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How do I know which Maybelline concealer color to buy?

Choosing the right concealer color can be tricky, but it’s important for seamlessly covering blemishes, minimizing the look of dark circles, and brightening your complexion. When selecting a Maybelline concealer, there are a few key things to consider to find your perfect match.

What is my skin’s undertone?

Determining your skin’s undertone is the first step to finding the right concealer shade. There are three main undertones: warm, cool, and neutral.

Those with warm undertones have a yellow, peach, or golden tint to their skin. If your veins appear greenish and most silver jewelry clashes with your skin, you likely have a warm undertone. Maybelline concealers with warm undertones include Superstay Full Coverage Concealer in shades like Golden and Warm Light.

Cool undertones tend to have a pink, red, or blue tint. If your veins are very blue and you look best in silver jewelry, your skin is likely cool toned. Try Maybelline concealers with cool shades like Fair or Porcelain.

Neutral skin doesn’t lean particularly warm or cool. It has a more even mix of undertones and wears both gold and silver jewelry well. Some neutral Maybelline concealer options include Medium and Pure Beige.

What level of coverage do I need?

Maybelline makes concealers with light, medium and full coverage. If you just need to cover minimal imperfections, a concealer with light coverage like Dream Brightening Creamy Concealer may work well. For moderate coverage, try Instant Age Rewind Eraser Multi-Use Concealer.

Those with more significant blemishes, scarring or hyperpigmentation will benefit from Maybelline’s full coverage concealers like Superstay Full Coverage Concealer. This offers complete, opaque coverage for a flawless complexion.

What finish looks best on my skin type?

Consider your skin type when choosing a concealer finish. For example:

  • Dry skin: Look for a hydrating, dewy finish like Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid Concealer.
  • Oily skin: Matte concealers help control shine, like Superstay Full Coverage Concealer.
  • Combination skin: Try a natural finish that blends seamlessly, like Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer.
  • Mature skin: Creamy concealers add moisture to prevent settling in fine lines, like Age Rewind concealer.

How do Maybelline’s concealer shades compare to foundations?

It can be helpful to match your concealer to your foundation or powder shade. Maybelline makes this easy with corresponding shade names across many of its base products. Here are some examples:

Concealer Shade Matching Foundation
Ivory Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation in 110 Ivory
Pure Beige Superstay Full Coverage Foundation in 128 Pure Beige
Honey Dream Radiant Liquid Hydrating Foundation in 65 Honey

Should I choose a shade lighter or darker than my skin tone?

For optimal results, choose a concealer shade that matches your exact skin tone. However, some people intentionally pick shades a bit lighter or darker.

Using a concealer slightly lighter than your natural skintone can brighten and highlight facial features. But too light of a concealer may look unnatural or grey.

Choosing a slightly darker concealer can camouflage issues without looking too stark under the eyes or on blemishes. But too dark of a shade won’t provide enough color correction.

How do I test a concealer shade?

The best way to test a concealer shade is to swipe it directly onto your face. Blend it out near your jawline in natural light to see if it disappears into your skin seamlessly.

Be sure to let it sit for a few minutes before checking the color match. Oils from your skin can affect the way a concealer sets and oxidizes over time.

For an accurate match, test shades on your face rather than just your hand, which is often a different tone than your actual complexion.

What are the best selling Maybelline concealers?

Here are some of Maybelline’s most popular concealer shades to consider:

Concealer Best-Selling Shades
Instant Age Rewind Concealer Neutralizer, Brightener, Fair, Light Pale
Superstay Full Coverage Concealer Warm Light, Medium, Tan, Caramel
Fit Me Concealer Fair, Light, Medium, Sand

How do I apply concealer correctly?

Follow these tips for flawless concealer application:

  1. Prep skin with moisturizer and primer for smooth blending.
  2. For undereye circles, apply concealer in an upside down triangle shape.
  3. Gently pat concealer into skin with fingers, brush, or beauty sponge.
  4. Blend edges until seamless and transparent.
  5. Set with powder to increase wear time.
  6. Use a color corrector before concealer to neutralize discoloration.


Finding your perfect Maybelline concealer match requires knowing your skin’s undertone, desired coverage, and comparing shades to foundations you already use. Test concealer colors directly on your face in natural lighting. Opt for best-selling shades like Medium, Sand, and Neutralizer. Use the right application techniques for a flawless finish.

With this guide, you should feel confident picking out a Maybelline concealer that seamlessly conceals, highlights, and perfects your complexion.