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Does vistaprint do color copies?

Vistaprint is a popular online printing service that offers a wide variety of custom printed products including business cards, signage, clothing, promotional products and more. One common question many customers have is whether Vistaprint provides color copying services.

Vistaprint’s Copying Options

The short answer is yes, Vistaprint does offer color copying! However, it’s important to understand the specifics of Vistaprint’s copying services compared to a traditional copy shop.

Vistaprint specializes in high volume, bulk printing jobs. They are set up to handle large orders rather than small quantities. For color copies, Vistaprint requires a minimum order of 25 copies per design. The maximum per order is 1,000 copies.

This makes Vistaprint ideal for large color copy jobs like creating flyers for an event, materials for a conference, informational handouts for customers, etc. But it’s not the best choice for making just a few color copies of a document.

Ordering Process for Color Copies

Ordering color copies from Vistaprint is easy but does require uploading your file online rather than walking into a local print shop. Here are the steps to order:

  1. Create your color document file – Vistaprint accepts PDF, JPG, PNG and other standard image file formats.
  2. Go to the Vistaprint website and select the “Color Copies” option under “Marketing Materials.”
  3. Upload your file – Vistaprint will ask you to upload your color document file for printing.
  4. Select options – Pick the paper type, choose glossy or matte finish, and enter quantity from 25 to 1,000 copies.
  5. Add to cart and checkout – Vistaprint will provide a price estimate and you can complete your order online.

As you can see, the process is very similar to ordering other products from Vistaprint. The key difference is that instead of templates, you provide your own print-ready PDF or image file.

Turnaround Time

Vistaprint notes that color copy orders take 2-3 business days to produce once the order is placed. Then add in shipping time based on the method chosen during checkout. For example:

  • 2-3 business days production time
  • + 2 business days for Standard shipping
  • = 4-5 business days total turnaround

This means you’ll need to plan about a week in advance to receive your color copies from Vistaprint. For faster timelines, a local print shop may be a better option if you only need a small quantity.

Cost of Color Copies from Vistaprint

Vistaprint color copy pricing depends on the quantity ordered, the paper type and the page finish option selected. The lowest cost per copy starts at around $0.22 each for glossy finish on their standard paper. Here’s a table with some of the available pricing tiers:

Quantity Paper Type Finish Price Per Copy
25 copies Standard paper Glossy $0.22
50 copies Premium paper Matte $0.42
100 copies Standard paper Glossy $0.28
250 copies Premium paper Matte $0.36

These prices are competitive for online bulk printing. For extremely high volumes like 500+ copies, you may be able to save more per copy at a traditional copy shop. But for quantities from 25-250, Vistaprint is likely among the most affordable options for color copies.

Quality of Vistaprint Color Copies

Vistaprint color copies are known for having good, professional quality:

  • Uses 100# gloss cover stock paper for durability.
  • Offers vibrant color reproduction for accurate colors.
  • Prints in up to 1200 dpi for sharpness and clarity.
  • Features protective coating for scratch resistance.
  • Has optional matte finishing for low glare.

Customers report being pleased with the color copy results from Vistaprint. As long as you provide a quality print-ready file, the finished copies should represent an accurate print of your document.

What Paper Types Are Available?

Vistaprint gives you two paper choices when ordering color copies:

  • Standard Paper – This is Vistaprint’s basic 100# gloss cover stock. It has a smooth gloss finish on both sides for vibrant color reproduction. It offers good durability for general use color copies.
  • Premium Paper – For higher quality needs, the premium paper provides extra brightness and opacity for improved image sharpness. It’s a thicker 118# silk cover stock with a light matte coating on both sides.

Both Vistaprint’s standard and premium color copy papers provide professional quality results. Choose premium only if you need the highest end paper for critical color reproduction needs.

What Finishing Options Are Available?

For the printed side of your color copies, Vistaprint offers two finishing options:

  • Glossy – This adds a gloss aqueous coating for enhanced durability and scratch resistance. It also provides vibrant colors and deeper blacks.
  • Matte – Choosing matte finishing eliminates glare and reflections. It’s ideal for color copies that will be viewed under bright lights or outdoors.

Matte or glossy finishing is applied to the printed side only. The back side of copies remains uncoated on both paper types. Having gloss/matte as an option allows you to select the best finish for your specific use of the color copies.

What File Types Does Vistaprint Accept?

Vistaprint can print from the following file formats:

  • PDF – The preferred format, PDF allows vector graphics and retains quality at any size.
  • JPG – Great for photographic images and raster graphics.
  • PNG – Maintains transparency like logos and shaped images.
  • TIFF – Works well for high resolution photos.
  • BMP – Basic image format, provides good color representation.

For best results, optimize your files to print quality standards. Graphics should be 300 dpi resolution at the size they will print. Use CMYK color mode for accurate color reproduction.

What Are the Size Options for Copies?

Vistaprint’s color copy size options include:

  • 8.5″ x 11″ (Standard US Letter)
  • 8.5″ x 14″ (Legal)
  • 11″ x 17″ (Tabloid)
  • 12″ x 18″ (for posters, large photos)

All size options are printed in portrait layout. Keep in mind Vistaprint’s minimum order quantity of 25 copies per design. So if you wanted 50 letter size and 50 legal size copies, you would need to place them as separate orders.

What Are the Benefits of Using Vistaprint?

Here are some of the advantages of using Vistaprint for color copying needs:

  • Affordable bulk pricing – Cost savings for print runs from 25 up to 1,000 copies.
  • High quality – Bright, accurate color reproduction and durable paper.
  • Convenience – Place orders 24/7 online and ship anywhere in the US.
  • Fast turnaround – Copies print and ship within about 1 week.
  • Volume discounts – Per copy cost drops as order quantity increases.
  • Gloss/matte options – Choose the finish best suited for your copies.

Vistaprint is ideal for medium to large size color copy orders needed quickly at affordable bulk pricing.

What Are the Downsides?

There are a few potential drawbacks to consider with Vistaprint:

  • Not for small quantities – 25 copy minimum may be too high for some.
  • Wait time required – Online printing isn’t instant like a copy shop.
  • Limited file upload options – Can’t bring in physical originals to scan and copy.
  • Have to design first – No option to walk in and make edits/selections on the spot.
  • Less flexibility in sizes – Only standard copy paper sizes offered.

The online only process and minimum order requirements make Vistaprint less ideal for very small color copy jobs.

How Does Vistaprint Compare to Fedex Office or Staples?

Vistaprint is more affordable for bulk orders but lacks the convenience and flexibility of walk-in stores like FedEx Office and Staples for very small copy jobs. Here’s how they compare:

Vistaprint FedEx Office Staples
Minimum Order 25 copies 1 copy 1 copy
Maximum Order 1,000 copies Unlimited Unlimited
Turnaround Time 4-5 business days Same day Same day
Price Per Copy $0.22+ $0.49+ $0.39+

The key advantages of FedEx Office and Staples are no minimum order and walk-in service. But the per copy pricing is higher. Vistaprint brings major savings for big copy jobs but has minimum order requirements.


In summary, Vistaprint does provide color copy services with bulk pricing discounts. They offer an affordable solution for medium to large runs from 25-1,000 copies. While not a replacement for a local print shop, Vistaprint excels at convenient online ordering of color copies shipped directly to you in about a week. Just plan ahead for their minimum order quantities and turnaround time.