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How do I change my Facebook background from black to white?

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How do I change my Facebook background from black to white?

Changing your Facebook background color from black to white is easy to do directly within Facebook’s settings. Your Facebook background is the color that appears behind your profile picture and cover photo. By default, Facebook sets new profiles to have a white background, but you can customize it to be any color you want. Here’s how to change your Facebook background from black back to white in just a few simple steps.

Why Would I Want to Change My Facebook Background Color?

There are a few reasons why you may want to change your Facebook background from black to white or another color:

– Aesthetics – You may simply prefer the look of a white or different colored background behind your profile. White backgrounds tend to look cleaner and brighter.

– Visibility – Dark backgrounds like black can make it harder to see your profile picture and cover photo clearly. A lighter background puts the focus on your photos.

– Coordination – You may want your background to match your cover photo or profile picture. A white background can coordinate well with many color schemes.

– Accessibility – Some users with visual impairments find lighter backgrounds easier to view. White provides high contrast with black text and images.

How to Change Facebook Background Color on Desktop

Changing your Facebook background color is easy to do from the desktop website. Here are the steps:

1. Go to and click on your profile icon in the top right.

2. From the drop down menu, click “Settings & Privacy.”

3. On the left side menu, click “Settings.”

4. Click “Personal and account information.”

5. Under the “Personal Information” heading, you will see an option for “Background Color.” Click the box to open the color picker.

6. Select the white color option. You can also customize it by clicking “Custom…” to open a palette where you can enter in the white hex code #FFFFFF.

7. Click “Apply” to save the new white background color.

It may take a few minutes for the new background color to appear across Facebook. But your profile background should now be white!

Changing Facebook Background on Mobile

You can also quickly change your Facebook background color right from the mobile app for iPhone or Android. Here’s how:

1. Open the Facebook app and tap the three line menu icon.

2. Scroll down and choose “Settings & Privacy” then tap “Settings.”

3. Select “Personal and account information” from the menu.

4. Tap on “Background color.”

5. Pick the white color option or enter in the hex code #FFFFFF.

6. Tap “Done” in the top right corner to apply the change.

The updated white background color will be visible right away in the mobile app.

Resetting Default White Background

If you ever want to reset your Facebook background color back to the original white, here’s a shortcut:

1. Go to your Facebook profile settings on desktop or mobile.

2. Under “Background color” click the link that says “Use Default.”

This will automatically change your custom background color back to Facebook’s default white background.

Other Background Customization Options

In addition to changing background color, you can also customize:

– Background gradient – Choose between a solid color, vertical gradient, horizontal gradient, or radial gradient.

– Background image – Upload your own photos to set a custom background image.

– Background pattern – Select from Facebook’s preset patterns including textures and designs.

So get creative and make your profile uniquely yours! A white background is just one option to help make your page look clean, professional, and easy to navigate.


Changing your Facebook background from black to white only takes a minute. With just a few taps in your Facebook settings, you can update the color to white or any other hue you prefer. A lighter white background can help your profile pictures pop and make your page more visually appealing. So try out a fresh white background and see if you like the brighter, cleaner look. Customizing your Facebook profile is a great way to showcase your personality!

Step Desktop Instructions Mobile Instructions
1 Go to and click your profile icon > Settings & Privacy > Settings Open Facebook app > Tap menu icon > Settings & Privacy > Settings
2 Click Personal and account information Tap Personal and account information
3 Under Background Color, open color picker Tap Background color
4 Select white color option Select white option or enter #FFFFFF
5 Click Apply Tap Done

Frequently Asked Questions

Does changing the background color also change the cover photo?

No, changing your Facebook background color only affects the background behind your profile picture and info. It does not alter your cover photo.

Can I set a custom color not in the default options?

Yes! When customizing your background, click on “Custom…” to open a color picker where you can enter in any hex color code, including #FFFFFF for white.

What’s the default Facebook background color?

The standard background color set by Facebook for new profiles is solid white, with the hex code #FFFFFF.

Is there a way to automatically cycle background colors?

Unfortunately no, Facebook does not have an option to automatically rotate or cycle your background color. You have to manually select and apply a new color each time.

Can I use a background image instead of a solid color?

Yes! You can upload your own photos to use as a custom background image for your profile under the “Background image” settings.

Will my Facebook background color change for dark mode?

The background color you select will remain the same whether you have Facebook in light or dark mode. The color does not automatically invert for dark mode.

How do I quickly get back to the default white background?

In your background color settings, click “Use Default” and Facebook will reset to the standard white background.