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How do I find exact colors in Canva?

Finding the exact color you want to use in your Canva designs can be tricky. Unlike programs like Photoshop or Illustrator that have built-in color pickers, Canva doesn’t give you the hexadecimal code for colors. But there are still a few different ways to find and use precise colors in Canva.

Use the Color Wheel

The easiest way to find and use specific colors is with the Canva color wheel. To find it, click on the color selector tool on the left side toolbar. This will open up a color wheel where you can choose from different hues, saturations, and brightness levels.

You can enter in a hexadecimal code if you already have one and Canva will select that exact shade. Or you can play around with the wheel and slider bars to pick a color visually. Once selected, the RGB values will display which you can then copy and use elsewhere.

Extract Colors from Images

Another way to get precise colors into your Canva designs is by sampling colors from images and photos. Just upload any image, click on the color dropper icon, and then select an area of the photo that has the color you want.

This will open the color wheel and automatically choose that exact shade from the image. You can then use those color values in your design elements and backgrounds.

Use Brand Color Codes

If you need specific brand colors that you don’t have images for, most companies provide hexadecimal codes on their brand guideline pages. You can easily input these into Canva’s color wheel.

For example, to get Facebook’s main blue shade, enter in #3b5998 into the hex code field. For Twitter’s blue, use #1da1f2. Google’s red, green, blue, and yellow brand colors are #ea4335, #34a853, #4285f4, and #fbec5d.

Find Colors with Online Tools

Websites like,, and Picular allow you to find color codes and palettes that you can then use in Canva. You can browse premade palettes, generate random color schemes, or pick shades from images.

Once you find the exact color you want, just copy its hex code and paste it into Canva’s color wheel. This gives you endless color options for your designs.

Use Color Extensions

Browser extensions like ColorZilla and ColorPick Eyedropper can help you grab colors from any webpage. Just install the extension, click on any element on a site to sample its color, then copy the code it gives you.

For example, you could use it to pick an exact color from a photo on Instagram or product image from an online shop. Just paste that hex code into Canva to match that web color.

Convert Between Color Models

You may need to convert a color code from one model to another for use in Canva. For example, CMYK to RGB or vice versa. There are free tools online that make this easy.

With, you can paste in your color code and convert between HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSL, and other models. This ensures the color translates properly into your Canva design.

Use Color Contrast Checkers

When using text over colored backgrounds in Canva, you’ll want to make sure there is enough contrast for readability. Color contrast checker tools like WebAIM’s Color Contrast Checker analyze the combination and tell you if it passes WCAG AA and AAA accessibility standards.

To use it, simply enter your foreground and background colors to see if they work together. Adjust as needed until the contrast ratio is sufficient.


Finding and using precise, accurate colors is important for brand consistency, readability, and having a professional look in your Canva designs. By using the color wheel, entering hex codes, extracting colors from images, using online tools, and checking contrast, you can have full color control.

The key benefits include:

Benefit Description
Brand accuracy Match official brand colors for logos, text, backgrounds
Visual appeal Choose attractive, complementary color schemes
Readability Ensure enough contrast between text and backgrounds
Professionalism Precise colors look more polished and thought-out
Consistency Use the same colors across multiple designs

With a bit of work, you can find and utilize exact, precise colors for all your Canva projects. Your designs will look clean, professional, and on-brand when using the right color codes and tools.