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Does Tesla screen have dark mode?

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Tesla vehicles have large touchscreen displays that control many features of the car. With bright and colorful screens, some drivers may prefer a darker display at night or in low light conditions. So an important question is – do Tesla screens have a dark mode?

The short answer is yes, Tesla screens do have a dark mode that can be enabled to make the display darker and reduce glare at night. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at how the Tesla dark mode works on different models, when it’s available, and how to enable it for a more comfortable low-light driving experience.

Dark Mode on Tesla Model S and Model X

Since 2012, all Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles have come equipped with a large 17-inch touchscreen display. This screen controls features like navigation, media, HVAC, and more. Around late 2019, Tesla introduced an optional dark mode for the displays in Model S and Model X vehicles via a software update.

With dark mode enabled, the display background turns black or dark gray and text appears light gray or white. This makes the screen much dimmer overall and helps reduce glare. It’s designed to be more comfortable for nighttime driving by cutting down on brightness. Dark mode isn’t just a black filter overlay either – all colors are shifted to darker, subtler shades.

Enabling Dark Mode in Model S and Model X

There are a couple ways Tesla owners can turn on dark mode for the 17-inch display in Model S and Model X cars:

  • Touch Controls > Display > Appearance > Dark
  • Touch the display settings icon while driving at night – a prompt may appear offering to enable dark mode

Dark mode can be set to turn on automatically from sunset to sunrise. Or it can be manually enabled whenever desired. Even with auto mode on, drivers can still override it as needed.

Dark Mode on Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

The Model 3 and Model Y have a simpler interior than the luxury Model S and Model X. But even these more affordable Tesla vehicles come with an interactive touchscreen display for controlling all car functions.

Model 3 displays are 15 inches wide. Model Y screens are horizontal like the Model S and X, but smaller at 12.3 inches diagonally. Since 2019, Tesla has offered a dark mode option for these screens too.

Similar to the larger displays, dark mode inverts the colors to make the screen darker with light text. This helps reduce eye strain and glare when driving at night.

Enabling Dark Mode in Model 3 and Model Y

There are a few ways to turn on the Tesla dark mode feature in Model 3 and Model Y vehicles:

  • Touch Controls > Display > Dark
  • Touch the display settings icon when driving at night and enable from the prompt
  • Say “Enable Dark Mode” or “Turn on Dark Mode” using voice commands

Like with the pricier models, dark mode can also be set to automatically turn on each night. Or drivers can manually control it as preferred.

Benefits of Tesla’s Dark Mode

Here are some of the benefits that come with using Tesla’s dark mode for the touchscreen display:

  • Reduces glare and eye strain at night – The darker screen cuts down on glare from the bright display in low light.
  • Improves driver visibility – With less light from the screen, drivers can focus better on the road ahead.
  • Prevents distraction – The dimmer display is less likely to pull attention away from driving in the dark.
  • Looks sleek – The inverted dark colors have a modern, high-tech appearance.

Simply put, dark mode makes for safer, more comfortable nighttime driving by adapting the vivid touchscreen to be darker and easier on the eyes.

Disadvantages and Limitations

Dark mode isn’t perfect though. Here are some potential downsides to keep in mind:

  • Reduced visibility in daylight – Dark mode works great at night but can be harder to see in bright sun.
  • Automatic mode not always accurate – The sunset/sunrise timing might not always match actual light conditions.
  • Can’t customize colors – Users can’t adjust the shades and hues how they want.
  • Controls don’t change – Buttons and menus stay the same colors.

Luckily, if drivers find dark mode distracting or hard to see during the day, they can simply disable it with the touch of a button until needed again at night.

Dark Mode for Tesla’s Upcoming Cybertruck

Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck electric pickup is planned for release in late 2023. This futuristic truck will also come equipped with a 17-inch touchscreen similar to existing models.

Given the Cybertruck’s radical angled body design, display glare could be a concern, especially from low evening or rising sun angles. Fortunately, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already confirmed via Twitter that the Cybertruck will support a dark mode to cut down on glare.

Details are still limited. But we can expect the Cybertruck’s screen dark mode to work much like existing Teslas – inverting colors for a darker display. This should really come in handy for anyone planning to take their Cybertruck camping or off-roading where nighttime driving is common.

Do Other EVs Have Dark Mode?

Tesla was one of the first automakers to include dark mode for their vehicle displays. But they are no longer the only electric vehicle with this helpful low-light feature.

Here are a few other EVs that now offer dark mode:

EV Model Screen Size Dark Mode
Polestar 2 11.2 inches Yes
Audi e-tron 10.1 inches Yes
Hyundai Ioniq 5 12.3 inches Yes
Kia EV6 12.3 inches Yes
Volvo XC40 Recharge 9 inches Yes

As you can see, several major electric SUVs and sedans now come with darkened modes for their center displays. Expect this feature to become standard as more automakers roll out new EV models.


In summary, Tesla vehicles do offer an excellent dark mode feature for their large onboard touchscreens. Available in all current models, it inverts the screen colors to make them darker and easier on the eyes at night.

Dark mode can be set to turn on automatically or be enabled manually as needed. While not perfect, it’s a very useful option for Tesla drivers who want a dimmer display for less distracting and safer nighttime driving.

As Tesla continues leading the transition to EVs, we can expect them to keep improving useful innovations like dark mode. For now, Tesla owners can enjoy the benefits of reduced glare and eye strain whenever they need it with the touch of a button.