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How do I make my android wallpaper solid color?

Having a customized wallpaper can be a great way to personalize your Android device. If you want a simple, solid color background, it’s easy to configure this on your Android. Here are some tips for setting a solid color wallpaper on your Android device.

Using Default Wallpapers

Many Android devices come pre-installed with some default solid color wallpaper options. To use one of these:

  1. Go to your device’s Settings app.
  2. Tap “Wallpaper & style” or “Display” (will vary by device).
  3. Tap “Wallpaper”.
  4. You should see some default solid color wallpaper options like “Blue”, “Green”, “Red” etc. Tap on the color you want.
  5. Tap “Set wallpaper” to apply it.

This will set a simple solid color background of the selected shade system-wide, including the home screen and lock screen.

Using a Custom Image

You can also create your own custom solid color wallpaper image to use. Here’s how:

  1. Open an image editing app on your device, like Snapseed, Pixlr or Adobe Photoshop Express.
  2. Create a new blank image file and set the dimensions to match your device’s display resolution (e.g. 1080×2280 pixels for a 1080p phone display).
  3. Use the app’s color fill tool to fill the image with your desired solid color.
  4. Optional: Add subtle gradients, textures or other touches if desired.
  5. Save the finished image to your device’s internal storage.
  6. Open your device’s Settings > Wallpaper menu.
  7. Tap “Photos” or “Gallery”.
  8. Select the color wallpaper image you created.
  9. Tap “Set wallpaper”.

This allows you to have a fully customized solid color wallpaper. You can tweak the shade and style exactly how you want.

Using a Downloaded Wallpaper App

There are also apps you can download to generate solid color wallpapers:

  • Solid Color Wallpaper – Choose from preset or custom colors. Save generated wallpapers to device.
  • Color Wallpaper – Features a color wheel picker for limitless solid color options.
  • Full Color Wallpaper – Set different lock and home screen colors. Change wallpaper with a tap.

These apps provide user-friendly ways to create and customize solid color wallpapers without needing image editing expertise.

Using Hex Codes

For full customization, you can use hex codes to define exact colors. Here’s how:

  1. Find a hex code color picker online and pick your desired shade.
  2. Note the 6-character hex code, like #363940.
  3. Download a simple image editing app and create a new blank image.
  4. Use the hex code to fill the image with that precise color.
  5. Export and set it as your wallpaper.

This method allows pinpoint selection from over 16 million color options for your perfect wallpaper shade.

Matching Your Home Screen

Want your solid wallpaper to match your Android home screen aesthetic? Consider these tips:

  • Use a muted shade like grey or tan if you have a minimalist home screen with simple iconography.
  • Try a vibrant tone like cyan or magenta if you have bold, colorful app icons and widgets.
  • Coordinate with your theme – match the dominate hue of your icon pack.
  • Choose a contrasting color to make icons stand out from the background.

Picking a coordinated solid shade can pull your overall home screen look together.


Issues sometimes encountered when setting solid color wallpaper and how to resolve them:

Issue Solution
Wallpaper appears blurred/pixelated Ensure image resolution matches your display resolution
Wallpaper resets after restart Double check wallpaper is set for both home and lock screen
Can’t get exact color wanted Use a hex code for precise color specification
Wallpaper looks different on home vs. lock screen Some OEMs handle color differently per screen
Color seems dull or muted Opt for a slightly more saturated shade than initially thought

Paying attention to image size, confirming settings, and testing shades are key to getting your perfect solid color Android wallpaper.

Expert Color Combinations

Some sophisticated color combinations that work great for Android wallpapers:

  • Cobalt blue (#0047AB) + burnt orange (#D55A00)
  • Emerald green (#028A0F) + violet (#580CA8)
  • Hot pink (#FF028C) + lime green (#8CFF00)
  • Blood red (#8B0000) + sandy tan (#CCC68F)
  • Navy blue (#000004) + plum (#4C114E)

Color theory principles like complementary, split complementary, and analogous schemes are good formulas to follow.


With the default wallpapers available on most Android devices, downloading specialized apps, creating your own custom images, or using hex codes, it’s easy to get a tailored solid color wallpaper. Match your home screen theme, use color combinations that appeal to you, and adjust the color until it’s perfect. With a little time and tweaking, you can set an Android wallpaper in exactly the solid color you want to make your device stylishly yours.