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How do I turn on accent color on Start and taskbar Windows 11?

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Windows 11 introduced a refreshed design with rounded corners, pastel colors, and new wallpapers. One of the most noticeable changes is the ability to customize the accent color that appears on elements like the Start menu, taskbar, window title bars, and more. The accent color helps personalize your desktop and make it feel more like your own. In this guide, we’ll walk through how to change the Windows 11 accent color for Start and taskbar.

Checking Current Accent Color

Before changing the accent color, it’s helpful to check what color is currently set. Here’s how:

1. Open the Settings app in Windows 11.
2. Go to Personalization > Colors.
3. Look under “Choose your mode” to see the currently set accent color.
4. The default accent color in Windows 11 is blue.

This will show your current accent color that appears on Start, taskbar, window title bars, and other elements.

Changing the Accent Color

Changing the Windows 11 accent color is easy and can be done in a few steps:

1. Open the Settings app and go to Personalization > Colors.
2. Under “Choose your color”, select the drop-down menu.
3. Preview the different accent colors available.
4. Choose a color you like.
5. The Start menu, taskbar, and other elements will update with the new accent color.

You can choose from a predefined set of colors like blue, green, red, orange, and others. Once selected, Start, the taskbar, Action Center, window title bars, and other elements will change to display the new accent color you picked.

Custom Accent Colors

If you want more customization, Windows 11 also allows you to create your own custom accent colors using the color picker:

1. Go to Settings > Personalization > Colors.
2. Under “Choose your color”, select the “+” icon to open the color picker.
3. Use the color slider and brightness slider to choose your perfect custom color.
4. Select “Done” to set the new custom color as your Windows accent.

With the color picker, you can dial in the exact hue and shade for your accent color. This lets you match your Windows theme to your personal style or other app themes you may be using.

Accent Color Effects

Once set, your chosen accent color will appear in these areas of Windows 11:

– Start menu The accent color is used for Start menu tiles, the pinned apps list, profile picture, and search box.
– Taskbar The taskbar will be shaded using the accent color you pick.
– Action Center The notification and quick action area adopts your accent color.
– Window title bars Active app and window title bars use your accent shade.
– Settings header The header at the top of the Settings app uses your accent color.
– File Explorer Elements like the command bar and preview pane border in File Explorer use the accent color.
– Other UI elements Other contextual UI like checkboxes, radio buttons, toggles, and more use your accent color for highlighting.

So the accent color you choose spreads across many UI elements of Windows 11 for a cohesive and personalized look.

Accent Color with Dark Mode

Windows 11 also includes a Dark mode option that switches the background to black and makes text lighter. Your accent color choice will still be honored in Dark mode:

– Start menu Tiles and other elements use a lighter variant of your color.
– Taskbar The taskbar adopts a darker shade of your accent color.
– Action Center A muted version of your accent color is used here.
– Title bars Active title bars are shown in a soft version of your chosen accent.
– Other UI Checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. get a darkened accent color variant.

So the accent color still shines through even when you engage Dark mode, but is softened to look natural against the black background.

Accenting the Desktop Background

In addition to Start, taskbar and app UI, you can also have Windows 11 accent your desktop background with your chosen color. Here’s how:

1. Go to Settings > Personalization > Colors.
2. Toggle “Automatically pick an accent color from my background” to On.
3. Windows will now apply a shade from your wallpaper as the accent color.

This sets Windows to automatically pick out a prominent color from your current desktop wallpaper image to use for accenting UI elements. It creates a more seamless, customized look for your desktop.

Customizing Overall Theme

The accent color is part of Windows 11’s overall theme options. You can also customize other aspects like:

– Background Set a custom background image or solid color.
– Theme Choose a preset theme like Garden, Sunrise, Forest to change backgrounds, colors, and sounds.
– Sound scheme Pick sound effects like Ocean, Electronic, or Piano for events like notifications.
– Cursor & pointers Change the cursor and pointer shapes and sizes.
– Touch keyboard Choose a color scheme for the touch keyboard (tablet mode).

So the accent color is just one part of fully customizing Windows 11’s look and feel to your preferences. Try out different backgrounds, themes, cursor schemes to complement your perfect accent color.

Other Personalization Options

Beyond the main theme settings, Windows 11 provides other ways to customize your desktop:

– Start layout Arrange apps and folders on Start through drag and drop.
– Taskbar settings Configure taskbar location, buttons, behaviors.
– Fonts Change default font type and size.
– Lock screen Set custom lock screen image and Pitcure password.

Take advantage of these options to tweak your Windows 11 desktop like Start layout, taskbar settings, lock screen, and more. Pair them with your accent color for a personalized Windows experience.


The accent color in Windows 11 provides an easy way to add visual pop and personalization to your desktop. To recap how to use it:

– Check current accent color in Settings > Personalization.

– Change accent color by picking predefined or custom color.

– Accent color applies to Start, taskbar, Action Center, title bars, and more.

– Works nicely with Windows 11 Dark mode.

– Can auto-extract accent from desktop background.

– Sets part of overall theme you can customize.

Take a few minutes to play with the Windows 11 accent color picker and themes. Find an accent color that suits your style to make Windows feel like your own.


Customizing the Windows 11 accent color provides an easy way to put your personal stamp on the desktop. Matching it to your wallpaper or larger theme creates a cohesive look across the UI. Just a few clicks can brighten up Start, the taskbar, title bars, and other elements with your favorite hue. So explore Windows 11’s accent color and theme options to dial in an aesthetic that matches your style.