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How do I reset my la crosse wireless weather station?

Resetting your La Crosse wireless weather station can help resolve issues with readings or connectivity. A reset clears out any erroneous data and gets the sensors syncing to the display properly again. It’s a quick and easy process that doesn’t require any tools. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reset your La Crosse wireless weather station.

When to Reset Your La Crosse Weather Station

There are a few instances when resetting your La Crosse weather station is recommended:

  • Erratic or inaccurate readings – If your outdoor sensor readings are stuck or fluctuating irregularly, a reset often fixes this.
  • Connectivity issues – If the display isn’t syncing to the sensors, a reset will often get them communicating again.
  • After changing sensor batteries – New batteries will prompt a reset.
  • When adding new sensors – To sync up new sensors, a reset is required.
  • Before relocating – If you’re moving the display or sensors to a new location, a reset gets them coordinated.
  • At start of a new season – To clear out any erroneous readings from the past season, reset at the start of spring, summer, fall and winter.

When in doubt, resetting your La Crosse weather station is unlikely to cause any issues. The only data that will be deleted are any erroneous readings. So don’t be afraid to reset if you notice anything amiss.

Resetting the Outdoor Sensor(s)

The first part of resetting your La Crosse system is resetting the outdoor sensor(s). Here are the steps:

  1. Open the outdoor sensor housing by gently pulling the top and bottom apart.
  2. Remove the batteries.
  3. Press and hold the small reset button inside the battery compartment for 10-15 seconds.
  4. Put the batteries back in, observing proper polarity.
  5. Snap the two halves of the housing back together.

This sequence will clear out any corrupt data and get the outdoor sensor ready to sync with the display again. Repeat this process for any additional outdoor sensors in your system.

Resetting the Display

Next, you’ll reset the display to have it begin acquiring data from the outdoor sensor(s) again:

  1. Unplug the display from power briefly.
  2. While unplugged, press and hold the + and SET buttons.
  3. With those buttons held down, plug the power back in.
  4. Keep holding the buttons until you see some of the display segments light up.
  5. Release the buttons. The display will flash and acquire readings from the sensors.

This display reset sequence deletes any previous data and gets it syncing to the outdoor sensors again.

Some La Crosse models have slightly different reset procedures, so always refer to your specific product’s manual if in doubt. But the general process of resetting the sensors followed by the display applies to most models.

Placement Tips After Resetting

To ensure your La Crosse wireless weather station works properly after resetting, keep these outdoor sensor placement tips in mind:

  • Mount in an open area away from trees, buildings and walls.
  • Ideal height is 5-6 feet off the ground.
  • Face the sensors away from direct sun to avoid false readings.
  • Keep sensors at least 30 feet from each other if using multiple.
  • Maximum range is 330 feet line of sight from display.

Proper placement is key to getting accurate data and maintaining connectivity after a reset.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

If resetting your La Crosse weather station doesn’t resolve sensor connectivity problems, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Issues Syncing After Adding New Sensors

  • Reset display and sensors again – Sometimes multiple resets are needed.
  • Bring sensors closer to display then reset – Sensors have to be near display on first sync.
  • Install batteries one-by-one checking for sync – Helps identify problem sensor.
  • Replace batteries in unsyncing sensor.

Intermittent Connection Dropouts

  • Check batteries and replace if low.
  • Ensure sensors are away from large metal objects or thick walls.
  • Reset display and sensors to re-establish connection.
  • Move display and sensors closer together to improve signal strength.

No Connection Ever Established

  • Hard reset by removing display batteries and holding power button.
  • Move display and sensors closer together then reset again.
  • Open a support ticket with the manufacturer providing model details.

Connection issues can be frustrating, but are often resolvable with resets, battery changes, placement adjustments and continued troubleshooting.

Resetting Other La Crosse Products

While this guide focused on resetting La Crosse branded weather stations, the process is similar for other La Crosse products:

Atomic Clocks

  • Remove clock from wall/power source.
  • Press and hold the reset pinhole on the back for 10+ seconds.
  • Replace clock on wall/power source.


  • Remove batteries.
  • Hold down buttons until screen clears.
  • Replace batteries.


  • Remove batteries.
  • Press reset button inside battery compartment.
  • Replace batteries.

Always check your specific device’s manual for exactly how to reset it, but this gives a general guideline for most La Crosse products.

When to Contact La Crosse Support

If you continue having issues after trying resets and troubleshooting, it may be time to contact La Crosse support. Provide details on the specific model and the issues encountered.

Support is available via:

  • Online form – Fill out the contact form on their website.
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Phone – 1-608-782-1610

La Crosse’s USA-based support team is quite knowledgeable about their products and helpful in resolving stubborn connectivity problems.


Resetting a La Crosse wireless weather station is straightforward – simply reset the outdoor sensors then the display unit. This clears out any erroneous data and gets the components communicating again. Proper placement and changing batteries can also help optimize connectivity after a reset. For stubborn issues, La Crosse’s helpful support team can provide additional troubleshooting tips. With a simple reset, you can get your La Crosse weather station functioning accurately again.

Reset Step Details
Outdoor Sensors
  1. Open housing
  2. Remove batteries
  3. Press reset button 10-15 secs
  4. Replace batteries
  5. Close housing
Display Unit
  1. Unplug display
  2. Hold + and SET buttons
  3. Plug display back in
  4. Keep holding buttons until segments light up
  5. Release buttons
Placement Tips
  • Open area away from obstructions
  • 5-6 feet high
  • Face away from sun
  • 30 feet between sensors
  • Max 330 feet from display

This summarizes the key steps and tips for successfully resetting your La Crosse wireless weather station. Let me know if you would like me to expand or modify anything in this article. I can easily customize it to focus on any specific aspects needed. Please provide any feedback to help improve my writing skills – I aim to deliver excellent quality articles tailored to your requirements.