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How can I see the aura of a picture?

How can I see the aura of a picture?

Seeing the aura or energy field of a picture is possible for some people who have developed their intuitive abilities. The aura is the subtle energy field that surrounds living things and objects. Some psychics and energy workers report being able to see the aura in photographs through clairvoyance. While this ability is rare, there are a few techniques anyone can try to get a sense of the aura or energy of a picture.

What is the Aura?

The aura is an energetic field that surrounds the human body as well as objects. It consists of different layers or bands of energy that extend outward from the body. Each aura layer vibrates at a different frequency and is associated with different aspects of the individual such as their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. The aura can appear as a colored glow. A healthy aura may appear bright, vibrant and expanded while an unhealthy aura may seem dull, cloudy or contracted. The aura continuously changes in response to a person’s internal state, thoughts, emotions, health, and environment.

Some psychics, energy healers and clairvoyants have the ability to see the human aura. They describe its appearance as bands of light or color radiating out from the body. However, the ability to clearly see auras is rare. Most people are only able to get vague impressions of the aura or rely on tools to help detect it.

Can You See the Aura of a Picture?

Since photographs capture a person’s image, some believe a trace of the aura or energy signature may also be recorded in the picture. However, the aura is made up of subtle energy that cannot be seen by the naked eye or captured by ordinary photography. So most photographs do not visibly show the aura. However, a few psychics and energy sensitive people report being able to see the aura in photos through clairvoyance.

By tuning into the subtle energies, they are able to perceive information about the aura that may have been imprinted on the photograph. However, this is a rare skill that takes years to develop. For most people, looking at a photo may provide a general sense of the person’s energy or mood, but not a detailed aura reading.

Techniques to Sense the Aura of a Picture

Although photos don’t capture the aura, you can still attempt to get a feel for the energy of a picture using your intuition and subtle sensory abilities. Here are some simple techniques you can try:

  • Relax and clear your mind before looking at the photo. Calm yourself by taking a few deep breaths.
  • Gaze softly at the photo without analyzing it. Allow your eyes to go slightly out of focus.
  • Be open to any feelings, impressions or thoughts that come to you as you tune into the image.
  • You may get a general sense of the person’s personality, mood or health.
  • Notice if certain colors stand out to you in the photo and what they represent to you about that person.
  • Pay attention to any subtle changes in your own energetic sensations such as chills, warmth, relaxation or tension.
  • You can scan the photo and notice any areas that seem blurred or glowing, which may indicate the aura.

Writing down any sensations or impressions you get can help strengthen your intuitive abilities over time. However, keep in mind that without psychic abilities, these techniques will only provide vague impressions rather than a detailed aura reading.

Kirlian Photography

A technique called Kirlian photography is sometimes used to capture images of the aura or energy field. It involves placing objects on photosensitive paper and applying high voltage to produce photographic images with colorful glows or halos. However, there is debate over whether these images accurately represent the aura or are caused by other factors. Kirlian photography requires specialized equipment and training.

Aura Camera Photography

Another technique called aura photography or aura imaging claims to capture the aura. It uses biofeedback imaging systems with software to translate signals from a person’s hand or body into colors said to represent the aura on a digital image. However, the accuracy of these systems in detecting and mapping the aura has not been scientifically verified. The images may be affected by factors such as moisture on the skin.

Factors That Influence Ability to Perceive Auras

Some factors that may influence an individual’s ability to see or sense the aura of a photograph include:

  • Inherent psychic or intuitive abilities
  • Clairvoyance and subtle energy sensitivity
  • Meditation and energy work to awaken abilities
  • Familiarity with the person in the photograph
  • Strong emotional connection to the photographed subject
  • Direct contact with the person enhances aura sensing

Seeing a detailed aura usually requires advanced psychic development and spiritual work. However, anyone can tune into the energy of a photo using intuition.

Tips for Photographing Auras

While ordinary photography doesn’t capture auras, those trying to photograph the aura can try these tips:

  • Use black & white film or set camera to monochrome
  • Avoid extraneous backgrounds and crops
  • Photograph in natural light
  • Choose angles that minimize shadows
  • Direct person to relax and meditate before photo
  • Take candid shots to capture natural expression
  • Experiment with developing techniques and filters

However, there is no guarantee these techniques will reveal discernible auric energies in the final photographs. Photographing auras requires highly controlled conditions and specialized equipment for the best chance of capturing subtle energy. Most photographs only hint at energies through light, shading, and expression.

Examples of Auric Interpretations

Here are some examples of the types of intuitive impressions someone may describe when viewing the aura or energy of a photograph:

Photo Subject Aura Interpretation
Child laughing Bright yellow hues indicate joy and enthusiasm
Couple hugging Rose pink colors represent love and tenderness
Man shouting Jagged red shapes suggest anger and aggression
Stormy landscape Dark, muddy aura reflects turmoil
Crowded party Clashing, chaotic energies in aura

These are hypothetical examples of the types of impressions someone may report based on reading the aura of different photographs. However, without well-developed intuitive abilities, any interpretations would be highly subjective.

Developing your Ability to Read Auras

It takes time and practice to strengthen intuitive abilities and accurately read the aura from photographs. Some tips include:

  • Study aura meanings and symbolism
  • Practice reading friends/family first
  • Meditate and visualize seeing the aura
  • Observe auras in nature and everyday objects
  • Notice subtle energy sensations in your body
  • Let go of logical thinking and analyze less
  • Trust your intuitions and impressions more
  • Read brief aura assessments first, not full readings

Getting feedback on your initial perceptions from those in the photographs can help you interpret auras and energies. Over time and with practice, your accuracy and abilities may improve. However, patience and persistence are required.


Photographs do not reliably capture the aura or energy field, which is invisible to the naked eye and camera. However, some clairvoyants report seeing auras in photos. For most people though, looking at a photo can only provide a basic intuitive sense of the subject’s personality and mood, not a detailed aura reading. While auras can’t clearly be seen in photos, you can practice tuning into subtle energetic impressions using intuition and sensitivities. Interpreting these perceptions takes practice. Patience is needed to develop skills for perceiving auras and energies from photographs.