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How do I change text format in Discord?

Discord allows users to customize and change the text formatting of their messages in several ways. This can help make messages stand out, emphasize key points, or just add some extra flair. Here are some of the main options for changing text format in Discord.


To make text bold, surround it with two asterisks like **this**. For example:

**Bold text**

Bolding text can help make key terms, phrases, or warnings stand out in your messages.


To italicize text, surround it with either a single asterisk or an underscore like *this* or _this_. For example:

*Italicized text*

_Italicized text_

Italics can be used to emphasize certain words or phrases in your messages.


To underline text, surround it with two underscores like __this__. For example:

__Underlined text__

Underlining can help highlight key points or terms in your messages.


To strikethrough text, surround it with two tildes like ~~this~~. For example:

~~Strikethrough text~~

Strikethrough can be used to indicate corrections, edits, or retracted statements in your messages.

Code Block

To create a code block, surround your text with backticks (\` \`). For example:

\`This will be a code block\`

Code blocks are useful for sharing blocks of code or other monospaced/fixed-width text.


To make an individual word or phrase appear like code, surround it with backticks like \`this\`. For example:

Here is some \`code\` in the middle of a sentence.

This can be handy for referencing coding terms in regular messages.


To create a blockquote, start a message with a > character. For example:

> This will be a blockquote

Blockquotes can be used to quote messages from others or set text apart in your own messages.

Spoiler Tag

To hide text until clicked/tapped, surround it with two pipe | characters like ||this||. For example:

||Spoiler text goes here||

Spoiler tags let you hide potentially sensitive info that some users may not want to see right away.


To make text superscript (higher), surround it with ^ characters like ^this^. For example:

This is ^superscript^ text.

Superscript can be used for footnotes, mathematical exponents, and other uses where text needs to sit higher.


To make text subscript (lower), surround it with ~ characters like ~this~. For example:

This is ~subscript~ text.

Subscript can be used for chemical formulas, mathematical indices, footnotes, and other uses where text should sit lower.


To mention another Discord user, type @ followed by their username. For example:

@Bob Take a look at this!

Mentions can be used to get other users’ attention or bring them into a conversation.

Channel Hashtag

To link to and highlight a Discord channel, type # followed by the channel name. For example:

Check out #general for more info.

Channel hashtags let you direct users to specific channels and their content.

Emojis and Emoticons

Discord allows using standard emojis and emoticons like 🙂 or :laugh: to express tone and emotion.

These can help conversations feel more natural, convey non-verbal cues, and add fun.

Combining Formatting

Multiple formatting options can be combined in the same message. For example:

**This text is _bold and italic_**

Just be sure to properly nest the formatting syntax, with the outermost styling first. Improperly nested syntax may not format correctly.

Escaping Formatting

To use formatting characters like * or _ without applying styling, escape them by typing a backslash \ before the character. For example:



This prevents markdown styling from being applied so you can use the characters normally.

Apps and Buttons

In addition to text formatting, Discord supports interactive apps and buttons that can be added to messages. For example:

/poll “Is this article helpful?” Yes No

Buttons and apps like polls, YouTube watch parties, countdown timers, and more can help make conversations richer and more engaging.


Discord provides a wide variety of text formatting options like bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, code blocks, mentions, emojis, and more. Combining these can help emphasize key points, add visual flair, convey tone, and keep conversations lively and fun. With practice, text formatting becomes second nature in Discord.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Surround text with **two asterisks** to make it bold.
  • Use *one asterisk* or _underscore_ to italicize.
  • Underline with __two underscores__.
  • Strikethrough uses ~~two tildes~~.
  • \`Backticks\` create code and code blocks.
  • > Blockquotes start lines with >.
  • ||Pipe characters|| make spoiler tags.
  • ^Superscript^ uses ^up arrows^.
  • ~Subscripts~ use ~down arrows~.
  • @Mentions notify other users.
  • #Channel tags link channels.
  • :emoji: and 🙂 add emoji spice.

With this guide, you should now have a good sense of how to format your messages on Discord. So go ahead – make those texts pop!