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How Can I make My brown eyes stand out?

Enhance Your Eye Color with Makeup

Having brown eyes is beautiful, but it’s understandable to want them to stand out more. The good news is there are simple makeup tricks to help enhance brown eyes. With the right colors and application techniques, you can make those warm brown eyes captivating.

One of the easiest ways to make brown eyes pop is to use eyeshadows in purple or plum tones. These cooler shades create contrast against brown irises, making the eyes look brighter and more vibrant. Apply a light purple eyeshadow across the lid and blend it into the crease. You can also use a darker purple shadow just in the crease or outer corners for added drama. A touch of plum eyeliner along the upper and lower lash lines can make brown eyes look even bolder.

Gold and bronze eyeshadows also help make brown eyes shine. The warm, shimmery tones bring light to the eyes and give them luminosity. Sweep a champagne or gold shadow across the lids, then add a deeper bronze shade in the crease. You can also try a bronze eyeliner along the upper lash line.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different brown shades too. Medium browns with red or orange undertones can make brown eyes sparkle. Try a look using a few different brown shadows, like a cocoa brown on the lids, a reddish brown in the crease, and a shimmery bronze brown along the lower lash line. Adding some black brown mascara also intensifies the eye color.

Proper application is key when trying to make brown eyes stand out. Always use an eyeshadow primer first to help the shadows stay on and prevent creasing. Blend the shadows seamlessly from lash line to brow bone for a soft, naturally enhanced look. Finish with two to three coats of volumizing mascara to frame the eyes. When your makeup is well-blended and neatly applied, it draws more attention to those beautiful brown irises.

Choose Flattering Eye Makeup Colors

Certain eyeshadow and eyeliner colors have a tendency to flat out brown eyes or make them look dull and muddy. Stay away from these hues when doing your eye makeup:

– Gray – Matte gray shadow or liner can give a flat, lifeless effect to brown eyes. If you want to use gray, go for shimmery pewter or silver tones instead for a pretty sheen.

– Black – Heavy black shadow or liner is too harsh and can make brown eyes look harder. Use black mascara or a soft brownish-black liner for definition instead.

– Taupe – This complex neutral can pull too cool or muddy on warm brown eyes. Try bronze or plum shadows for a better color payoff.

– White – Bright white shadow makes brown eyes look faded. Off-whites with a warm or shimmery undertone are a better choice.

– Frosted blue – Icy blue frosted shadow doesn’t pair well with brown irises. Skip this shade.

– Forest green – Deep forest green shadow can dull brown eyes. Opt for purple-greens like emerald or teal instead.

– Pink – Matte pink shadows and liners are an unflattering match for brown. Shimmery rose gold or champagne pinks work better.

By avoiding these colors, you can prevent your brown eyes from looking dull. Experiment to find the shades that make those browns glow!

Use Contrasting Eye Makeup

The best way to make brown eyes stand out is by using colors that contrast against the brown hue. Creating contrast draws more attention to your gorgeous eye color. There are a few ways to add contrast with eye makeup:

– Use a lighter shadow color on the lids paired with a darker color in the crease. This provides depth and dimension while making the brown iris pop. Try a soft gold swept across the lids with a chocolate brown in the crease.

– Line your upper lash line with a dark liner, then switch to a bright, shimmery shadow on the lower lash line. Outlining the eyes in deep brown liner then adding champagne shadow underneath creates striking contrast.

– For an intense eye look, do a cut crease with a bold matte shadow like royal purple. Place the shadow above the natural crease, leaving bare lid space below. The matte color against the brown creates drama.

– Add either white or black liner to the lower waterline. This stark contrast next to the colored part of your eye accentuates brown eyes.

– Use an electric eyeshadow like cobalt blue on the lids paired with neutral browns in the crease. Vibrant jewel tones make brown irises look richer.

Don’t be afraid to combine shadows and liners in unexpected ways. Playing with contrasting shades brings out new dimensions in brown eyes.

Brighten Eyes with Natural Light

Lighting has an impact on how eye color is perceived. Natural lighting in particular can illuminate brown eyes, making them appear lighter and glowier. Take advantage of sunshine to make your brown irises shine:

– Do your makeup near a window with natural light. The sunlight will highlight your eyes as you apply eye makeup.

– Go outside in the sunshine after doing your makeup. Bright natural light enhances the effects of eye makeup.

– Find a nice bright spot indoors near windows and take selfies. Natural light brings out lighter flecks in brown eyes.

– When taking photos, position yourself so sunlight is hitting your face. Sideways natural lighting makes eyes pop.

– Go for a drive with the sunroof open. Sunshine shining directly onto your eyes illuminates the brown color.

– Take photos in a park or garden on a sunny day. Flowers and greenery reflect light onto your eyes.

– At golden hour around sunset, the warm light makes brown eyes glow. Take photos then for a stunning effect.

Natural light has softening and highlighting effects that man-made lighting lacks. Take advantage of those bright sun rays to make your warm brown eyes look their very best.

Define Eyes with Eyeliner

The right application of eyeliner can accentuate brown eyes in a major way. You don’t have to use black liner to get definition either. Try these eyeliner techniques to make brown eyes stand out gorgeously:

– Line upper lash line with dark brown pencil. Soften the line by smudging with a brush or fingertip. Dark brown defines without being too harsh.

– Use bronze or copper-colored pencil liner on lower waterline. This makes brown irises look richer and brighter.

– Try an eggplant purple or forest green liner on upper lash line for a pop of color. Blend with brown shadow to tone it down.

– For bold definition, line eyes with black liquid liner in a subtle cat-eye flick. Keep the rest of eye makeup soft.

– Smudge charcoal or brown pencil liner along the upper and lower lash lines. The soft, smoky effect is flattering.

– Use white or nude liner on the waterline and inner corners to brighten eyes. Brown shadow blended out on top prevents washing-out.

– Try the inverted cat-eye, lining just the outer bottom lash line. It slims eyes while accentuating brown color.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to eyeliner shades and techniques for making brown eyes pop. Discover your favorites for opening up and defining your gorgeous browns.

Curl Lashes and Apply Mascara

Don’t neglect your lashes when trying to accentuate brown eyes! Curling and applying mascara frames the eyes, draws attention to them, and makes the brown color look bolder.

Use lash curler to gently curl upper lashes, being careful not to pinch delicate eyelid skin. Curling opens up the eyes and makes the whites appear brighter, contrasting with the brown color. For extra curl, hold the curler for 5-10 seconds and pulse it 2-3 times from base to tip of lashes.

Choose a volumizing brownish-black mascara formula that deposits lots of pigment for lush lashes. Wiggling the wand back and forth at the base layers and separates lashes. Apply 2-3 coats for intensity. Mascara application should extend lashes both lengthwise and thickness-wise.

For additional drama, try false lashes on the outer top and bottom corners of eyes. The extra flutter accentuates brown eyes’ shape. Use lash glue to adhere strip or individual lashes right against your real ones.

Properly framing the eyes with curled, voluminous, jet black lashes is the perfect finishing touch to complement enhanced brown irises. Don’t skip this step!

Use Brow Pencil for Definition

Full, defined eyebrows balance eye makeup and help draw attention to pretty brown eyes. Pencil in and shape brows for an automatic eye-opening effect.

Choose a brow pencil 1-2 shades lighter than your natural brow color. Short, feathery strokes imitate real brow hairs. Focus on filling in sparse areas and defining the arch.

Outline and fill the bottom brow line to give eyes a nice lift. Avoid going too heavy-handed with the pencil. Light, wispy strokes look most natural.

Brush brows upward and outward with a spoolie as you pencil to blend. Use the spoolie on its own to groom hairs as a finishing step.

Set brows with either clear gel or tinted gel in your brow color. Grooming brows pulls the whole eye area together and highlights those dreamy brown eyes.

For extra polish, conceal any sparse spots between brows with concealer and foundation using an angled brush. Well-framed brows make eye makeup pop even more.

Open Up Eyes with Highlighter

A touch of highlighter in the inner corners of eyes helps draw light to the brown irises, making them luminous. Use a soft pearlized highlighter in either cream or powder form.

Tap highlighter into the inner corners with your ring finger for precision. Blend out lightly in a C shape toward the arch of brows. Refresh highlighter after a few hours if needed.

Pair inner corner highlighter with a matte shadow look for an eye-opening effect. The highlighter brightens while the matte shadow defines.

If you want to experiment, try colored highlighters like icy pink or pearlized lavender. Colored highlighters provide an extra pop of brightness.

Don’t overlook the power of highlighter for making brown eyes stand out. A touch of luminosity in the inner corners makes all the difference.

How to Make Brown Eyes Pop With Contacts

Color contacts allow you to transform your natural eye color temporarily. If you want to try enhancing your brown eyes with contacts, there are a few effective options.

To add vibrancy, try brown color contacts in lighter shades of cocoa or caramel brown. Going just a hair lighter than your natural brown brings out a glowing effect. Make sure to get quality contacts from your optometrist since darker eyes can appear unnatural with cheap contacts.

Enhance brown eyes’ dimension with natural-looking hazel contacts. Look for subtle mixes of green, brown, and bronze that liven up your eyes while still looking realistic.

Color contacts in shades of slate gray, violet, aqua, or emerald green create striking light eyes while still harmonizing with warm brown tones around pupils. These fun colors make brown irises stand out boldly.

Radiant jewel tone shades like sapphire or topaz also contrast beautifully with brown eyes. Go for subtle jewel tones instead of gaudy neon colors.

Don’t overdo it with color contacts. If you want to keep the enhancement realistic, select soft shades that look natural against your brown eyes. Consult your optometrist and communicate your vision for eye color. With contacts customized to your eyes, you can attain a beautiful, complementary color.

Makeup Tips for Different Brown Eye Shades

Brown eyes have depth and dimension. Depending on genetics and melanin levels, they can range from rich chocolate and espresso hues to lighter hazelnut and caramel shades. Adjusting your makeup techniques based on your specific brown undertones can help flatter them.

Cool brown eyes:

These eyes have ashy undertones of gray, blue, or green blended with brown. Flattering makeup colors include:

– Plums
– Smoky grays
– Emerald greens
– Deep blues and purples

Define the eyes without dragging them down by balancing shimmery lids with matte shadows in the crease. Fill in brows for emphasis.

Warm brown eyes:

Brown irises with strong yellow, orange, red, or gold undertones have a fiery warmth. Ideal makeup colors include:

– Golds
– Rosy browns
– Bronze
– Orange

Warm up the eyes further by playing up peaches, coppers, and browns. Soft smoky eyes and peach blush complete the glowing look.

Golden brown eyes:

These brown eyes have a distinct golden ring or flecks around pupils. Best makeup colors include:

– Metallic golds
– Honey and nude browns
– Olive and sage greens

Shimmery champagne and gold shadows make the golden tone pop. Avoid very cool tones that might dull the eyes down. Liner, lashes and peachy blush tie the look together.

Light brown eyes:

These brown irises can shift between amber and light hazel shades. Flattering makeup colors include:

– Purples
– Plums
– Deep greens
– Blues

Create definition while enhancing vibrancy with shades that contrast against light brown. Use a light hand with liner and mascara to avoid looking harsh.

Play around with makeup until you find the most flattering colors and techniques for your specific brown eyes. The right combinations will make those lovely browns the star of your whole look.


Brown eyes are beautiful, but with the right makeup techniques, they can become downright mesmerizing. Use flattering eyeshadow shades like plums, golds, and bronzes. Create contrast with light and dark colors. Take advantage of natural lighting. Frame eyes with liner, lashes and brows. A little highlighter and the perfect color contacts can take brown eyes to a whole new level. Learn which colors and applications bring out the most glow in your specific brown eye shade. Enhancing what you already have helps those lovely browns sparklebrightly. With these makeup tips, you can make your brown eyes impossible to ignore!