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How do I change my cursor on Chrome?

Changing your cursor on Chrome is a simple process that allows you to customize the look of your mouse pointer. With just a few clicks, you can switch between different cursor themes, sizes, and colors to suit your personal preference.

Why Would You Want to Change Your Chrome Cursor?

There are a few key reasons why you may want to change your cursor in Chrome:

  • Aesthetics – You may want to change the cursor for purely cosmetic reasons, to match your Chrome theme or just for something new.
  • Visibility – Switching to a larger cursor or high contrast color scheme can make the cursor easier to see if you have vision difficulties.
  • Productivity – Specialized cursors like hand or text select cursors may help speed up your work flow for certain tasks.
  • Accessibility – Custom cursors can make using a computer easier for those with physical disabilities or motor impairments.
  • Fun – Custom cursors let you express your personality or match your current mood or interests.

How to Change Chrome Cursor on Windows

Changing your Chrome cursor is easy to do on Windows. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open Chrome and click on the 3-dot menu button in the top right corner.
  2. Go to Settings > Personalization.
  3. Click on “Change cursor” under Customize Chrome.
  4. This will open a menu where you can select from various cursor themes and sizes.
  5. Click on a cursor theme to preview it. When you find one you like, click “Save” to set it as your new cursor.

Some popular cursor themes include:

  • Colorful – Vibrant multi-colored cursors.
  • Black and White – Simple high contrast black and white cursors.
  • Animated – Fun animated cursors with movement.
  • Extra Large – Oversized cursors that are easier to see.

You can also upload your own custom cursor image if you want something unique. Just click “Upload” in the cursor menu and select your image file.

Changing Your Cursor on a Mac

Mac users can also customize their Chrome cursor, though the process is a bit different than on Windows.

  1. Click on the Chrome menu and go to Preferences.
  2. Under General, click on “Use system-wide cursor.” This will sync your Chrome cursor to your Mac system cursor.
  3. Now go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Accessibility > Display.
  4. In the Cursor tab, you can select from various cursor sizes and themes to change the overall system cursor.

Some unique Mac cursor options include:

  • Colored Cursors – Cursors accented in vibrant colors.
  • Animated – Fun animated cursors like a beach ball or comet.
  • Scaled – Change the size of the cursor for visibility.
  • Classic – The nostalgic macOS classic arrow cursor.

Using Third-Party Cursor Software

For additional cursor customization options, you can use third party software to change your Chrome cursor on both Windows and Mac.

Popular cursor customization programs include:

  • RealWorld Cursor Editor – Gives you pixel-level control to design custom cursors and manage cursor themes.
  • X-Mouse Button Control – Open source program to change cursor themes, create multi-cursor sets, and customize clicks.
  • AniCursor – Allows you to create animated mouse cursors with smooth movement.
  • CursorFX – Lets you import and edit animated mouse cursors as well as create cursor trails.

Most third party software will override your Chrome cursor when active. Just open the program, choose or design your custom cursor, then close the software to see your new cursor in Chrome and any other program.

Change Specific Chrome Cursors

In addition to the overall pointer cursor, you can also customize specific Chrome cursors for actions like text selection, hand tool, and more.

To customize individual Chrome action cursors:

  1. Go to Chrome://flags in your address bar.
  2. Search for “Customize Chrome Cursor” and enable the feature.
  3. Restart Chrome for the changes to take effect.
  4. Now when you right click on a page, you’ll see the “Change cursor for element” option.
  5. Click on this option on a text field for example. You can then select a custom cursor like the text select tool to use when highlighted.

This allows you to mix and match cursors for different actions exactly to your liking. Pretty handy!

Animated Cursor Tools

Animated cursors take customization up a notch. They add a dynamic element that makes ordinary mouse movement fun and engaging. Here are some top tools for creating animated cursors:

Tool Features
RealWorld Animated Cursor Maker – Create frame-by-frame cursor animations
– Support for PNG, ICO, XPM formats
– Onion skinning animation tool
AniCursor – Built-in animated cursor gallery
– Customize speed and sequence
– Blend modes and visual effects
CursorFX – Create trailing “comet” effects
– Import GIFs and sprite sheets
– Preview animations in real-time

The process of making animated cursors is like traditional animation. You draw each frame, then string the frames together into a sequence. Save your final animation in a format like GIF or PNG, then use cursor customization software to load it.

Troubleshooting Cursor Issues

While changing your Chrome cursor is usually straightforward, you may encounter odd cursor behaviors like:

  • Flickering – Cursor blinks or flashes randomly
  • Freezing – Cursor gets stuck and stops moving
  • Offset – Cursor is misaligned from mouse position
  • Performance – Cursor lags and has choppy motion

Here are some tips to troubleshoot these cursor problems:

  • Try toggling hardware acceleration in Chrome settings. This can fix flickering issues.
  • Update Chrome and graphics drivers to latest version.
  • Disable cursor customization extensions if installed.
  • Clear Chrome caches and browser data.
  • Change to a simpler non-animated cursor.
  • Try disabling “Enhance pointer precision” in Windows mouse settings to fix offset.
  • Adjust animations to have fewer frames. Lower framerate cursors perform better.

If problems persist, it’s generally safe to do a full Chrome reinstall as a last resort troubleshooting step.


Customizing your Chrome cursor is a fun way to add personal flair and make your browsing experience match your style. With just a few clicks you can instantly change cursor size, color, and animation. Refer to this guide anytime you want to switch up your Chrome pointer to keep things fresh.

So explore all the creative cursor possibilities. A unique cursor transforms an ordinary pointing device into an expressive form of self-expression!