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How do you change the color of your lightsaber in the Old Republic?


In the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic, players can customize their lightsaber color. As a Jedi or Sith, the color of your lightsaber is an important part of your identity. Changing the color of your lightsaber crystal allows you to personalize your weapon.

Requirements for Changing Lightsaber Color

To change your lightsaber color in SWTOR, you must meet a few requirements:

– Reach level 10 with your Jedi or Sith character. This unlocks the ability to equip color crystals.

– Obtain a color crystal of your choice. Color crystals can be purchased from vendors, found as quest rewards, or crafted by Artifice.

– Equip the color crystal in your lightsaber. Open your character sheet, find your lightsaber, and insert the new crystal.

Once these requirements are met, you can customize your lightsaber beam to be any base color you wish!

Obtaining Color Crystals

There are a few methods to acquire color crystals in The Old Republic:

Purchasing from Vendors:

– The lightsaber crystal vendor on the Republic and Imperial Fleet stations sell basic color crystals for credits.

– Other vendors such as those on Ilum or the Cartel Bazaar may also sell rare color crystals.

Finding as Quest Rewards:

– Certain class story and planetary quests reward color crystals upon completion.

– Heroic missions and bonus series quests also have a chance to provide crystal rewards.

Crafting with Artifice:

– Artifice crafters can reverse engineer color crystals to learn rare schematics.

– They can then craft these crystals for sale or personal use.

Cartel Market:

– Special color crystals are available for purchase from the in-game Cartel Market.

– These include rare shades and patterns not obtainable through other means.

Lightsaber Color Meanings

The color of a Jedi or Sith’s lightsaber holds symbolic meaning in the Star Wars universe. Here are some of the associations for various hues:

Blue: The most common blade color for Jedi Guardians and Jedi Sentinels. Represents justice, protection, and peacekeeping.

Green: Most often wielded by Jedi Consulars. Represents harmony with nature and strong connection to the Force.

Yellow: Signifies Jedi Sentinel specialization. Associated with intellect, precision swordsmanship, and pragmatism.

Red: The color of Sith warriors. Represents rage, anger, and temptation by the dark side.

Purple: Rare crystal indicating a user open to both light and dark sides of the Force. Associated with rarity and mystery.

Orange: Uncommon crystal embodying both aggression and defense. Utilized by both Jedi and Sith.

Black: Extremely rare dark side crystal made using alchemy. Represents death, decay, and ancient Sith sorcery.

White: Pure color indicating focused inner light. Signifies great wisdom and insight into the Force.

How to Insert a Color Crystal

Equipping a new color crystal to change your lightsaber’s hue is straightforward:

1. Open your Character Sheet by pressing “C” on the keyboard.

2. Locate your lightsaber under the Weapons tab. Click the icon to expand the lightsaber details.

3. In the available sockets, click on the Color Crystal slot. This will open your Crystal options.

4. Pick the Color Crystal you wish to insert from your inventory or storage. Crystals usually have unique names denoting their color.

5. Click the crystal to equip it in the slot. The lightsaber icon will update to preview the new color.

6. Close the Character Sheet. Draw your lightsaber – the blade should now display your chosen color!

Repeat these steps any time you wish to swap to a different crystal. Enjoy customizing your blade!

Where to Get More Color Crystals

There are many sources to collect lightsaber crystals from in The Old Republic:

Class Quest Rewards:

– Jedi Knight: Blue, Yellow, Green crystals from early missions

– Jedi Consular: Green and Yellow crystals on Tython quests

– Sith Warrior: Red crystals from Korriban trials

– Sith Inquisitor: Red, Purple from early Sith trials

World Quests:

– Balmorra: Blue, Cyan crystals

– Alderaan: Green crystals

– Hoth: White, Gray, and Cyan crystals


– The Esseles: Possible Green crystal

– The Black Talon: Possible Red crystal

– Taral V: Possible Gray-Blue crystals


– Eternity Vault: White crystals

– Karagga’s Palace: Orange crystals

– Explosive Conflict: Black core crystals

Reputation Vendors:

– Battlemaster PVP Vendor: Blue, Red Booster crystals

– Rakata Prime Vendor: Cyan, Red-Purple crystals

– Section X Vendor: Black core, White crystals

Cartel Market:

– Badger-skin dye modules (orange blade)

– Desert Green modules (mint green)

– Vibrant Purple and Black core crystals

With so many options, you’re sure to find your perfect lightsaber crystal!

Most Rare and Exotic Lightsaber Colors

While blue, green, and red kyber crystals are the most common, there are many rare and exotic lightsaber colors obtainable in The Old Republic:

Black: One of the rarest blade colors. Requires crafting with a black core crystal, signifying leaning towards the dark side. The black core gives the appearance of a crackling void within the blade.

White: Gleaming white kyber crystals produce clean white blades. Often wielded by Jedi Masters. Difficult to find, many are hidden away on the ice planet Ilum.

Rainbow: Color changing rainbow crystals cycle through the visible spectrum. Extremely rare, only obtainable via Cartel packs or GTN purchase for millions of credits.

Orange: Vibrant orange kyber crystals create blades reminiscent of flames. Often spotted among Jedi Guardians and Sith Warriors.

Pink: Pink crystals produce soft, rose-colored lightsaber beams. Available from Artifice crafting or ultra-rare world drops. Mostly seen among noble duelists.

Cyan: Glowing blue-green crystals emit serene cyan blades. Jedi Consulars favor this color for its connection to nature. Found on planets like Balmorra.

For the most unique lightsabers, get creative combining crystal effects! With the rarest kyber gems, you can build a legendary blade.

Using Color Crystals in Lightsaber Hilts

Color crystals primarily change the color of your wieldable lightsaber blade. However, certain lightsaber hilts also feature color crystal sockets:

Advanced Anarchist Lightsaber: Has 2 color crystal slots on the hilt which affect the lightsaber’s details.

Defiant Vented Lightsaber: Hilt crystal affects color of vents and other accents.

Dual-phase Lightsaber: Alters both main blade and hilt crystal visuals.

Firebrand Lightsaber: Hilt crystal changes the colors of the handgrip and accents.

Unstable Peacemaker: Has a hilt socket that makes the lightsaber flicker and spark.

Color crystals slotted into these special hilts will change the weapon’s cosmetic appearance. Mix and match both hilt and blade crystals for extra customization!

Lightsaber Color Meanings in Jedi Lore

In Jedi and Sith lore, the color of one’s lightsaber reflects personality traits and fighting style:

Color Meaning
Blue Disciplined, focused. For Jedi Guardians.
Green In touch with the Force. Used by Jedi Consulars.
Yellow Cerebral, tactical. Favored by Jedi Sentinels.
Red Aggressive, emotionally charged. Color of the Sith.
Purple Balance between light and dark. Rare among all factions.
White Devoted to the light side of the Force. Signifies great wisdom.
Black Embraces the darkness through Sith alchemy. Color of ancient evil.

These meanings provide helpful context for choosing your character’s kyber crystal. A studious Sentinel may opt for yellow, while a berserker Sith sticks with red.


Customizing your lightsaber color in Star Wars: The Old Republic allows you to personalize your weapon and connect it to your character’s identity. With the wide range of options from class quests, crafting, operations, and the GTN, you’re sure to find a crystal that suits your playstyle and complements your hilt. Display your chosen colors with Jedi discipline or Sith pride!