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Does teal and emerald green go together?

Does teal and emerald green go together?

Teal and emerald green are both stunning shades that can complement each other beautifully. Combining these cool tones creates a sophisticated, earthy palette. However, blending shades of green successfully does require some color theory knowledge. Let’s examine if and how teal and emerald green work together.

Defining Teal and Emerald Green

First, what exactly are teal and emerald green? Understanding each shade’s characteristics is key.

Teal is a medium blue-green color. It sits between green and blue on the color wheel. The name comes from the common teal bird which has similar greenish-blue feathers. Teal has a cool, calming effect.

Emerald is a rich, deep green. It’s the birthstone for May and a symbol of nature and renewal. Emerald green gets its name from the emerald gemstone. It conveys growth, harmony, and freshness.

While teal and emerald are next to each other on the color spectrum, they have distinct personalities. Teal is more mellow and peaceful. Emerald is bold and lively. Combining them balances these energetic qualities.

The Color Wheel

Understanding color theory is essential to combining shades well. The color wheel shows how colors relate to each other. It’s a useful visual guide.

Teal and emerald green are both secondary colors. They’re created by mixing two primary colors – blue and yellow for green, blue and red for teal. Secondary hues complement each other as they share a primary color. This makes teal and emerald natural partners.

Additionally, teal and emerald are analogous colors, meaning they sit side-by-side on the color wheel. Analogous colors tend to look pleasing together. Their close relationship creates harmony and continuity. Combining teal and emerald produces a cohesive look.

Tertiary Shades

Teal and emerald each have many tertiary shades – tones created by mixing a primary and secondary color. Lighter teals contain more blue. Darker emerald greens have extra yellow. Varying these tertiary hues adds subtle interest.

For example, pairing a pale teal with kelly green creates contrast. Or, an aqua teal color can complement a yellow-based chartreuse green. Exploring different tertiary shades widens your options.

Teal Tertiary Shades Emerald Tertiary Shades
Aqua Kelly green
Seafoam Chartreuse
Duck egg blue Malachite
Peacock Moss green

Color Scheme Variations

Teal and emerald green work in many color schemes. Trying different combinations creates unique aesthetics. Here are some examples:

Complementary – Teal and emerald complement warm tones like orange, salmon, coral, peach, rust or mustard yellow.

Triadic – Adding crimson red makes a vibrant triad. Teal, emerald and crimson play off each other dynamically.

Tetradic – For a rich tetradic scheme, pair teal and emerald with crimson red and golden yellow.

Monochromatic – Use different teal and green shades alone for a soothing monochrome look.

Analogous – Teal and emerald already make up an analogous pairing. Add other adjacent greens and blues.

Neutrals – Contrast teal and emerald with neutrals like white, black, gray, tan or brown.

Home Decor Combinations

Teal and emerald green combine beautifully in home interiors. Here are decor ideas for different rooms:

Living Room – Paint one wall teal and another emerald. Add teal and green patterned pillows to a neutral sofa. Choose a teal area rug to anchor the space.

Bedroom – Use teal bedding with emerald green trim and decorative pillows. Paint the headboard wall emerald and other walls a lighter teal.

Kitchen – Green glass backsplash tiles pop against teal cabinetry. Add emerald bar stools for bright accent seating.

Bathroom – Contrast a teal painted vanity with emerald green tiles in the shower. Hang teal towels and use green bath accessories.

Home Office – Paint walls emerald green and use a teal desk and storage units. Coordinate with teal office supplies and green plant life.

Fashion Looks

Teal and emerald green work well together in fashion too. Some stylish combinations include:

– An emerald shift dress with teal heels and bag

– A teal suit jacket with emerald dress pants or pencil skirt

– An emerald green sweater over a teal button-down shirt

– Teal jeans with an emerald top and green strappy sandals

– Emerald shorts paired with a flowy teal blouse

– Teal and emerald striped sweater, scarf or beanie for casual wear


Teal and emerald green combine beautifully to create uplifting, nature-inspired color palettes. Their shared secondary status makes them natural partners. Exploring tertiary shades and color combinations widens your decor and fashion options.

Analogous colors on the wheel, teal and emerald green have enough contrast to be interesting, but enough harmony to be soothing. Their cool energy also balances warm tones nicely. With some color theory knowledge, this duo can elevate any space or outfit with refined, lively style.