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How do I make text orange in HTML?

How do I make text orange in HTML?

How do I make text orange in HTML?

Making text orange in HTML can be done in a few simple steps by using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS allows you to control the style and formatting of HTML elements on a web page. To make text orange, you’ll need to use the color property and specify the hex code for orange as the value.

Here is a quick overview of how to make text orange in HTML:

Step 1 Use the <span> tag to wrap the text you want to be orange
Step 2 Add the style attribute to the <span> tag
Step 3 Set the color property to the hex code #FFA500

Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to turn any text on your web page orange. The hex code #FFA500 is the standard orange web color. Let’s look at each step in more detail.

Use the <span> Tag to Wrap Text

The <span> element in HTML is used to group inline-elements together for styling purposes. Since we want to target specific text on the page to turn orange, <span> is perfect for this task.

To use <span>, simply wrap the text you want to be orange inside an opening and closing <span> tag like this:

<span>This text will be orange</span>

The <span> tag is semantic, meaning it doesn’t impart any specific meaning. It’s used to group text together so you can style it with CSS.

Add the style Attribute to the <span> Tag

Now that our text is wrapped in a <span> element, we can use the style attribute to apply CSS styling directly inline.

Add the style attribute to the opening <span> tag like this:

<span style=””>This text will be orange</span>

The style attribute accepts any valid CSS rules. We’ll use it to set the color property next.

Set the color Property to #FFA500

To make the text inside our <span> tag orange, we simply need to set the CSS color property to the hex code #FFA500.

The final code looks like this:

<span style=”color: #FFA500;”>This text will be orange</span>

And that’s it! The text inside the <span> tag will now be rendered as orange on the web page.

The hex code #FFA500 represents the standard orange web color. Hex codes allow you to precisely specify colors in CSS by mixing amounts of red, green, and blue.

You can use any online color picker tool to find hex codes for additional colors you want to use on your website.

Tips for Using Orange Text

Now that you know how to make text orange in HTML and CSS, let’s go over some tips for using orange text effectively:

  • Use orange for emphasis – Orange naturally draws attention, so utilize it for important text like warnings or notifications.
  • Contrast with dark backgrounds – Orange pops well off darker backgrounds. Pair with black or darker shades.
  • Use with similar bold colors – Orange looks great alongside other bold shades like yellow, red, and brown.
  • Avoid overusing it – Too much orange text can strain the eyes. Use it sparingly and appropriately.
  • Consider lightness/darkness – Lighter tints of orange are more energetic, darker shades more earthy and vintage.

Some examples of great uses for orange text include:

  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Headlines
  • Highlights
  • Notifications
  • Warnings

Use orange text strategically to make key elements stand out on your web pages and draw the user’s attention.

Other Ways to Style Text

Making text orange using inline CSS on a <span> element is just one way to style text in HTML. Here are some other approaches:

  • Use the <font> tag – The deprecated <font> element allows setting the color and styling text.
  • External stylesheet – You can define CSS styles for elements in an external .css stylesheet file.
  • Internal stylesheet – Include CSS rules using the <style> tag in the HTML .
  • Inline CSS – Use the style attribute on any element as shown earlier.
  • CSS class – Assign elements a class name and define styling for that class in CSS.

For the bestseparation of concerns, define your CSS styles externally or internally using selectors, rather than inline styles. But inline styles do provide an easy way to quickly style a specific piece of text.

Browser Compatibility

Changing text color using CSS works across all major modern browsers. There are no compatibility issues with styling text orange in the latest versions of:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer 11

Some older browsers don’t support hex color values, so you may need to use RGB or named color values for full compatibility. But all browsers support styling text with CSS.


Making text orange in HTML and CSS is easy – just wrap the text in a <span> tag, add a style attribute, and set color to the hex code #FFA500 or RGB value rgb(255,165,0).

Use orange strategically on your web pages to attract attention and highlight important elements. Contrast with darker backgrounds for best results.

Setting the color property with CSS is the standard way to style text across modern browsers. Consider using an external stylesheet over inline styles for better coding practices.

With this simple CSS technique, you now have orange text at your fingertips to use on any HTML web page!