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How do I enable Razer Chroma RGB?

Razer Chroma RGB is Razer’s proprietary RGB lighting technology that allows for full customization of lighting effects on supported Razer devices. Enabling Chroma allows you to sync lighting effects between all your Chroma-enabled Razer hardware for a truly immersive experience. Here’s how to enable Razer Chroma RGB:


To enable Razer Chroma RGB, you’ll need:

  • A Chroma-enabled Razer device like a keyboard, mouse, headset, etc.
  • The latest version of Razer Synapse installed (3.0 or later)
  • A computer running Windows 7 or later

Enable Chroma in Razer Synapse

Here are the steps to enable Chroma in Razer Synapse:

  1. Launch Razer Synapse and login to your Razer account.
  2. Connect your Razer hardware if not already connected.
  3. Click on the ‘Chroma’ tab at the top.
  4. Make sure the ‘Enable Chroma’ checkbox is ticked.
  5. Click ‘Apply’ to save the settings.

This will enable Chroma for all connected Razer devices. The lighting should now be customizable under the Chroma Studio module in Synapse.

Customize Chroma lighting effects

Once Chroma is enabled, you can customize the lighting effects. Here are some tips:

  • Use the Chroma Studio module to pick preset lighting effects like Spectrum Cycling, Breathing, etc.
  • Create custom effects by selecting which colors appear on which device keys/zones.
  • Choose from 16.8 million colors for endless possibilities.
  • Sync effects between devices like having the same color for WASD on both keyboard and mouse.
  • Set duration, brightness and apply effects to all Chroma devices.

The Chroma Studio gives you complete control over the look of your lighting setup. You can go for simple, subtle effects or highly advanced multi-device animations.

Enable Chroma Apps for games

In addition to the Chroma Studio, Razer Synapse also has Chroma Apps that integrate with popular games. This syncs the lighting effects to in-game action like health, cooldowns, etc. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Open the ‘Apps’ tab in Synapse and click ‘Chroma Apps’.
  2. Browse and click on the app for the game you want.
  3. Click ‘Install’ and the app will be added.
  4. Under ‘My Apps’, tick the checkbox next to the app to enable it.
  5. Launch the game and the Chroma App will automatically sync.

Razer has Chroma Apps for games like Overwatch, Fortnite, Apex Legends, etc. It provides an even more immersive gaming experience tailored to each title.

Create Chroma profiles for games

You can also create custom Chroma profiles for games that don’t have official apps:

  • Open Chroma Studio and select ‘Create Profile’.
  • Choose the type as ‘Game’ and enter game details.
  • Map lighting colors and effects to in-game events manually.
  • Sync to gameplay either by doing it manually or assigning keys.
  • Save the profile and tick it under ‘Profiles’ to enable when launching that game.

This takes more effort but lets you customize lighting for any game. You can set specific colors for things like taking damage, getting loot, using abilities, etc.

Other tips

Here are some other useful tips for using Razer Chroma:

  • Go to the ‘Quick Effects’ section for quick color and animation presets like alerts, celebrations, etc.
  • Try out the freestyle ‘Canvas’ mode to paint lighting effects with a brush.
  • Set Chroma to react to your music or microphone input for cool effects.
  • Use the Chroma mobile app to control your device lighting on the go.
  • Check for Synapse and Chroma App updates to get new features and improved performance.


Enabling Razer Chroma allows for dynamic and customizable lighting effects to enhance your gaming experience. Use the Chroma Studio for basic effects or explore Chroma Apps and profiles to synchronize lighting with games. Take full advantage of your Chroma-capable devices with these tips. Chroma adds another layer of immersion when playing games, listening to music or watching movies.

Step Description
1 Install and open Razer Synapse
2 Connect Razer hardware
3 Go to the ‘Chroma’ tab
4 Tick ‘Enable Chroma’ checkbox
5 Click ‘Apply’ to save
6 Customize effects in Chroma Studio
7 Enable Chroma Apps for games
8 Create custom profiles
9 Use quick effects and freestyle canvas
10 Update Synapse and apps regularly

With these steps, you’ll be able to setup and customize Razer Chroma RGB effects to take your gaming experience to the next level. The vibrant and dynamic lighting creates an immersive environment that reacts to your gameplay. Take full advantage of your Chroma devices and enjoy the benefits of Razer’s lighting technology with this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Razer Chroma?

Razer Chroma is an RGB lighting technology that allows full customization of color and effects across supported Razer hardware and accessories. Devices like keyboards, mice, headsets and more can be configured.

What Razer devices work with Chroma?

Many recent Razer products support Chroma like keyboards, mice, mousepads, headsets, and other accessories. Look for the ‘Chroma’ branding on devices for compatibility.

Can I sync Chroma between different devices?

Yes, with Razer Synapse you can coordinate Chroma lighting between all connected Razer hardware like having matching colors on a keyboard, mouse, and headset.

Does Chroma work with non-Razer devices?

Unfortunately no, Chroma only works with supported Razer products. For external devices, you would need to use third-party RGB control software.

Can I use Chroma while offline?

Yes, once you customize the lighting configuration in Synapse you can use Chroma offline. Synapse is only required for changing effects.

Troubleshooting Razer Chroma

Chroma not working

  • Make sure Synapse is installed and you are logged in
  • Connect the Chroma device properly via USB
  • Check if the device is Chroma capable and supported
  • Update to latest Synapse and device drivers

Colors not syncing between devices

  • Double check ‘Enable Chroma’ is on in all device tabs
  • Try reconnecting or restarting devices
  • Make sure lighting is configured correctly under same Chroma Studio tab

Games not reacting to Chroma Apps

  • Make sure app is installed and enabled
  • Restart the game after enabling app
  • Check for app updates
  • Try reinstalling the app

Lighting reverts after closing Synapse

  • Ensure desired profile is selected before closing
  • Set Windows startup behavior under Settings tab
  • Applying lighting directly without profile can cause issues

Still having issues? Contact Razer Support with details of the problem for further assistance.


Razer Chroma brings your gaming setup to life with vibrant, customizable RGB lighting effects. Follow this guide to enable Chroma in Synapse, set up stunning lighting configurations, and take advantage of immersive Chroma integrations with popular games. With the endless options and effortless syncing between your Chroma devices, you can transform your desktop into a true gaming battlestation. Get started with the lighting customization now and make your gaming experience more vivid and dynamic.