intricate circular designs that draw the eye inward. The repetitive motion of coloring can induce a meditative state, lowering stress and anxiety. Coloring mandalas is thought to have therapeutic benefits for both mental and physical health.

When coloring a mandala for therapeutic purposes, there are some key things to keep in mind. The goal is to be mindful, focused, and present in the moment. This allows the benefits of lowered stress and improved mood to emerge. Here are some tips on how to properly color a mandala for maximum therapeutic effect:

Choose a mandala design

There are countless mandala designs to choose from. When selecting one to color for therapy, consider the following:

– Complexity level – Choose one that is intricate enough to hold your focus, but not so complex that it becomes frustrating. As a beginner, start with simpler designs.

– Size – Small, hand-held mandalas are best for portability and close focusing. Large poster-sized ones can be stunning but unwieldy.

– Color palette – Some mandalas have suggested color schemes, others are open. Using an existing palette cuts down on decisions.

– Drawn vs. printed – Both have benefits, but hand-drawn designs have more imperfections to engage the mind.

– Personal meaning – Pick a design that resonates with you personally for enhanced meaning.

Gather supplies

Using high-quality art supplies enhances the coloring experience. Consider using:

– Colored pencils – Provide vivid color with precision. Aim for professional grade.

– Fine tip markers – Create sharp, defined lines and large areas of flat color.

– Gel pens – Offer striking dimensional shading. Great for finishing touches.

– Watercolors – Enable soft, blended colors. Better for free-form painting.

– Coloring books – Provide printed mandala outlines to color in.

– Drawing pad – For coloring hand-drawn mandala designs.

– Eraser – For correcting errors in pencil work.

Set up your space

Your environment while coloring influences your mental state. Set up a relaxing space:

– Location – Choose a quiet, comfortable spot free from distractions.

– Seating – Use a supportive chair and table at an optimal height.

– Lighting – Ensure excellent illumination of your workspace. Natural light is best.

– Ambience – Play soft, calming music. Diffuse therapeutic essential oils.

– Timing – Pick a time when you can devote your full attention for at least 20-30 minutes.

Begin coloring

Now it’s time to begin the coloring process. Follow these tips:

– Focus only on coloring – Don’t multi-task. Silence phones and screens. Minimize distractions.

– Be present – Concentrate fully on the present moment. Notice the feel of the pencils, the flow of the colors.

– Breathe deeply – Slow, deep breaths help relax the mind and body.

– Work slowly – There is no hurry. Move thoughtfully through the design.

– Avoid perfectionism – Don’t worry about making mistakes. No one is judging you.

– Use variety – Switch between coloring tools and techniques to stay engaged.

– Fill in all spaces – Cover every inch for maximum focusing impact. Leave no gaps.

– Follow the lines – Use the design’s outlines as guides. Don’t color outside them.

– Change direction – Vary the direction you color to encompass the whole space.

Reflect on the finished mandala

Take some time when your mandala is complete to reflect on the experience. Observe how you feel after practicing this meditative coloring exercise. Some options:

– Sit quietly with the finished piece and notice your state of mind.

– Write in a journal about your thoughts, feelings, and insights gained.

– Take a photo of your finished mandala to look back on the experience.

– Display your completed mandala artwork as a reminder to stay centered.

– Share your mandala online or with friends to spread calmness.

– Repeat the coloring process regularly to compound the benefits.


Coloring mandalas is an accessible and effective relaxation technique for many. By following mindful coloring practices, you can lower anxiety, enter a meditative state, and experience greater wellbeing. Experiment with different designs, art supplies, and coloring approaches to find what works best for you. Allow the creative process to lead you to greater awareness, focus, and therapeutic healing.