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How do I reset my hp laserjet enterprise?

Resetting your HP LaserJet Enterprise printer can help resolve a variety of issues and restore the device to factory default settings. Resetting deletes all data stored on the printer, including settings, passwords, fax logs, etc. So before resetting, be sure to back up any data you want to keep.

There are a few different reset methods available depending on your printer model. In this guide, we’ll cover the following reset options:

  • Hard reset via the reset button
  • Hard reset via the control panel menu
  • Soft reset via the control panel menu
  • Reset via the HP Embedded Web Server

The steps to reset your specific LaserJet model may vary slightly, so refer to your owner’s manual if needed. Let’s look at the reset steps for some common HP LaserJet Enterprise models.

Resetting HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M630 / M631 / M632 / M633

These enterprise multifunction printers can be hard reset using the reset button or through the control panel menus. Here are the steps for both methods:

Reset Button Method

1. Turn off the printer.
2. Locate the reset button inside the front door.
3. While pressing the reset button, turn on the printer.
4. Hold the reset button for 10 seconds until the attention light blinks.
5. Release the reset button. The device will initialize and reboot.

Control Panel Reset Menu

1. From the Home screen on the printer control panel, scroll to and select the Settings icon.
2. Open the following menus:
– Service
– Reset Factory Settings
3. Select Reset.
4. The device will initialize and reboot.

Resetting HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 M712 / M725 / M750

The LaserJet 700 series can be reset from the control panel menu. Here are the steps:

1. From the Home screen, scroll to and select the Settings icon.
2. Open the following menus:
– Service
– Reset Factory Settings
3. Select Reset.
4. If prompted, select Reset or Reset All.
5. The device will initialize and reboot.

Resetting HP LaserJet Enterprise M806 / M830 / M856 / M880

These enterprise printer models also allow resetting from the control panel menu:

1. From the Home screen, scroll to and select the Settings icon.
2. Open the following menus:
– Service
– Restore Factory Settings
3. Select Reset.
4. If prompted, confirm the reset.
5. The device will initialize and reboot.

Soft Reset on HP LaserJet Enterprise

A soft reset (sometimes called a cold reset) restarts the printer without erasing settings and data. Try a soft reset first before doing a hard reset if possible.

To soft reset many HP LaserJet Enterprise models:

1. Press the Power button to turn off the printer.
2. While holding down the Cancel button, press the Power button to turn the printer back on.
3. Once the printer reboots, release the Cancel button.

Resetting via the Embedded Web Server

Many HP LaserJet printers can also be reset remotely via the embedded web server. Follow these general steps:

1. Print a configuration page to get the printer’s IP address.
2. Open a web browser and navigate to the IP address (e.g.
3. Enter the admin login credentials if prompted.
4. Locate the reset option. This may be under Settings, General, Reset Factory Defaults, or a similar path.
5. Select the reset button or link.
6. Confirm the reset if prompted.
7. The printer will initialize and reboot.

Check your printer’s user guide for the exact reset menu navigation if needed.

Important Notes Before Resetting HP LaserJet Enterprise Printers

Keep the following important points in mind before performing a reset on your HP LaserJet:

– Resetting deletes all settings, profiles, network info, page counts, and other data stored on the printer. Back up anything important first.

– After resetting, you’ll need to reinstall the printer software and drivers and set up wireless or Ethernet networking again if used.

– On older enterprise models, resetting deletes any stored fax logs and phone book contacts.

– Printers with hard drives will reformat the drive, erasing all data including stored print jobs.

– Reset during printer downtime to minimize workflow disruptions in corporate environments.

– If you reset to try and resolve an issue, run test prints after resetting to verify the problem is fixed.

– Still having problems? Additional troubleshooting or servicing from HP may be required even after resetting the printer.

Troubleshooting Tips for HP LaserJet Enterprise Printers

If you’re experiencing issues that prompt a reset, here are some troubleshooting tips to try first on HP LaserJet Enterprise models:

Control Panel Issues

– Check for any visible damage, debris, or spilled liquid on the control panel. Clean if needed.

– Reseat the control panel cables to ensure a good connection.

– Rule out control board failure by testing with a known good replacement control panel, if possible.

Print Quality Problems

– Print quality test pages to determine the exact issue – faint print, streaks, smears, etc.

– Clean the inside of the printer and run cleaning pages to clean the fuser.

– Replace toner cartridges that are damaged or low. Only use original HP cartridges.

– Remove and reseat the toner cartridges and imaging drums. Replace if defective.

– Make sure you are using the proper paper type for the print job.

Paper Jams

– Open and close all covers and doors to check for jammed paper. Remove any found.

– Clear paper dust and debris from the paper path using compressed air.

– Check the rollers and belts for damage. Replace any worn components.

– Make sure paper trays are loaded correctly and guides are adjusted to size.

Connection Issues

– Verify port settings match between the printer and print server or computer.

– Check network cables for damage and reseat connections. Test with a new cable if possible.

– On wireless models, run the wireless setup wizard again if the network connection is lost.

– Update any outdated print drivers and printer firmware.

– Disable firewalls and antivirus temporarily to rule out software conflicts.

If issues continue even after resetting and troubleshooting, there may be a hardware malfunction requiring printer service or replacement. Contact HP for enterprise printer support if needed.


Resetting an HP LaserJet Enterprise printer can help resolve firmware glitches, connectivity issues, control panel problems, and other errors. Just be sure to back up important device data first and allot time for reconfiguration. Check your printer’s documentation for the exact reset method and control panel menu options. Perform some basic troubleshooting to see if you can resolve problems without resetting first. If issues persist after resetting the HP printer, additional repairs or service may be required. Contact HP enterprise support for assistance.

Printer Model Reset Button Method Control Panel Reset Menu
HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M630, M631, M632, M633 Yes Yes
HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 M712, M725, M750 No Yes
HP LaserJet Enterprise M806, M830, M856, M880 No Yes

This table provides a quick summary of the reset methods available for some common HP LaserJet Enterprise models. Refer to your printer’s documentation for full instructions on the reset procedure.